Let RADIANT CIRCUS be your guide to London’s independent and alternative movie nights, film events and gallery screenings.

Follow us into the darkness to find cinematic oddities of all shapes and sizes. Discover: micro-budget marvels, genre-bending horror shows, cult classics, sensational silents, world cinema treasures, artists’ video and experimental film.

Each month, we pick the finest attractions and invite you to experience them with us.

There are three main types of exhibit at RADIANT CIRCUS:

  • SCREENS: where we list what’s on London’s indie & alternative screens;
  • GUIDES: where we recommend moving pictures that might excite you;
  • QUESTS: where we convene the congress of human oddities.


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A note from our barker-in-chief:

“We started RADIANT CIRCUS as new arrivals in London looking for adventurous screen content. Each day has been a process of discovery as more indie programmers, alternative screens, film clubs and festivals are added to the search. We regularly travel across London to great events and are disappointed when there’s room for more folk at each exciting screening. It’s those (empty) seats we want RADIANT CIRCUS to help fill.”


Our future is set on helping to build bigger audiences for the kind of overlooked, unfamiliar, challenging, difficult & experimental screen content that gets our eyeballs spinning. We have set three main goals:

  • GOAL 1: When we reach 350 monthly members at General Admission or higher, RADIANT CIRCUS will be fully sustainable in our current form & we will be able to continue to do what we do.
  • GOAL 2: When we reach 600 monthly members at General Admission or higher, RADIANT CIRCUS will hire a web developer to help us build more comprehensive daily screen listings for London’s alternative attractions.
  • GOAL 3: When we reach 1,000 monthly members at General Admission or higher, RADIANT CIRCUS will be able to stage FREE members-only screenings as a (huge) thank you for your support.

We’re answering FAQs about our future plans.

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We don’t edit our website, guides and quests for age-appropriate material. In fact, the more *warnings* promoters put on their content, the more we want to see it… All members must therefore be 18 or over. By taking out a monthly membership you are confirming that you are an adult.

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