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Looking for movies beyond the mainstream? RADIANT CIRCUS has been helping Londoners discover great things to do in the dark since we first started exploring London’s alternative cinema scene in 2018.

Our unique listings offer a comprehensive guide to what’s on London’s independent cinema screens. Supported by subscribers at patreon.com, we create:

We make daily recommendations based on what we want to see, post weekly news about London’s alternative screen culture & occasional write-ups about the events we’ve been to. We’re also busy creating our own big screen attractions where we’re reviving the art of cinema showmanship.

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“I’ve just moved to London and can sleep easy knowing my filmic appetite will be sated thanks to this quality public service.” (@dnbdwd)

Want to get more out of London? As well as loving your local indie venue we can help you discover & explore more of London’s amazing alternative cinema scene!

We specialise in covering London’s evolving menagerie of independent film exhibitors from neighbourhood film clubs to lone wolf cultural historians. We also promote what’s on at London’s historic cinemas & a host of alternative, underground spaces & places so you never miss a frame.

Our listings cover everything from new documentaries to genre & cult classics, world cinema treasures, long-forgotten silents (often with live musical accompaniment!), artists’ video & mainstream titles given a revivalist twist. It’s like having access to the world’s best film school on your (extended…) doorstep.

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“A really fantastic resource for film lovers.” (@RochesterKino)

Wasting time searching for screen events…? Each week we scan several hundred websites & social media feeds as we research, compile & check our expert listings, saving you a whole bunch of time & effort!

We also know living in London gets very expensive, so we flag as many FREE film screenings as we can. To make life sweeter still, our monthly subscribers receive discount voucher codes for all RADIANT CIRCUS events as well as a few invites from our wonderful friends.

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“I love everything you’re doing with RADIANT CIRCUS, the output is brilliant. & just so great to see it grow. Kudos to you.” (Fanmail)

Made by film fans for film fans, our listings started because, beyond a few heavily curated lists, there wasn’t a showcase for all the unruly attractions of London’s alternative cinema scene. Our comprehensive listings have become a regular & reliable guide for thousands of Londoners looking for great things to do in the dark (with strangers…).

We now want to grow our content, recruiting new contributors to diversify our voice & create more beautiful things together. The same goes for extending our portfolio of big screen attractions. So far we’ve:

We’re dreaming of a site rebuild to make our listings more searchable & shareable which will help us pursue our longterm ambition: to realise the full potential of that top billing Film London once gave us.*

Your support means we will continue to promote & preserve alternative screen culture in London. Thank you!

Richard [Barker-In-Chief, RADIANT CIRCUS]

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