RADIANT CIRCUS SCREEN GUIDE - NOW SHOWING: KING KONG screens at The Prince Charles Cinema (12 APR).


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Welcome to our monthly roundup for APRIL 2018.

Like our cover star, this one’s a monster. Seriously, grab a coffee, settle down and get scrolling…

It’s a real horror show of a month, with screenings of CARRIE & THELMA (30 & 31 MAR), TROLL & TROLL 2 (30 MAR), WITCHFINDER GENERAL (07 APR), A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (16 APR), an insight into the RESTORATION OF ‘NOSFERATU’ (19 APR), Italian exorcism double-bill BEYOND THE DOOR & THE ANTICHRIST (21 APR), and the fully restored and renovated OLD DARK HOUSE (from 27 APR).

Other genres get good screen too with Science Fiction Theatre showing YEAR OF THE SEX OLYMPICS (16 APR), a new SSFX ANTHOLOGY of short film inspired by sounds from space (16 APR) and a season of films celebrating the release of READY PLAYER ONE (09 APR to 15 MAY). Then there’s the new Sergio Leone retrospective at BFI, riding shotgun with a short season of Modern Westerns: we really like the look of MY PURE LAND + INTRO (12 APR), MARLINA THE MURDERER IN FOUR ACTS (13 APR), and THE RIDER (19 APR).

We don’t know if Kennington Bioscope’s next silent screening THE CANADIAN (11 APR) counts as a western, but we’re mentioning it here anyway. Other silents this month include quarterly meetings of the Laurel & Hardy (07 APR) and Buster Keaton societies (28 APR), as well as THE ADJUTANT OF THE CZAR (15 APR) and BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (29 APR).

Elsewhere, get prepping your best questions for the embarrassment of riches that is this month’s Q&As where you can quiz working acts ranging from Ian Ogilvy to Jonas Meekas, Andrea Zimmerman to Babette Mangolte. Or, you could simply buy a seat at Close-Up where you can enjoy an incredible array of new seasons…

After BFI Flare comes to a climx (01 APR), we think there are a further 11 film festivals projecting across London this month, ranging from the epic East End to the more intimate London Porn, via Balkan, Bengali, Korean, Kurdish, Romanian and Spanish film and cutting edge docs. There really isn’t any excuse to stay at home.

Our FEATURED ATTRACTION of the month is the DIY 35mm double of KING KONG and GOJIRA at the Prince Charles Cinema (12 APR). Let’s celebrate the big beast’s 85th anniversary together.

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KING KONG 35mm screens at The Prince Charles (12 APR).
KING KONG 35mm screens at The Prince Charles (12 APR).

KING KONG 35mm screens at The Prince Charles (12 APR 18:30):

An editorial quirk at RADIANT CIRCUS means we list every giant/intelligent/amorous ape movie, of which this is the urtext. See also RAMPAGE in the grind shows below.

You know the story: Actress Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) and director Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) travel to the Indian Ocean to do location shoots for Denham’s new jungle picture. Along the way, the actress meets and falls for rugged First Mate John Driscoll (Bruce Cabot). Upon arriving at a mysterious island, Ann is taken hostage by natives who prepare her as a sacrifice to the enormous ape Kong who rules over their jungle. But when Ann is rescued and Kong is captured, the real trouble begins.

Follow it up with a DIY double on the Prince Charles’ downstairs screen with GOJIRA 35mm (12 APR 21:00) which does the same for atomic fire-breathing lizards.

We cover the PCC’s other great 35mm/70mm/anniversary screenings in our weekly guides.


By date/time: 30 to 05 // 06 to 12 // 13 to 19 //  20 to 26 //  27 to 03

30 to 05

THELMA screens at Close-Up (31 MAR).

CARRIE + THELMA screens at Close-Up (30 & 31 MAR 19:30):

A double bill split over two days. The sexual awakening of two shy young women raised according to fundamentalist religious beliefs seemingly sparks telekinetic abilities they struggle to understand and control.

Second chance: THELMA enjoys a grind show run at Whirled (23 to 29 APR).

