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Chasing the light

We started RADIANT CIRCUS as new arrivals in London with appetites for movies beyond the mainstream.

We’ve realised two things since we started blogging. The first is that there is a huge amount on offer if you are prepared to travel further than your neighbourhood multiplex. The second is that finding out what’s on is a frustratingly difficult process.

Audiences, programmers and venues have all told us that what London needs is a comprehensive listings services for its alternative attractions. A reliable place to find out what the city’s repertory cinemas, DIY programmers, festivals, film clubs and pop-ups are projecting each day.

We want RADIANT CIRCUS to be that place and we (really) want to build it with you.

We’ve made a good start. Each week, we scan more than 100 websites to produce our screen digests and events calendar. Each morning, we check box office for the top attractions and tweet updates. The result is our regular guides to London’s one-off events, festivals, seasons and exhibitions.

We now want to do two things:

  1. expand and improve our listings so that audiences never miss a screen;
  2. build our following so that more screens are sold out.

To reach our ambitions RADIANT CIRCUS has launched monthly memberships.

Monthly membership delivers great rewards directly to your inbox. Income from your monthly subscription will flow into building a comprehensive listings service for London. That means hiring a web developer, boosting our profile, delivering daily emails and being around for the long term.

The more members we get, the more we can get done.

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We’re answering FAQs about our future plans here.

Thank you

“With your support, RADIANT CIRCUS will do our bit to build bigger (and bolder) audiences for adventurous moving pictures in London. In turn, that will help more image makers, programmers and venues do what they do best – set our eyeballs spinning with stunning screen content. We are hugely grateful for your support and look forward to meeting you in the dark aisles of a screening somewhere soon.”


The small print

Content warning: Although everything at RADIANT CIRCUS is nice and cuddly (ish…), we don’t filter our handpicked recommendations by certificate. All members must therefore be aged 18+.

Changes to website subscriptions: We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has already subscribed for email updates through We have stopped taking new subscriptions through the site and will stop sending email updates by the end of the month [28 FEB 2018]. This is so that – with limited resources – we can prioritise our Patreon campaign and better meet the needs of our members. We hope you will be able to join us there. We would hate to lose you. Our website and social media will, of course, remain free.

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Radiant Circus

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