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28th January 2018 @ 14:15 - 16:30


RIO CINEMA presents: NEW CENTRAL AMERICAN CINEMA –VIAJE + THE HEAT AFTER THE RAIN – in Association with the National Film and Television School.

In the last decade, the film industry in Central America has flourished with a wave of unique voices and bold storytelling.

The new Central American cinema “deals overtly with universal human themes, while at the same time analysing certain facets of the nation, sometimes exposing that which might otherwise have remained hidden. The national setting is clear in the backdrop, familiar landscapes, frequent mention of the country, and, more than anything, idiomatic language and slang which is a trademark of both the country represented and, now, its cinema.” Liz Harvey-Kattou

While the local film market continues to be dominated by Hollywood films, this event aims to explore beyond the mainstream and support new talented voices and visions, to build a strong cultural presence for the region.


The latest film from the award-winning Costa Rican director Paz Fabrega VIAJE explores the nature of human relationships, the complexities of short-lived romantic encounters.

The story starts with Luciana and Pedro bumping into each other at a costume party, having a one-night stand and spontaneously deciding to go camping at the base of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano in the northwest of the country. The escape into the secluded hardly-touched by civilization region doesn’t merely lead to an opportunity for mutual understanding and adventure; the quiet environment of unspoiled nature also encourages more serious discussion focusing on the importance and singularity of the here and now.

The film stands out for the ease with which it is told and for the graceful manner in which the main characters are depicted. Both leads are refreshingly sincere and emotionally forthright, with a genuinely carefree spirit and plenty of witty humour.

With references to capitalism, feminism and contemporary values of family and relationships, VIAJE asks all the right questions and makes this an endearing and engaging story. With beautiful cinematography and fantastic use of sound, the film is a foray into the modern human experience.


THE HEAT AFTER THE RAIN (El Calor Después de la Lluvia)

This small but impressive movie features debuting actors Milena Picado and Arturo Pardo, as well as the director Cristobal Serrá.

Following a short film and a documentary, Serrá delivers a subtle yet sensitive film which surprises on many levels. It also provides important exposure to a new generation of filmmakers that are flourishing in Costa Rica.

THE HEAT AFTER THE RAIN follows Juana, played by Milena Picado, on her trip of self re-discovery, which begins with her decision to go the Romería, a yearly religious pilgrimage. There she runs into her previous boyfriend, Gustavo, and this unravels unresolved conflicts and buried emotions. From that moment, Juana feels forced to challenge her past, accept what has happened and face what is to come. This meaning is further extended with the camera movement that moves around the two characters as if their past and bad decisions still haunt them.

Cristobal Serrá succeeds in presenting a sweet and tender character driven story. Delicate movements, mesmerising sequences, and imaginative cinematography make for a hypnotic film, both visually and emotionally.


28th January 2018
14:15 - 16:30
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