NEW ATTRACTION: Daily film & box office updates online & delivered direct

NEW ATTRACTION: Daily film listings for London

Never miss a frame with new daily updates at RADIANT CIRCUS, the only all-inclusive listings guide to London’s independent and alternative movie nights, film events & gallery screenings. Read for free online or get everything emailed directly with a low-cost monthly subscription.

RADIANT CIRCUS is now posting daily updates to help you find the best of London’s independent and alternative movie nights and film events. We have expanded our coverage of film festivals considerably and – with daily box office checks – increased the currency and accuracy of our film listings.

“This is a major step forward in the development of an all-inclusive film listings service for London and, we hope, a significant boost for the city’s alternative cinema scene. Our next development goals are to put RADIANT CIRCUS on a sustainable footing and to streamline our content with a site redesign. Every single subscriber helps us get nearer to these goals. We’re very grateful for everyone’s support.” BARKER-IN-CHIEF.

SCREEN GUIDE daily updates are emailed directly to our subscribers at Patreon for a small monthly membership fee (prices start at £2.99 + processing fees/taxes). Everything remains free online at to benefit as wide an audience as possible.


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“Stay looped on London’s cinema and screen culture with @RadiantCircus, a frequently updated guide to independent film nights, cinema events and gallery screenings that is starting to serve this city as @ScreenSlate does for NYC.” Open City Docs via Twitter.


Choose GRANDSTAND MEMBERSHIP to get more exclusive content as well as discounts for London’s indie screens. For example, we’ve recently announced a juicy collab with The Celluloid Sorceress to give our members great discounts for all 2018 #Schumachatak events at The Cinema Museum.

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“A lot of love, time and effort being put into these really useful and comprehensive listings.” Supakino, independent film promoter, via Twitter.


Monthly income from subscriptions helps RADIANT CIRCUS build and grow our support for independent film events across London.

We’re already covering our hosting fees with the support of our membership community. Our next major goal – at 350+ members – is to pay for the time required to research, list and check what’s on, liaise with venues and promote their events. Our goals are based on paying the London Living Wage.

Our next stage goal – at 600+ members – is to improve our services with a significant site redesign. We will be able to reward our members with exclusive screenings when we reach 1,000+ members.

The more support we have, the more help we can be.

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