ISLE OF DOGS + ANIMATOR/PUPPETEER Q&A screens at Genesis Cinema (18:15):

When, by executive decree, all the canine pets of Megasaki City are exiled to a vast garbage-dump called Trash Island, 12-year-old Atari sets off alone in a miniature Junior-Turbo Prop and flies across the river in search of his bodyguard-dog, Spots. There, with the assistance of a pack of newly-found mongrel friends, he begins an epic journey that will decide the fate and future of the entire Prefecture. This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Andy Gent (puppet master) Mark Waring (animation director) Tobias Fouracre (animation supervisor).

TROLL + TROLL 2 screens at The Prince Charles (30 MAR 20:45):

Another double-bill of legendary proportions, TROLL (1986) and it’s sequel TROLL 2 (1990), where the two films really have precious little to do with each other. Perhaps TROLL 2 was adopted…?

GREEN DAYS BY THE RIVER + Q&A with director Michael Mooleedhar screens at Rio Cinema (31 MAR 12:30):

Fifteen year old Shell is the new boy in the village and quite a catch as far as the village girls are concerned, but he is focused on becoming a man in the wake of his father’s terminal illness. Based on the seminal novel by celebrated Trinidad and Tobago author Michael Anthony.

EXPLODING CINEMA screens at The Cinema Museum (31 MAR 19:00):

Exploding Cinema presents a night of “indie, undie and OTT short films… from animation to documentary, drama to CGI, and experimental to just plain mental”.

Second chance: EXPLODING CINEMA returns to The Horse Hospital (21 APR 19:00).

PICADILLY + LIVE MUSIC & BURLESQUE screens at Talkies Community Cinema/Waterhouse Hall Theatre (31 MAR 19:30):

One of the pinnacles of British silent cinema, PICCADILLY is a sumptuous showbiz melodrama seething with sexual and racial tension. Enjoy live music and burlesque before the film from local talent Pete Sauders and Marianne Cheesecake.

LET’S GET PHYSICAL screens at The Book Club (02 APR 19:00):

Join Queerly Beloved for a night of film and spoken word exploring queer sensuality, sexual liberation, and physical intimacy! Performances and screenings will be followed by a panel and audience discussion with filmmakers/performers.

DIASPORA – TRAILS OF MIGRATION screens at 93 Feet East (04 APR 18:30):

Shorts On Tap presents a selection of short films and documentaries narrating and depicting the stories of ordinary people, in their journeys to their ‘promised land’. Featuring live performances plus Q&As with the filmmakers and special guests.

EVEN WHEN I FALL + Q&A with filmmakers screens at BFI Southbank (04 APR 18:30):

Sheetal and Saraswoti met as teenagers in a Kathmandu refuge, survivors of child trafficking to corrupt Indian circuses and brought back across the border to a Nepal they could barely remember. Directors Sky Neal and Kate McLarnon and producer Elhum Shakerifar join a discussion led by for Liz McIntyre after the screening.

Second chances: join the discussion at Barbican (09 APR 18:20), DocHouse (12 APR 18:20), and Picturehouse Central (13 APR 18:30).

06 to 12

WITCHFINDER GENERAL screens at The Cinema Museum (07 APR).


A tribute to James Finlayson. The films on show are: WITH LOVE & HISSES (1927), short directed by Fred Guiol; MEN O’WAR (1929), short directed by Lewis R. Foster; THE HOOSE-GOW (1929), short directed by James Parrott; NIGHT OWLS(1930), short directed by James Parrott; and, BONNIE SCOTLAND (1935), directed by James W. Horne.

BABETTE MANGOLTE: THE CAMERA: JE, OR LA CAMÉRA: I + Q&A with Babette Mangolte screens at Tate Modern (07 APR 17:00):

Babette Mangolte emerged as a key figure in New York’s 1970s avant garde art, film and performance scenes, and is celebrated equally for her work as a filmmaker, photographer and cinematographer. In THE CAMERA: JE viewers can experience the act of shooting photographs from the photographer’s perspective. You can also see the artists’s first film WHAT MAISIE KNEW projected earlier the same day (07 APR 14:00).

