SCREEN GUIDE: Films in London this week [04 to 10 MAY 2018]

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Welcome to our weekly digest of films in London this week.

This week, anime remains a popular topic with a continuing season at Genesis followed by new programmes at House of Vans (CYBERPUNK ANIME) and BFI Southbank (JAPANIMATION). AKIRA warms up for its 30th anniversary with an outing on the Southbank’s biggest screen (09 MAY) before beaming at the BFI IMAX next week (14 MAY). New release MARY & THE WITCH’S FLOWER gets grind show runs on several screens across town. If you’re an anime novice, you can read our writeup of expert Helen McCarthy’s recent talk at the Japan Foundation, here.

The sun is out, so we’re expanding our listings to cover some of London’s best outdoor and event cinema including Rooftop Film Club and Backyard Cinema (where we really like the look of FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR, 07 MAY). We have also started to cover all of the original format/repertory screenings at The Prince Charles and BFI Southbank, making this edition of our listings the most comprehensive ever.

As usual, we’ve wrestled over our choice of featured attraction. A very close runner up was the rare 35mm screening of HEAVEN’S GATE at The Prince Charles (09 MAY). Michael Cimino’s 219min epic (+ intermission) is the definition of ‘overlooked masterpiece’ and thoroughly worthy of recent revisionism.

In the end, our choice was clear: Birds’ Eye View’s special screening of REVENGE at Picturehouse Central (04 MAY). Triggering their vitally important #ReclaimTheFrame initiative – designed to “bring ever-greater audiences to films by women” – Coralie Fargeat’s “powerful, provocative grindhouse thriller” is absolutely our kind of adventure.

What are you going to see?

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FRI 04

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: CLASSE TOUS RISQUES at BFI (04 MAY).
Films in London this week: CLASSE TOUS RISQUES at BFI (04 MAY).

NETWORK + THE RT. REV. SWIFTY LEZARRE LIVE at Genesis Cinema (04 MAY 19:00 – Free!):

  • ‘Music & Movies’ nights continue at Genesis with a live performance from The Rt. Rev. Swifty LeZarre followed by a screening of Sydney Lumet’s NETWORK.

REVENGE + DISCUSSION at Picturehouse Central (04 MAY 18:30):

  • Birds’ Eye View presents Coralie Fargeat’s “powerful provocative grindhouse revenge thriller” as part of their #ReclaimTheFrame movment. Join Birds’ Eye View, writer/director Coralie Fargeat, actor Matilda Lutz and film writer Elena Lazic for discussion of the depiction of sexual violence in film.

More films in London today (A – Z): CLASSE TOUS RISQUES at BFI (04 MAY 18:15). SPACEBALLS 35mm at The Prince Charles (04 MAY 21:00). TRAINSPOTTING + T2: TRAINSPOTTING double bill at The Prince Charles (04 MAY 20:30).

SAT 05

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: RADICAL BROADCASTS - BIG WORDS SMALL WORLDS at The Whitechapel (05 MAY).
Films in London this week: RADICAL BROADCASTS – BIG WORDS, SMALL WORLDS at The Whitechapel (05 MAY).

BAG MOHAJER + DISCUSSION at Tate Modern (05 MAY 17:00 – Free!):

  • A powerful documentary about young Afghan refugees in Greece who transform discarded lifeboats and lifejackets into bags. The film will be followed by a panel discussion with the film’s director Adrian Oeser, and researchers from Queen Mary University London, including Prof. Kavita Datta, and Dr Ashvin Devasundaram.


  • To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the 1968 radical uprising across Europe, The Radical Broadcasts: Theory On TV season continues with this screening of three ultra-rare documentaries: John Berger’s essay film PARTING SHOTS FROM ANIMALS (1980), THE IDEA OF EMPIRE (1993), and BIG WORDS, SMALL WORLDS (1987).

More films in London today (A – Z): BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA 70mm at The Prince Charles (05 MAY 20:45). CLUELESS at Rooftop Cinema, Stratford (05 MAY 20:30). ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND at The Prince Charles (05 MAY 18:00). LA HAINE presented by Fruitvale Film Club at Birkbeck Cinema (05 MAY 14:00 – Free!). THE LAND BEFORE TIME 35mm at The Prince Charles (05 MAY 16:00). THE OLD DARK HOUSE at BFI (05 MAY 16:00). RODIN at Ciné Lumière (05 MAY 16:00). SEVEN CHANCES at BFI (05 MAY 15:30). WITHNAIL & I late bar screening at Genesis Cinema (05 MAY 22:00 – Free!).

