Screen Diaries vol:1 – Reports from London’s alternative cinema scene (2017–2020)


Our new ebook includes more than 30 event reports from across London’s indie cinema scene. It celebrates the many things we love – & missed! – about the shared rituals of cinema. All proceeds (£9.41 after fees) will go directly to fund indie exhibitors across London as we help them #ReviveTheDark.

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This is our first published collection of SCREEN DIARIES from, “London’s home of alternative screen culture” (Film London). Each diary entry is a report from one of the many diverse & intelligent film events we have seen projected with passion by London’s indie exhibitors since we started blogging in 2017. Rather than formal reviews, they celebrate the many things we love about the shared rituals of cinema, shining a spotlight on alternative / DIY screen culture in the hope that it will thrive again after shutdown.

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All proceeds from the sale of this ebook go to the RADIANT CIRCUS Revive The Dark Exhibition & Awards Fund to help promote & preserve alternative screen culture in London.

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Published by RADIANT CIRCUS, March 2021.