COMING SOON: Future attractions you must not miss [Vol. 1]

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One-off events are possibly the heart of RADIANT CIRCUS, the kind of screening that we search high and low for. Why? Because here you can find some of London’s juiciest attractions, from expert introductions to rare original formats and unique double bills. Having worked with the scene for a while now, we recognise the challenges of promoting a one-off event; seasons and festivals can build up a head of steam – sometimes with teams of volunteers to propel them – but one-off events need to work that much harder to find their audience. As London’s most comprehensive listings site for such fare, we’re also aware our publishing schedules don’t give much advance notice. Which is why we have launched this new series of posts, available exclusively for our monthly subscribers at Patreon.

We hope ‘COMING SOON’ will be a regular feature in our monthly schedule of posts. It will take a time to bed in and will probably morph as experience of researching and writing it grows, but it’s the most commonly requested item at RADIANT CIRCUS, so off we go…

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And that’s the meat of it.

See you in darkness…

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COMING SOON: GHOST presented by The Celluloid Sorceress at Genesis Cinema (14 FEB).
COMING SOON: GHOST 35mm presented by The Celluloid Sorceress at Genesis Cinema (14 FEB).

Next screen week starts with Valentine’s Day and, as usual, London has fallen for some schmaltzy film choices. Three options stand out from the crowd. First up, The Celluloid Sorceress returns with an original format 35mm screening of GHOST (d. Jerry Zucker, 1990) at Genesis Cinema (14 FEB 21:00). The film is screening digitally in a host of venues, but this is an exclusive appearance on film. As usual, The Sorceress will be giving expert intro* for the film’s 30th anniversary.

On the same night, Céline Sciamma’s PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE gets a number of preview screenings across town. We haven’t seen it yet but love the director’s earlier film TOMBOY like our own nieces/nephews, so we’re excited. Queer films come with no greater champion than Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, so see it with them in a collaboration with the Birds’ Eye View #ReclaimTheFrame celebration of women filmmakers at Genesis Cinema (14 FEB 18:20).

For lovers south of the river, we’d also recommend Baz Lurhman’s ROMEO + JULIET in a special church-based screening from Collective Cinema with added live music and wine tasting (there’s no better night to get smashed if you’re single…). The always incredibly popular screenings of the same film by Backyard Cinema at Union Chapel return 12 to 25 MAY and are selling (fast!) now.

For a quick gamble around other coming attractions:

  • South Social continues their tour of the world with this year’s hot topic country, JAPAN at The Cinema Museum (15 FEB 18:00);
  • For (newfound) lovers of Korean cinema, there’s a fascinating prelude to this year’s Essay Film Festival (26 MAR to 04 APR) entitled Exploring the 1980s Korean film collectives with Kim Hong-joon at Birkbeck Cinema (15 FEB 18:00 – FREE!);
  • Schlock horror-meisters World Wide Weird! return with a double bill of Crawling Intruders inc. CRAWLSPACE, 1986 and INTRUDER, 1989 at The King & Queen (15 FEB 18:00);
  • Deptford Cinema gives a RADIANT CIRCUS favourite, Paul Schrader’s MISHIMA: A LIFE IN FOUR CHAPTERS, a special 35th anniversary screening (17 FEB 19:15).
  • Much under-screened Brit director John Boorman makes an appearance at Curzon Soho for HOPE & GLORY followed by a Q&A about his latest memoir, Conclusions (19 FEB 18:10). Double-starring it, Curzon’s Book Club Q&A will be hosted by director Ben Wheatley (KILL LIST).
  • Back to Deptford Cinema, the community venue is hosting a special LABYRINTH sing-a-long/quote-a-long screening and late night 80s after party to raise funds for their wonderful travelling cinema which brings film to older citizens in the borough of Lewisham (21 FEB 19:30).
  • Club Des Femmes returns with an archival event channeling the spirit of fab 80s initiatives, Women’s Media Resource Project and Rio Women’s Cinema, FEMINIST RE-IMAGININGS AT THE RIO, 1980-2020 PROGRAMME 1 (22 FEB 14:00).

And finally… in possibly the cinematic event of the century (well, if you’ve suckled on the fake teats of John Waters’ filthy filmography…), And What? Queer Arts Festival and Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest bring you an afternoon of PINK FLAMINGOS (Uncut) complete with a personal appearance by Mink Stole at Rio Cinema (28 MAR 15:00). Only balcony seats left as this one is already selling fast… get clicking!

*Genesis teases: “Apparently she’s got history with this film so it will be a special one!”


COMING SOON: Toshio Matsumoto's FUNERAL PARADE OF ROSES could be part of JAPAN 2020 at BFI Southbank & beyond.
COMING SOON: Toshio Matsumoto’s FUNERAL PARADE OF ROSES (1969) could be part of JAPAN 2020 at BFI Southbank & beyond.

As we mentioned in our weekly digest [07 to 13 FEB], 2020 is turning out to be a year of Japanese screen culture. An influential jewel in this bento box will be the BFI’s blockbuster season on the Southbank and UK-wide. Featuring a series of new releases, touring programmes and promoter partnerships (MAY to SEP), the programme is billed to include everything “from early silents to contemporary innovation”.

Smaller indie screens are being invited to apply for BFI Lottery funding to support their own Japanese cinema seasons, so expect new programme announcements to come thick and fast as the year unfolds. If you marvelled as last year’s epic MUSICALS! season cascaded out from the Southbank across London’s alternative screens, this is how…

We haven’t seen the full JAPAN 2020 programme yet, but will bring it to you as soon as we can.


COMING SOON: MEMORIES OF MILK CITY, part of Ruchir Joshi: Short Films & Conversation at Essay Film Festival (29 MAR).
COMING SOON: MEMORIES OF MILK CITY, part of Ruchir Joshi: Short Films & Conversation at Essay Film Festival (29 MAR).

If you haven’t seen it yet, RADIANT CIRCUS maintains the most comprehensive calendar of film festivals in London (along with archive editions from previous years). We update at the start of each month so it takes a while to flesh out the year ahead. With more time and resources under our belt, more proactive coverage of film festival programmes would be our priority for expansion (so please pass on our subscription details to anyone who you think can help reach our funding goals!).

Looking to the near future, two of our favourites are looming large. Essay Film Festival (26 MAR to 04 APR) and Frames Of Representation (17 to 25 APR) are two of London’s hottest places to see cutting edge non-fiction filmmaking, both from the international archives and contemporary pioneers. We hope to publish in-depth guides to help spread the word about these events in due course. Come back soon.

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