SUN 06

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: BLOOD at Close-Up (06 MAY).
Films in London this week: BLOOD at Close-Up (06 MAY).

TAKE TWO: MOUCHETTE / BLOOD at Close-Up (06 MAY 18:00 & 20:00):

  • An essential work of French filmmaking, Robert Bresson’s MOUCHETTE uses hugely empathetic drama to elevate its trapped protagonist into one of the cinema’s great tragic figures.
  • Pedro Costa’s languid and unsettling BLOOD echoes Tourneur, Bresson, Ray and Straub-Huillet, resulting in a lushly stylised romantic fable.

THE RACKET + INTRO by Bryony Dixon at BFI Southbank (06 MAY 13:15):

  • Nominated for best picture in the first ever Oscars®, THE RACKET is a cracking gangster picture featuring the charismatic Louis Wolheim as a bootlegger pursued by Thomas Meighan’s Chicago copper, with Marie Prevost’s vengeful ‘chantoose’ in tow. With live piano accompaniment.

THROUGH LOTTE’S LENS + Q&A with director Tony Britten at Phoenix Cinema (06 MAY 14:00):

  • The extraordinary story of the ‘Hitler Émigrés’, the refugees – mainly Jewish who escaped the Nazi regime in the 1930s and found refuge in the UK. Despite many of them being interned on the Isle of Man after war broke out, they brought a richness of endeavour and achievement to this country that still applies today.

More films in London today (A – Z): ARNIE ALL-NIGHTER at The Prince Charles (06 MAY 21:15). BIG at Rooftop Film Club, Stratford (06 MAY 20:30). A CAT IN PARIS fundraiser for Stokey Cats & Dogs at Rio Cinema (06 MAY 11:00). CLASSE TOUS RISQUES at BFI (06 MAY 20:10). FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS at Rooftop Film Club, Shoreditch (06 MAY 21:00). FRUITVALE STATION + DJ presented by Block Party Cinema at Pop Brixton (06 MAY 16:00). THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY – EXTENDED EDITIONS at The Prince Charles (06 MAY 20:45). LOVELESS at Whirled Cinema (06 MAY 20:00). THE MAGIC FLUTE at Ciné Lumière (06 MAY 16:10). THE OLD DARK HOUSE at BFI (06 MAY 18:20). PAN’S LABYRINTH at The Prince Charles (06 MAY 17:50). PONYO at The Prince Charles (06 MAY 15:25). THE TOUCH at Picturehouse Central (06 May 13:00 – other Picturehouses available!). WESTERN at ICA (06 MAY 13:25).

MON 07

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: THE RAID 2 at Deptford Cinema (07 MAY).
Films in London this week: THE RAID 2 at Deptford Cinema (07 MAY).

EPIC DOUBLE BILL! THE RAID + THE RAID 2 at Deptford Cinema (07 MAY 17:00):

  • An epic double bill of two of the most incredible martial arts films of recent times. Bringing fantastic Indonesian fighting styles, especially silat, to world recognition, these two films with their tales of brotherhood, corruption, courage and brutality will change the way you think about action films forever!

SPIKE MILLIGAN DAY at BFI Southbank (07 MAY 12:00):

THEODORA GOES WILD + INTRO by romance novelist Helen Cox at The Institute Of Light (07 MAY 20:30):

  • Nobody Ordered Wolves presents a “witty, feminist & charming… screwball delight that is criminally neglected”. So you’ve written a bestselling scandalous novel, the cheques are rolling in and you’re a total succès de scandale. There’s only one problem: you’re also a pillar of a very conservative community…

More films in London today (A – Z): THE DEMINER at Genesis Cinema (08 MAY 21:00). FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS at The Prince Charles (07 May 20:30). FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR at Backyard Cinema (07 MAY 16:00). NOTHING BUT A MAN at BFI (07 MAY 20:40 – also 09 MAY + intro). THE OLD DARK HOUSE at BFI (07 MAY 15:30).

TUE 08

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: SHORTBUS at Genesis Cinema (08 MAY).
Films in London this week: SHORTBUS at Genesis Cinema (08 MAY).

A FANTASTIC WOMAN + Q&A with Rebecca Root at JW3 (08 MAY):

  • Winner at the Oscars®, this melodrama from Chile, about a transgender singer who faces scorn and discrimination after the sudden death of her boyfriend, is one of the most acclaimed LGBT films of recent years, featuring a powerful performance from trans actor Daniela Vega. Actor Rebecca Root (star of BBC sitcom BOY MEETS GIRL) discuss some of the issues raised in the film.

