“Stay looped on London’s cinema and screen culture with @RadiantCircus, a frequently updated guide to independent film nights, cinema events and gallery screenings that is starting to serve this city as @ScreenSlate does for NYC.” Open City Docs via Twitter.

RADIANT CIRCUS is your guide to London’s alternative movie nights, film events and gallery screenings.

Each week, we scan several hundred websites and social media feeds to compile comprehensive listings of what’s on at underground venues, indie cinemas, community film clubs, free bar screenings and film festivals across the city.

We cover everything from silent cinema to short film, documentary features, animation, classic re-releases, world cinema, overlooked genres and experimental video.

We then pick the finest attractions and invite you to experience them with us.

Everything is free online at www.radiantcircus.com or – for a small monthly subscription via patreon.com/radiantcircus – you can get daily guides sent directly to your inbox.

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“Film is not analysis, it is the agitation of mind; cinema comes from the country fair and the circus, not from art and academicism.” Werner Herzog.

We started RADIANT CIRCUS as new arrivals in London looking for more adventurous screen content. It was hard finding out what was on where/when, so we started blogging our way across the city’s alternative cinema scene. Our first weekly SCREEN GUIDE (20.01.17) listed a humble 13 events. We now regularly list closer to 200.

We don’t work in film: we are the audience. Our journeys into darkness regularly contrast, say, nights of experimental animation with our love of genres and giant apes. We’re fascinated by diverse stories that are different to our own, and care passionately about who tells them and how they are told. We like to cut through the complexity that often gets in the way of more challenging artworks and embrace eyeball-spinning moments of pure discovery.

We have become obsessive about following London’s indie curators, venues, and festivals, travelling to as many of their events as we can. It’s here that you’ll find London’s most authentic film flavours. We get upset when there’s room for more folk at each exciting screening and it’s those (empty) seats we want RADIANT CIRCUS to help fill.


“Have you seen @radiantcircus? They do a daily/weekly/monthy indie screen guide for London https://radiantcircus.com/ . It’s the absolute sh*t.” @alpember via Twitter.

As our blog dreams of becoming a real boy, we are dedicated to building bigger – and bolder! – audiences for adventurous moving pictures in London. Our way of doing this is to create:

  • A unique film listings service so it’s easier to find out what’s on where/when.
  • A series of SCREEN QUESTS where we invite you to experience London’s finest attractions with us.
  • New writing about London’s alternative cinema scene and its many adventurous moving pictures.
  • Sideshow collabs that bring together a like-minded community of film fans.

To help our exhibiting friends, we spend our spare time plotting new ways of luring the willing away from the mainstream.


“A lot of love, time and effort being put into these really useful and comprehensive listings.” SUPAKINO via Twitter.

If you would like to support our work – and get some great rewards in return! – we’ve started a Patreon* crowdfunding campaign. All income from your monthly subscriptions goes towards building a long-term future for what we do here.

Rewards include getting our unique SCREEN GUIDES sent directly to your inbox, discounted events and exclusive special features.

If we get enough support, we will be able to invest in a site re-design (making your life even easier) and free film screenings (as our way of saying thank you).

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And that’s the meat of it…

We’d love to hear from you

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*Parental advisory warning…

We don’t edit our website, guides and quests for age-appropriate material. In fact, the more *warnings* promoters put on their content, the more we want to see it… All members must therefore be 18 or over. By taking out a monthly membership you are confirming that you are an adult.

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