WITCHFINDER GENERAL + AN EVENING WITH IAN OGILVY screens at The Cinema Museum (07 APR 17:00 + 20:00):

Misty Moon Film Society presents the last, and most famous, of the three horror films directed by Michael Reeves, the young British talent who tragically died at the age of 25. All three films starred his lifelong friend Ian Ogilvy. Followed by an evening with the actor talking with Linda Regan about his career.

STILL WATERS + Q&A with director Peter Gordon screens at DocHouse (07 APR 18:30):

In his tiny, one-room school in Brooklyn, Stephen Haff teaches forty kids reading, creative writing and Latin. His classes are free, and offered to the children of Latino immigrant families, creating a much needed haven for kids who are often overlooked to explore their creativity.

ERASE & FORGET + Q&A with director Andrea Zimmerman screens at ArtHouse Crouch End (08 APR 16:00):

“This major new investigative documentary explores and exposes the decades of militarism, gun culture, toxic masculinity and social unrest that led to the age of Trump.” ‘Bo’ Gritz is one of America’s highest decorated Vietnam veterans and the media turned him into the real life inspiration behind Rambo.

LYNN NOVICK  Q&A: THE VIETNAM WAR screens at Frontline Club (09 APR 19:00):

Award-winning film maker Lynn Novick discusses the critically acclaimed film The Vietnam War – Ken Burns & Lynn Novick. She will be showing clips from the series and discussing various aspects of the film.

MUSTANG screens at The Institute Of Light (09 APR).

MUSTANG + DISCUSSION screens at The Institute Of Light (09 APR 19:30):

MUSTANG is the debut film from French-Turkish filmmaker Deniz Gamze Ergüven. The screening will be introduced by Alice Giuliani and framed by discussions surrounding the film’s treatment of girlhood, sisterhood and coming of age. Presented by DISPATCH Feminist Moving Image.

NEVER STEADY, NEVER STILL + Q&A with Shirley Henderson screens at Curzon Bloomsbury (10 APR 18:15):

Kathleen Hepburn’s first feature length drama stars Shirley Henderson (Trainspotting, South Cliffe) and Théodore Pellerin (Endorphine, Les Demons). Judy has spent much of her adult life living with Parkinson’s disease, but the death of her husband and her son leaving home threaten the fragile order of her life and her independence.

MARY & THE WITCH’S FLOWER screens at Picturehouse Central (10 APR 18:30):

While spending the last weeks of summer with her Great-Aunt Charlotte in the countryside, Mary follows a mysterious cat into the nearby woods. There she stumbles upon a flower that has magical powers and transforms a little broomstick into one that flies. All ticket holders receive a limited edition print. Other Picturehouses available.

THROUGH OUR EYES + Q&A with Samir Mehanovic screens at DocHouse (10 APR 18:30):

Bosnian refugee Samir Mehanovic travels to meet Syrian families displaced from their homes, giving vivid, personal insight into the human catastrophe of the Syrian conflict. Samir Mehanovic’s film is “a vivid examination of the consequences of war and displacement, which western media often fail to convey”.


Small Screen’s Film Club is going Live! Ed and Alessia present BRIGSBY BEAR, written by and starring Saturday Night Live’s Kyle Mooney. “Come down and watch a movie and then participate in a live podcast where we’ll be discussing the film.”

COME UN GATTO IN TANGENZIALE + Q&A with DOP Saverio Guarna screens at Regent Street Cinema (10 APR 19:30):

“The idealist coordinator of a think tank devoted to improve suburban life suddenly finds himself scared by the relationship between his daughter and a teenager coming from a degraded area. He will then get in touch with his rough mother and a strange friendship will develop between such two different people”. Comedy nominated for three David di Donatello awards. Presented by CinemaItaliaUK.

LETTERS FROM BAGHDAD + GUEST SPEAKER screens at Wimbledon Film Club (10 APR 20:00):

Truly fascinating documentary about Gertrude Bell known as the most important woman in the British Empire in the early twentieth century. Bell influenced middle eastern diplomacy and territorial affairs while striving to promote understanding of the Arab world.