FRINGE! FLINGS: SHORTBUS 35mm + EVENT at Genesis Cinema (08 MAY 18:40):

  • Fringe! Flings presents an ongoing love affair with queer cinema at the Genesis. For the our second collaborative screening we’re presenting John Cameron Mitchell’s SHORTBUS in delicious 35mm plus a special post-screening event to be announced soon!

More films in London today (A – Z): 120 BPM at Ciné Lumière (08 MAY 17:00). AGUIRRE, WRATH OF GOD at BFI (08 MAY 20:50). AMÉLIE presented by Deeper Into Movies at The Five Bells (08 MAY 19:30). BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR at Ciné Lumière (08 MAY 20:00). THE DEMINER at Genesis Cinema (08 MAY 21:00). GRADUATION at Wimbledon Film Club (08 MAY 20:30). HOTEL SALVATION presented by Richmond Film Society at The Exchange (08 MAY 20:00). JEUNE FEMME previews at Picturehouse Central (08 MAY 14:10 – other Picturehouses available!). ROMAN HOLIDAY at The Prince Charles (08 MAY 20:45). YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE at The David Lean Cinema (08 MAY 19:30).

WED 09

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: HEAVEN'S GATE at The Prince Charles (09 MAY).
Films in London this week: HEAVEN’S GATE at The Prince Charles (09 MAY).

BLACK UTOPIA LP at Tate Modern (09 MAY 18:30):

  • The European premiere of Cauleen Smith’s captivating audio-visual performance. Combining 35mm slide projection with the artist’s vinyl LP, this 90-minute ‘film without film’ offers a unique cinematic experience. Emerging from Smith’s extensive research on Afrofuturism, this live work ruminates on history, music, outer space and African divination using the tactics of musician Sun Ra.

BLUE ORCHIDS + SHORTS + Q&A with director Johan Grimonprez and writer Andrew Feinstein at DocHouse (09 MAY 18:30):

  • A portrait of two people on different sides of the global arms trade, BLUE ORCHIDS reveals the duplicity and corruption that keep the industry of war alive. Cut with archive footage of news reports and aerial shots from wars across the years, BLUE ORCHIDS is a thoughtful and at times shocking provocation of the devastating effects of war.

EXP at Genesis Cinema (09 MAY 19:00):

  • Meshes presents an exhibition of selected short experimental films by local and international artists. The programme includes works exploring social identity, the performative body and animatic expression.

NOTHING BUT A MAN + INTRO by Kelli Weston at BFI Southbank (09 MAY 18:20):

  • Michael Roemer’s vividly authentic account of African American life as experienced by a young couple living in Alabama in the early 1960s demonstrates how poverty, racism, inequality and injustice can take their toll, both on a loving relationship and on an individual’s sense of self-worth.

More films in London today (A – Z): 120 BPM at ICA (09 MAY 15:45). BATTLE OF THE SEXES + SHORT at Screen25 (09 MAY 19:45). CASABLANCA at Rooftop Film Club (09 MAY 20:30). DJAM special screening for Europe Day at Ciné Lumière (09 MAY 20:45). HEAVEN’S GATE 35mm at The Prince Charles (09 MAY 19:00). KOYAANISQUATSI presented by Pitshanger Pictures at St Barnabas Millennium Halls (09 MAY 20:15). LAND OF THE RISING SUN Japanese short film presented by Shorts On Tap and SSFF Asia at 93 Feet East (09 MAY 19:00). RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK at Rooftop Film Club, Peckham (09 MAY 20:30). RODIN at Ciné Lumière (09 MAY 18:20). SKIDROW MARATHON at Rio Cinema (09 MAY 18:30). SKID ROW MARATHON at The Castle Cinema (09 MAY 18:45). UNFAITHFULLY YOURS at Regent Street Cinema (09 MAY 12:00 & 15:30).

THU 10

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: PARIS NOIR at Bernie Grant Arts Centre (10 MAY).
Films in London this week: PARIS NOIR at Bernie Grant Arts Centre (10 MAY).

DEAD THE ENDS + Q&A with Benedict Seymour at The Whitechapel Gallery (10 MAY 19:00):

  • Artist Benedict Seymour’s experimental feature explores our contemporary political situation. Using imagery from dystopian science fiction, this hybrid narrative and essay film crosses currents of thought and material.


  • This doc explores the history of African-American writers and artists who settled in Paris and the impact both cultures had on each other.

SINK + Q&A with writer/director Mark Gillis at Deptford Cinema (10 MAY 20:00):

  • SINK is about surviving the tough times. But it’s not all anguish and despair. It’s also warm and tender. And funny. Shot in New Cross, Deptford and Brockley, the film has generated a great deal of interest after Mark Rylance saw the finished cut and became an Associate Producer.

