SERPENT RAIN by Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira da Silva screens at Whitechapel Gallery (until 15 OCT).


COMING SOON: Whitechapel Gallery has announced a new edition of ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL — 22 AUG to 15 OCT 2017.

East End institution Whitechapel Gallery will be hosting another edition of their global shareathon ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL from 22 AUG to 15 OCT 2017. Two artworks will be on show selected by the gallery’s moving image partners from across the world.

INVOCATION (2015), selected by Project 88 (Mumbai, India), is made by Desire Machine Collective and references the life of Hindu deity Krishna.

“[INVOCATION] is trancelike and dreamily romantic; a subjective collection of images from the natural world imbued with ideas from the spiritual one, pieced together by an unreliable narrator behind a camera lens that occasionally blurs.” Himali Singh Soin at ARTFORUM.

SERPENT RAIN screens at Whitechapel Gallery (22 AUG to 17 OCT).

SERPENT RAIN (2016), selected by Ballroom Marfa (Texas, USA), is from artist/filmmaker Arjuna Neuman and philosopher Denise Ferreira da Silva. It explores, amongst other issues, “the history of slavery and the Black Lives Matter movement in relation to time and the degradation of the natural world”.

“The collaboration began with the discovery of a sunken slave ship, and an artist asking a philosopher – how do we get to the post-human without technology? And the philosopher replying – maybe we can make a film without time.”

Taking place towards the midpoint of this edition is an event — COLLABORATION & GLOBAL NETWORKS (07 SEPT 18:00) — looking at 10 years of ARTISTS’ FILMS INTERNATIONAL and how the partnership has helped filmmakers find new audiences. The event will include contributions from artist Ursula Mayer and some of the Whitechapel’s gallery partners.


  • ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL screens in the Whitechapel’s Zilkha Auditorium, 22 AUG to 15 OCT (check gallery website for opening times).
  • COLLABORATION & GLOBAL NETWORKS (07 SEPT 18:00 ) also take places in the Zilkha Auditorium. Tickets cost £9.50/7.50 and are available online.
  • Read more about ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL here.


Featured image: SERPENT RAIN (2016).