Coronavirus has closed venues, silenced exhibitors & isolated audiences. THIS IS HOW WE ARE RESPONDING.

We’re relaunching our monthly subscription service as a rolling crowdfunder called RADIANT CIRCUS #ReviveTheDark. Supported entirely by our subscriber community, #ReviveTheDark will:

◆   Raise funds for alternative cinema events across London
◆   Celebrate outstanding acts of exhibition with new Audience Awards
◆   Significantly expand our scene content and coverage at
◆   Create a community of subscribers committed to preserving the rituals of cinema

The more subscribers we get, the more we can get done. That starts with 40% of every subscription going directly to fund indie screen events across the capital.

3 benefits of a subscription

  1. Save (a lot of…) time – we browse several hundred sites, socials & email submissions every week to compile our listings. We then send you comprehensive weekly guides, daily updates & monthly roundups so you never miss a frame.
  2. Discover more film – we help you access the best of what’s on, from the early origins of cinema to its far frontiers. You can also explore more of London, from its historic cinemas to pop-up festivals in unique locations.
  3. Support indie cinema – as a subscriber, you’ll join a community of film fans dedicated to preserving the rituals of cinema. You’ll also know that your monthly fees will help fund indie film exhibitors across London, giving you even more great things to see.

Join us now at

3 more ways to get involved

  1. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram (use #ReviveTheDark & mention @radiantcircus)
  2. Buy a copy of our SCREEN DIARIES Vol:1 (all proceeds will go to fund indie screen events)
  3. Sign up for our free newsletter THE BALLY (to stay looped on everything that’s going on)