JONAS MEEKAS EVENT screens at Peckhamplex (10 APR 20:30):

In partnership with MUBI and the Serpentine Galleries, Lithuanian Culture Institute presents an evening with Jonas Mekas, featuring a screening of his film OUTTAKES FROM THE LIFE OF A HAPPY MAN followed by a conversation and new book signing.

WE’LL NEVER BE SILENT AGAIN screens at Curzon Soho (11 APR 18:45):

To celebrate the release of 120 BPM, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest and Curzon DocDays have teamed up to present a short film programme that “honours the real-life activists who work to demolish prejudice, fight AIDS and give us the valuable freedoms that queers have today”.

THE CANADIAN screens at The Cinema Museum (11 APR).

THE CANADIAN + INTRO (1926) screens at The Cinema Museum (11 APR 19:30):

Kennington Bioscope presents: THE CANADIAN, adapted by Arthur Stringer from W. Somerset Maugham’s 1913 Broadway play The Land of Promise, produced by Famous Players-Lasky, directed by William Beaudine and starring Thomas Meighan and Mona Palmer. A programme of silent shorts precedes the main film.

PACIFICUM, RETURN TO THE OCEAN + PANEL screens at The Prince Charles Cinema (12 APR 18:30):

The Anglo Peruvian Society presents the UK premiere of Mariana Tschudi’s documentary about four scientists who – in the early years of the 21st century – decided to make a series of journeys along the Pacific coast by air, land and beneath the waves, in order to document Peru’s intimate relationship with the sea and the marine fauna it is home to.

13 to 19

ONE DAY PINA ASKED screens at The Horse Hospital (18 APR).

THE BIG LEBOWSKI – THE DUDE’S BOWLING PARTY screens at Deptford Cinema (13 APR 19:00):

Quote-a-long screening of this 90s Coen Brothers’ comedy classic, followed by a bowling (okay, well skittles…) party in honour of the one and only true Dude almighty. White Russians will be available. Dressing gowns are compulsory.

BASICALLY, JOHNNY MOPED – SCREEN25 FUNDRAISER screens at Screen25 (13 APR 19:45):

Screen25 presents a screening of Fred Burns’ funny and often moving documentary about Croydon’s long lost punk legends. All ticket proceeds will go towards our crowdfunding campaign to help us raise funds for a digital projector, which we urgently need to secure the future of our screenings in South Norwood.

THE ADJUTANT OF THE CZAR + INTRO by Bryony Dixon screens at BFI Southbank (15 APR 14:00):

The lighter-than-air romance between a Czarist officer and a passport-less girl obliged to share a sleeper compartment on a train is tested when revolutionary zeal meets implacable loyalty in the heightened atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia. With live piano accompaniment by Meg Morley.

DISPOSSESSION + Q&A screens at ArtHouse Crouch End (15 APR 15:40):

Paul Sng’s documentary is narrated by Maxine Peake and explores the catastrophic failures that have led to a chronic shortage of social housing in Britain. Benefit screening for homeless campaign Streets Kitchen.

WHO GOES NEXT + INTRO by Lucie Dutton screens at BFI Southbank (16 APR 18:10):

In the latter half of the 1930s the scent of impending war was in the air, and British cinema responded to the mood with films such as this First World War drama. Inspired by true events, WHO GOES NEXT is set in the claustrophobic confines of a German prison camp in 1916, where the friction between a group of British officers comes to a head as they plot their escape.

SSFX THE ANTHOLOGY FILM + Q&A screens at Genesis Cinema (16 APR 19:00):

The SSFX project challenged independent filmmakers from around the world to create short-films incorporating a series of strange sounds from space recorded by satellites. The resulting works, spanning a wide array of topics and genres, have been combined into an anthology. Hear from the filmmakers involved after the screening.

YEAR OF THE SEX OLYMPICS screens at The Institute Of Light (16 APR).

