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“I love everything you’re doing with RADIANT CIRCUS, the output is brilliant. And just so great to see it grow. Kudos to you.” (A fan via email!).




“Film is not analysis, it is the agitation of mind; cinema comes from the country fair and the circus, not from art and academicism.” Werner Herzog.

RADIANT CIRCUS started in 2017 as an act of audience activism, blogging our way around London’s harder-to-find cinema screens.

Our guides & listings have grown since then as we continue to explore London’s alternative cinema scene.

We care about diverse stories, different to our own & have become obsessive about following London’s independent exhibitors: it’s here that we find London’s most authentic film flavours.

As our site develops, we will continue to explore London’s alternative screen culture, discovering the many DIY spaces & places where communities in darkness are illuminated by flickering images.


“Have you seen @radiantcircus? They do a daily/weekly/monthy indie screen guide for London https://radiantcircus.com/ . It’s the absolute sh*t.” @alpember via Twitter.

As our blog dreams of becoming a real boy, we are dedicated to building bigger – and bolder! – audiences for adventurous moving pictures in London. Our way of doing this is to continue to create:

  • A unique film listings service so it’s easier to find out what’s on where & when.
  • New writing about London’s alternative cinema scene & its many adventurous moving pictures.
  • Niche events that bring together a like-minded community of film fans.


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