More films in London today (A – Z): ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS at BFI (10 MAY 18:20). CITIZEN KANE 35mm at BFI (10 MAY 18:10). CHAPLINOIA LAUNCH EVENT: SCREENING + TALK by author Chris England at The Cinema Museum (10 MAY 18:30). DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS 35mm at The Prince Charles (10 MAY 20:45). HALF NELSON 35mm at The Prince Charles (10 MAY 18:20 – PCC Members’ Screening £1). JEUNE FEMME preview at BFI (10 MAY 20:40). THE MAGIC FLUTE at Ciné Lumière (10 MAY 18:30). THE MAGIC FLUTE at The David Lean Cinema (10 MAY 14:30 & 19:30). MOULIN ROUGE! at Rooftop Film Club, Stratford (10 MAY 20:30). OPEN SCREENING artist filmmakers present works in progress at The Whitechapel Gallery (10 MAY 17:00 – Free!).


EXHIBITIONS (by event/venue)

JOAN JONAS at Tate Modern.
JOAN JONAS at Tate Modern.

BL CK B X: GENTLEMEN – OLIVER PAYNE & NICK RELPH at LUX Moving Image (until 12 MAY – FREE, check for opening days/times):

  • LUX presents Oliver Payne and Nick Relph’s video work GENTLEMEN (2003) as part of the BL CK B X series of free monthly exhibitions of artists’ moving image. Coincides with the opening of Ian White: Any Frame is a Thrown Voice at Camden Arts Centre (until 24 JUN). Part of Cruising Ground II.

IAN CHENG at the Serpentine Galleries (until 28 MAY – FREE, check for opening days/times):

  • Artist Ian Cheng likens his live simulations to ‘a computer game that plays itself’, testing the capacity of humans to relate to continual change. Meet his new AI species, BOB (evolving in real time from 6 March to 22 April). The second part of the exhibition takes over from 22 APR with his trilogy of simulations, EMISSARIES (2015-17).

JOAN JONAS at Tate Modern (until 05 AUG):

  • Hero to a generation of younger artists, Joan Jonas is a pioneer of performance and video who has pushed the boundaries of art for the last five decades. This is the largest exhibition of Jonas’ work ever held in the UK. Installations include Lines in the Sand, The Juniper Tree and Reanimation.

ROSA BARBAR, ROBERTAS NARKUS & JOKŪBAS ČIŽIKAS, DANIELLE DEAN screens at The Whitechapel Gallery (until 03 JUN – FREE, check for times):

  • A selection of artists from The Whitechapel’s ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL partnership of moving image galleries. The 2018 edition focuses on the theme of truth. Each of the selected artists explore the relationship between fact and fiction.

SONDRA PERRY: TYPHOON COMING ON screens at Serpentine Galleries (until 20 MAY – FREE, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

  • The artist’s first European solo exhibition explores the intersection of black identity, digital culture and power structures through video, media, installation and performance.

TACITA DEAN: PORTRAIT screens at the National Portrait Gallery (until 28 MAY – Tickets £14/£12.50 concession, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

  • This exhibition focuses on portraiture primarily through the medium of 16mm film. The exhibition will be the first in the gallery’s history to be devoted to the medium of film.

TACITA DEAN: STILL LIFE screens at the National Gallery (until 28 MAY – FREE, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

  • STILL LIFE presents a diverse selection of works in a variety of mediums. Works by the artist herself feature alongside works by contemporaries and paintings from the National Gallery Collection.


SEASONS (by event/venue)

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this month: BELLADONNA OF SADNESS at BFI (08 MAY).
Films in London this month: BELLADONNA OF SADNESS at BFI (08 MAY).

ANIMATION 2018 at BFI Southbank (all year):

ANIME APRIL becomes ANIME MAY at Genesis Cinema (until 10 MAY):

CLOSE-UP ON JEAN-LUC GODARD at Close-Up (04 to 25 MAY):


  • “Celebrated the world over as one of the central figures of the postwar Italian cinema, Pier Paolo Pasolini is recognized in his native land as arguably the most important Italian artist and intellectual of the twentieth century.” – Harvard Film Archive. Films include: MEDEA (07 MAY 19:30); THEOREM (08 MAY 19:30); and, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. MATTHEW (09 MAY 19:30).

CYBERPUNK ANIME at House Of Vans (06 to 25 MAY):

  • A series showing “the best of the best in CyberPunk Anime”. Free entry – no booking required: ANGEL’S EGG (06 MAY 14:00 & 16:00).