YEAR OF THE SEX OLYMPICS + TALK by Andy Murray screens at The Institute Of Light (16 APR 19:00):

In a future Britain, language and conflict have become redundant due to the dominance of television, and the appetites and passions of the masses are controlled by a constant stream of pornography regulating sexual desire. The screening will be preceded by a talk from Andy Murray, author of Into the Unknown: The Fantastic Life of Nigel Kneale.

THE BIG SCORE – A SELECTION OF SHORTS & DOCS ON SPORTS screens at 93 Feet East (18 APR 18:30):

Shorts On Tap presents a celebration of sports and its sense of belonging, togetherness, team. 8 works spanning across animation, documentary and drama describing, depicting, deciphering the essence of THE GAME. Followed by Q&A sessions with the filmmakers.

THE DARKEST HOUR + TALK: WINSTON CHURCHILL, FRANCE AND EUROPE screens at Ciné Lumière (18 APR  18:30 + 20:15):

Historians Richard Toye and Christian Destremau examine Winston Churchill’s relationship to France and Europe, and the different narratives that have been built since. Then there’s Gary Oldman’s Academy Award winning performance as Winston Churchill “withstands his darkest hour, rallies a nation, and attempts to change the course of  history”.

BEYOND THE BODY: ONE DAY PINA ASKED… screens at The Horse Hospital (18 APR 19:00):

Orlando presents a 1983 film from auteur and innovator of experimental and feminist cinema, Chantal Akerman. Before the film, there will be an intro from Orlando’s founding editor, Philomena Epps, followed by two readings from the writers and academics, Alice Blackhurst and Octavia Bright.

LGBTQ+ SHORT FILMS & NETWORKING screens at The Others (18 APR 19:00):

The Film Bunch celebrates the best of LGBTQ+ short films from around the world to raise awareness and challenge attitudes. Screenings are deaf & hard of hearing friendly.  There will be a chance to network before and after the screening.

CLEOPATRA JONES screens at Regent Street Cinema (18 APR).

CLEOPATRA JONES 35mm screens at Regent Street Cinema (18 APR 19:30):

Soul Jazz Records continues its Blaxploitation classic film screenings and, this time, it’s a mother! “6 feet two of dynamite – she’s the female James Bond, she’s the soul sister’s answer to James Brown. Guns, car chases, motorbikes, kung fu, wah wah funk… it’s Cleopatra Jones!!”

… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL + Q&A screens at Phoenix Cinema (19 APR 18:30):

Arthur Kirkland (Al Pacino) is an honest, idealistic lawyer who is suddenly under pressure to defend a distinguished judge whom he knows is guilty. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with actor Thomas G. Waites who will discuss his career and stage work with Al Pacino.

RADICAL BROADCASTS: THEORY ON TV (Part One) screens at The Whitechapel Gallery (19 APR 19:00):

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the 1968 radical uprising across Europe, the Whitechapel Gallery presents an archive television season which brings together “an exciting and provocative combination of documentary, archive footage and drama”.

A RESTORATION OF ‘NOSFERATU’ (1922) screens at The Horse Hospital (19 APR 19:00):

The Miskatonic Institute Of Horror Studies presents a lecture by Mark Rance illustrating many of the issues encountered and – with varying degrees of success – resolved in a digital restoration of Murnau’s NOSFERATU. The talk will begin with a description of the original production and how its own troubled history complicated the film’s reconstruction and restoration.


An illustrated, personally inflected lecture first presented in 2014 by artist filmmaker Stuart Croft (1970-2015) is re-performed and discussed by Stuart Croft Foundation trustees and artists Emma Bennett, Keira Greene and Anna Lucas.

20 to 26

LA BELLE AT THE MOVIES screens at BFI Southbank (21 APR).

DAZED & CONFUSED + EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! screens at The Prince Charles (20 APR 20:30):

Another double-bill, this time with Richard Linklater’s 1993 coming-of-age film and its 2016 thematic follow-up.

