The indie screen culture we love has taken a real battering. The coronavirus outbreak has closed venues, silenced exhibitors and isolated audiences. It’s time to play our part to help bring London’s alternative screens back to life. We’re only small, but that’s not an excuse to sit still.

We’re relaunching our monthly subscription service as a rolling crowdfunder called RADIANT CIRCUS #ReviveTheDark. Supported entirely by monthly subscriptions, #ReviveTheDark will:

  • Sponsor alternative cinema events across London through a new Exhibitor Fund
  • Celebrate outstanding acts of exhibition with a new Audience Awards Ceremony
  • Significantly expand our scene content and coverage at
  • Support ongoing improvements to our core website and services
  • Create a community of subscribers committed to preserving the rituals of cinema

RADIANT CIRCUS has been helping Londoners discover great things to do in the dark since 2018. What started as our founder & barker-in-chief’s personal film blog rapidly became the only comprehensive guide to what’s on London’s independent and alternative cinema screens.

With the help of our monthly subscribers, we’ve been called “London’s home of alternative screen culture” by screen agency Film London and celebrated as being “indispensable to London’s film scene” by specialist film bookseller Ripley & Lambert. One of our amazing social followers had this to say (probably the comment we’re most proud of…):

“Have you seen @radiantcircus? They do a daily/weekly/monthly indie screen guide for London. It’s the absolute sh*t.”


Looking ahead, our mission is simple: to promote & preserve alternative screen culture in London. Here’s what your subscription will help us do:

40% of all fees from subscribers will go directly to our new #ReviveTheDark Fund.

The fund will do two things. Firstly, RADIANT CIRCUS will provide direct funding for indie exhibitors by sponsoring a number of events across London each year. The idea is to help remove some of the financial risk of projecting adventurous content in this challenging climate. We’re interested in backing exhibitors who project anything from cutting edge docs to silent cinema and modern classics of all genres and nations.

The more monthly subscribers we get, the more exhibitors we can support. Details about how exhibitors can pitch for sponsorship will be launched soon.

The fund will also help celebrate outstanding acts of exhibition with the launch of our new Audience Awards in 2021. Voted for by the indie cinema-going public (with some subscriber exclusive categories), the awards will help raise the profile of all aspects of London’s alternative screen culture from expert curation and showmanship to podcasts and merchandise.

The more monthly subscribers we get, the more we can celebrate. Details about awards categories, nominations and everything else will come in 2021.

We will post regular features about all of these activities at, publishing the best content from across the site each year in a new RADIANT CIRCUS Yearbook.


So far, nearly all the writing at has come from our barker-in-chief. In 2021 we will start recruiting new content creators to help diversify our voice and expand our coverage.

We’re looking for artists, designers, photographers and, of course, writers keen to spread the gospel of alternative screen culture. Whilst we can’t pay contributors right now (that includes us!), that is definitely the next stage plan (which we will achieve with enough subscribers…).

Anyone who creates content regularly with us will get free GRANDSTAND membership.

CONTINUE TO BUILD & GROW is built on WordPress but our site hasn’t kept pace with recent upgrades. It’s time to completely revamp the site and significantly improve its performance. That will include new content as well as new ways to automate our listings and email services. We dream of a bespoke site rebuild, but that needs to come in the future with more time and subscriber support.

Your subscription will help RADIANT CIRCUS support and celebrate London’s unruly community of independent film exhibitors: the hundreds of volunteers, freelancers, organisations and venues who project wild and wonderful moving pictures for our shared enjoyment.

You will also be joining an amazing subscriber community of people who care passionately about movies that project far beyond the mainstream cinema. We hope you will take part by voting for our subscriber exclusive awards and attending our events. We also hope you will follow us @radiantcircus on Twitter and Instagram, sharing your own adventures in moving pictures inspired by our listings. Use #SupportIndieCinema and #ReviveTheDark so that we can find you!

Thank you for your support,


Barker-In-Chief // RADIANT CIRCUS.