“Home of alternative screen culture in London” (Film London)

RADIANT CIRCUS is dedicated to promoting and preserving alternative screen culture in London. At the heart of this work is this unique online screen guide funded entirely by monthly subscribers at Patreon.

What started as a personal blog is now London’s most comprehensive listings of DIY, indie and alternative screen events. Free for everyone online, RADIANT CIRCUS both helps audiences find out what’s on and celebrates the promoters that put it there. At radiantcircus.com you will find:

Other features include a calendar of London’s 140+ annual film festivals and regular in-depth guides to coming attractions. An occasional screen diary charts travels across London with a focus on documenting special events like meet the talent Q&As. The only thing you won’t find is a negative event review (because life’s just too short…).


“I’m always amazed by how comprehensive your list is! You’re doing a great job & help me find stuff to see every week.”

Monthly subscriptions at Patreon (a membership platform that makes it easier for content creators to get paid) are available in three tiers. All RADIANT CIRCUS subscribers at General Admission or higher get:

  • All listings delivered via email. You can opt into just receiving weekly/monthly digests or get daily updates.
  • Exclusive access to online content, giving you advance notice of coming attractions that fall beyond listing schedules.
  • Occasional discounts to partners’ screen events.
  • Discounted tickets to every RADIANT CIRCUS event.

Higher levels of support get one free copy of anything RADIANT CIRCUS produces in print (Grandstand Membership), and one free ticket to every RADIANT CIRCUS event plus a screen credit as a member of the Founding Family (Ringside Membership).


“I love everything you’re doing with RADIANT CIRCUS, the output is brilliant man. And just so great to see it grow. Kudos to you.”

The foundation of RADIANT CIRCUS is producing reliable, accurate and comprehensive listings, week in, week out. This involves scouring several hundred web sites and email submissions, cutting, pasting and editing copy to standardise content and sourcing suitable images. That equates to compiling an ambitious film festival’s worth of content every week.

The ambition for 2020 is to establish RADIANT CIRCUS as a sustainable, membership-driven business. Increasing the number of monthly subscribers will help pay for the production of routine listings and expand scene coverage to include more guides to coming attractions, guest contributor bylines and more special features.

All income from subscriptions flows directly into reaching four Patreon funding goals (all based on sustaining the flow of content far into the future). Separate fundraising efforts will invest in a complete site redesign of radiantcircus.com to create more sexy, searchable and shareable content.


Although everything posted at RADIANT CIRCUS is safe for work (ish…), listings aren’t filtered by film certificate or admission criteria. By signing up to a monthly subscription you confirm that you are aged 18 or over.


“Two years of blogging my way around London’s indie cinema screens has introduced me to many remarkable people that project with passion. It has also shown me how fragile alternative screen culture is, with barely a month going by without some dire warning or other. I created RADIANT CIRCUS to shine a spotlight on London’s alternative screen heroes. Every single subscription will sustain that important work. For that, I’m incredibly thankful.”


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“Home of alternative screen culture in London” (Film London)

RADIANT CIRCUS is supported entirely by readers’ monthly subscriptions. Subscribers get our unique listings emailed as well as other great rewards. With enough subscribers backing us, we will be able to: 1) keep listing far into the future, 2) expand our content to explore more indie screen events, & 3) recruit & reward new writers. Our target in 2020? One hundred new monthly subscribers supporting what they love so that many more can discover it. Subscribe at patreon.com/radiantcircus

“I love everything you’re doing with RADIANT CIRCUS, the output is brilliant. And just so great to see it grow. Kudos to you.” (A fan via email!).