MOUSTAPHA ALASSANE, CINEASTE OF THE POSSIBLE + LA BELLE AT THE MOVIES + INTRO by director Cecilia Zoppelletto + AFRICA GOES WEST: THE BLACK COWBOY screens at BFI Southbank (21 APR 11:00, 13:30 & 16:00):

Grab a joint ticket for all three parts of the latest in BFI’s long-running African Odysseys strand. Two documentaries are followed by Tony Warner (Black History Walks) talking about the African diaspora’s contribution to the classic Hollywood genre, the western.

FRENCH IMPRESSIONS: I GOT LIFE! + TALK screens at Watermans (21 APR 13:00):

Single, out of work and feeling sidelined, soon-to-be grandma Aurore is dreading growing old. When she bumps into an old flame – the gorgeous Doctor Totoche – despite the odd hot flush, Aurore starts to feel sexy again and decides to embrace middle aged life.

BEYOND THE DOOR & THE ANTICHRIST screens at the King & Queen (21 APR 17:30 – Free!):

World Wide Weird! presents a double bill of Italian Exorcism. Both films were part of the mini genre ‘filone’ (streamlet) of Exorcism themed films following the smash sucess of US film THE EXORCIST. “WARNING neither film is for the squeamish or fainthearted!” Raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Nurses and Prostate Cancer Research.

LONDON SYMPHONY + Q&A screens at Picturehouse Central (22 APR 13:00):

LONDON SYMPHONY is a silent city symphony which offers a poetic journey through the capital. It is an artistic snapshot of London as it stands today, and a celebration of its rich diversity of culture, architecture and religion. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion about the film, and about representations of cities on screen.

AFTER ’82 screens at Curzon Soho (23 APR).

AFTER ’82 + PANEL screens at Curzon Soho (23 APR 18:30):

Five years in the making, directors and producers Ben Lord and Steve Keeble bring together on screen personal stories told from the heart of the UK’s gay community that witnessed devastation, on a daily basis as they watched their lovers, friends and family die one by one to HIV & AIDS.

INTENT TO DESTROY + PANEL screens at DocHouse (23 APR 18:30):

To mark its Remembrance Day, DocHouse hosts a one-off screening of Academy Award-nominee Joe Berlinger’s latest film tackling the widespread censorship of the Armenian Genocide. Presented in partnership with the AGBU and Frontline Club.

THE SUBVERSIVES + SALON screens at the Italian Cultural Institute (23 APR 19:00 – Free!):

Rochester Kino presents Paolo and Vittorio Taviani’s film that film combines actual footage of Communist leader Palmiro Togliatti’s funeral with the intermingled stories of four people affected by his death. Introduction and post screening discussion with Nick Walker of Rochester Kino.

NEW TOWN UTOPIA + Q&A + PERFORMANCE screens at Picturehouse Central (24 APR 18:30):

New Town Utopia is a feature documentary film about utopian dreams and concrete realities… “the challenging, funny, and sometimes tragic story of the British new town seen through the prism of Basildon, Essex”. Followed by discussion with the film’s director Christopher Ian Smith and a short performance by Olmo Lazurus (who is featured in the film).

WILD SIDE + Q&A with director Sébastien Lifshitz screens at Regent Street Cinema (24 APR 19:00):

WILD SIDE tells the story of Stéphanie, a transsexual prostitute, called back to her past life by her dying mother in deep rural France. She is joined by her makeshift family of lovers, Russian clandestine night-worker Mikhail and childlike hustler Jamel and once there begins to unravel some of the childhood events that have made her the person she is today. Presented by The Photographers’ Gallery.

BEAST + Q&A with director Michael Pearce screens at BFI Southbank (24 APR 20:15):

Still living at home with her opressive, stiff-upper-lipped family and feeling stifled by the small island community, Moll (Buckley) finds herself drawn towards secretive stranger Pascal (Flynn). Consumed by her passion for him, she abandons her family and they move in together, but things get complicated when Pascal becomes the prime suspect in a string of unsolved murders. “Michael Pearce’s hugely impressive debut is an unsettling thriller that holds you in suspense until its final moments.”