D.I.Y. at House of Vans (05 APR to 05 MAY):

JACQUES TATI Selectrospective at The Prince Charles (07 to 28 MAY):

  • A selection of films from the genius of legendary French filmmaker Jacques Tati includes: MON ONCLE (07 MAY 18:00).

JUST THE TWO OF US? at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (04 MAY to 29 JUN):

  • “Couples, love triangles, friends, doppelgängers”: STRICTLY BALLROOM (04 MAY 19:30).


MAY ’68 AND ITS LEGACIES at Ciné Lumière (04 to 23 MAY):

  • A season looking at 50 years of creation and ideas stimulated by the motto “Power to the Imagination”: THE DREAMERS (04 MAY 20:50); and, MILOU EN MAI (06 MAY 14:00).

READY PLAYER ONE SEASON at Picturehouse Central (09 APR to 15 MAY):

  • A season of retro sci-fi classics referenced in Ernest Cline’s pop-cultural odyssey: THE IRON GIANT (07 MAY 18:20). Other Picturehouses available!


  • After decades of being represented and ‘spoken for’ by Western directors, these films burst with the creativity of filmmakers reclaiming the right to take control of the camera for the first time. This week: AFRIQUE 50 + TO BE 20 IN THE AURÈS (09 MAY 20:45).

TERRY GILLIAM at Deptford Cinema (until 09 SEP):


WE <3 GRETA GERWIG at The Prince Charles (until 09 JUN):

  • A selection of some of Gerwig’s best roles from recent years continues with: LADY BIRD (until 09 JUN, various dates); and, MISTRESS AMERICA (08 MAY 18:30).

#WOMENINFILM2018 at Genesis Cinema (all year):

  • Films that have: a female director/co-director, a female writer/co-writer, or a strong/iconic female lead: THE DREAMED PATH in partnership with MUBI (10 MAY 18:50).

YOUTH ON THE MARCH! at Regent Street Cinema (02 MAY to 27 JUN):

  • Kino Klassika Foundation’s new season dedicated to the rise of the Soviet New Wave continues with: WE’LL LIVE ‘TIL MONDAY (09 MAY 19:30).


FILM FESTIVALS (by date/duration)

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN at Sci-Fi London (07 MAY).
Films in London this week: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN at Sci-Fi London (07 MAY).

Festivals projecting this week include:



Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: THE YOUNG KARL MARX at ICA & JW3.
Films in London this week: THE YOUNG KARL MARX at ICA & JW3.

MARY & THE WITCH’S FLOWER at ArtHouse Crouch End (04 to 10 MAY):

  • From Hiromasa Yonebayashi, animator on such Studio Ghibli masterpieces such as Ponyo and Spirited Away, comes a dazzling new adventure. Based on Mary Stewart‘s 1971 classic children’s book The Little Broomstick, Mary and the Witch’s Flower is packed with jaw-dropping imagination and ingenious characters.
  • Second chances: also at Genesis Cinema (04 to 10 MAY), The Institute Of Light (04 to 10 MAY) and Rio Cinema (04 to 10 MAY).

NEW TOWN UTOPIA at Barbican (04 to 10 MAY):

  • A feature documentary film about utopian dreams and concrete realities. The challenging, funny, and sometimes tragic story of the British new town of Basildon, Essex.
  • Second chances: also at Picturehouse Central (04 to 10 MAY).


  • Between censorship and police raids, riots and political upheavals, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels meet in Paris in 1844, and together, become defining voices for the burgeoning labour movement. Expect fiery exchanges of ideas over drunken bonding sessions, nurturing support from their adoring partners and masses of righteous indignation at the social inequalities magnified by the industrial revolution.
  • Second chances: also at JW3 (04 to 24 MAY).

More films in London this week (A – Z): ANOTHER NEWS STORY at DocHouse (04 to 10 MAY). BOMBSHELL: THE HEDY LAMARR STORY at Watermans (06 to 08 MAY). CUSTODY at Lexi (05, 06 & 07 MAY). THE DEMINER at DocHouse (04 to 10 MAY). MODERN LIFE IS RUBBISH at Picturehouse Central (04 to 09 MAY – other Picturehouses available!). NOTHING LIKE A DAME at Picturehouse Central (04 to 10 MAY – other Picturehouses available!). THE SQUARE at Whirled Cinema (07 to 13 MAY). WESTWOOD: PUNK, ICON, ACTIVIST at The Montpellier (until 09 MAY). WITHOUT THIS WORLD at DocHouse (04 to 10 MAY). THE WOUND at Lexi (04, 08 & 09 MAY).

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Featured image: REVENGE + DISCUSSION at Picturehouse Central (04 MAY 18:30).

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