Midnight Excess #3 - The Lonely Island Double Bill at Rio Cinema 15 JUN 2019 - featured


MIDNIGHT EXCESS is a new film programme from independent promoter SUPAKINO that brings back the thrill of late night movies and subversive double features to London’s alternative cinema scene.


For our third show, SUPAKINO and AMOS LEVIN celebrate American comedy trio THE LONELY ISLAND with a double-bill of unpredictable, jaw-dropping, idiosyncratic comedies HOT ROD (2007) and POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING (2016).

THE LONELY ISLAND have left an indelible mark in contemporary pop culture, music, cinema, and the American psyche. With 2 feature films, 3 albums plus a whole bunch of viral videos under their belt, AKIVA SCHAFFER, ANDY SAMBERG & JORMA TACCONE have redefined modern comedy.

Loyal fans and curious newcomers alike are invited to the historic Rio Cinema to celebrate two surreal, weirdly touching, and hilarious cinematic achievements. As usual, there will be clips, music, discussion and giveaways!

  • Box office: now open
  • Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High St, London, E8
  • Saturday 15th June 2019
  • From 11pm-3.30am

Midnight Excess #3 - The Lonely Island Double Bill at Rio Cinema 15 JUN 2019


AKIVA SCHAFFER, ANDY SAMBERG & JORMA TACCONE started their careers in the online DIY film-making community of pre-YouTube LA, soon catching the attention of networks and studios.

During their meteoric rise to fame on Saturday Night Live, THE LONELY ISLAND signed on with Paramount to direct and star in HOT ROD: the inspiring story of Rod Kimble, a bright-eyed amateur stuntman striving to earn his step- dad’s respect by kicking his ass and pulling off bitching stunts!

As the trio expected, the film bombed at the box office but quickly became a beloved DVD sensation. History repeated itself with the criminally underappreciated POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING: a wild, one-joke-a-second, millennial Spinal Tap, following the rise and fall of worldwide pop phenomenon Conner4Real.


Ranjit S. Ruprai is an independent programmer and supporter of indie cinemas, film festivals and film clubs in London. Since 2017, he has been curating friendly film screenings around fun and unusual themes including Turbans Seen On Screen at The Institute Of Light and Bombay Mix double- bills at Rio Cinema. These are often accompanied by live music, short films, cast/crew and renowned guest speakers.

Web supakino.com | Instagram @supakino | Twitter @supakino_ Email info@supakino.com


Amos Levin is a video editor, 16mm enthusiast and programmer for Deptford Cinema and the London Migration Film Festival. In the past 3 years he’s subjected audiences to an eclectic range of his favourite animation, new independent work, and 80s obscurities (highlights include Scott Barley’s Sleep Has Her House, Annik Leroy’s Berlin and a Menelik Shabazz retrospective). Several of his friends – two in total – have called him “the future of cinema”.

Instagram @amoslevin | Twitter @amosjlevin

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