By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus | Instagram @radiantcircus

The indie screen culture we love has taken a real battering. The coronavirus outbreak has closed venues, silenced exhibitors and isolated audiences. It’s time to play our part to help bring London’s alternative screens back to life. We’re only small, but that’s not an excuse to sit still.

We’re relaunching our monthly subscription service as a rolling crowdfunder called RADIANT CIRCUS #ReviveTheDark. Supported entirely by monthly subscriptions, #ReviveTheDark will:

◆   Support alternative cinema events across London through a new Exhibitor Fund
◆   Celebrate outstanding acts of exhibition with a new Audience Awards Ceremony
◆   Significantly expand our scene content and coverage at
◆   Support ongoing improvements to our core website and services
◆   Create a community of subscribers committed to preserving the rituals of cinema

The more subscribers we get, the more we can get done. That starts with 40% of every subscription going into a fund so that we can directly sponsor indie screen events across the capital, making it easier for audiences and exhibitors to return to the darkness.

Find out more about our future plans and how your subscription will help over on our membership pages at