Second chance: join the discussion at Curzon Bloomsbury (27 APR 18:25):



Explore the captivating short films of Jean Painlevé, whose documentary work has inspired artists from Pablo Picasso, Philippe Parreno to Joan Jonas. Best known for his 1934 film THE SEAHORSE, Painlevé used the microscope and modern optics to reveal the natural world in intricate detail, be it animal, vegetable or mineral.

NIGHT ACCIDENT + INTRO by Birgit Beumers screens at Barbican (25 APR 18:30):

A minimalist and poetic piece of slow cinema, NIGHT ACCIDENT is a tale about an old man who finds love and purpose to live in a moment of complete despair. Based on the book The Old Man and the Angel by Talip Ibragimov. The film is introduced by academic Birgit Beumers and presented by New East Cinema.

THE BOUNTY screens at The Cinema Museum (26 APR).

THE BOUNTY 35mm + Q&A with editor Tony Lawson screens at The Cinema Museum (26 APR 19:00):

The Celluloid Sorceress presents “a revisionist masterpiece, overlooked upon release, that has grown in stature and is considered by many among the finest epics of the 1980s”. THE BOUNTY (1984) is presented from a rare US 35mm print.

27 to 03

GALLINA VOGELBIRDAE screens at Regent Street Cinema (30 APR).

ANOTHER NEWS STORY + Q&A with director Orban Wallace screens at DocHouse (27 APR 18:30):

Starting at the beach on Lesbos, ANOTHER NEWS STORY travels across Europe alongside refugees, turning the camera on the international journalists who follow them and the role they play in representing the crisis to the world.

IT’S GONNA GET WORSE + DISCUSSION with writer Jan Pelc screens at the Czech Embassy Cinema (27 APR 19:00):

A bold, raw portrait of youth adrift in 1970s Czechoslovakia. Based on the legendary 1980s cult novel by Jan Pelc with music by DG307 & The Plastic People of the Universe. Writer JAN PELC will discuss his direct inspirations for the film.

SAME OLD SONG + Q&A screens at Ciné Lumière (27 APR 20:15):

Simon secretly loves Camille. But Camille falls for Marc, a handsome estate agent, who is also Simon’s boss, trying to sell an apartment to Odile, Camille’s sister… Alain Resnais’s amorous merry-go-round is full of wit and interspersed with French hit songs, sung in situ by top acting talents. Followed by a Q&A with actors Sabine Azéma and Lambert Wilson.


After a selection of Keaton shorts, the second half will be a screening of THREE AGES (1923), Keaton’s first full-length film as writer, director and star. It intercuts three stories set in three different historical periods – the Stone Age, Ancient Rome and the Roaring Twenties. In each ‘age’, Buster plays The Boy, Margaret Leahy plays The Girl, and Wallace Beery plays The Villain.

IF…. 35mm + Q&A with David Wood screens at Curzon Soho (29 APR 15:00):

To celebrate the 50 years since Lindsay Anderson’s IF…., this 35mm screening will feature an introduction and Q&A from actor and playwright David Wood, who stars in the film as Johnny.

BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN – RESCORED LIVE BY GROK screens at Genesis Cinema (29 APR 18:30):

Genesis’ resident band Grok back to Bar Paragon, returns to perform another live score, this time to Sergei Eisenstein’s BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN.

JIRI BRDECKA: MASTER OF CZECH ANIMATION + Q&A screens at Regent Street Cinema (30 APR 18:30):

A selection of Brdečka´s best animated shorts featuring, among others, GALLINA VOGELBIRDAE, 1963 Grand Prix Winner at the Annecy International Animation Festival. Followed by a Q&A with Tereza Brdečková, writer and film critic. Organised by the Czech Centre London in collab with the University of Westminster.

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RADIANT CIRCUS SCREEN GUIDE - NOW BOOKING MARCH 2018: Sondra Perry at Serpentine Galleries.
SONDRA PERRY screens at Serpentine Galleries.

BL CK B X: VANALYNE GREEN screens at LUX Moving Image (until 14 APR – free, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

LUX presents a solo exhibition of video work by American artist Vanalyne Green, as part of the free BL CK B X exhibition series.

IAN CHENG screens at the Serpentine Galleries (until 28 MAY – FREE, check for opening days/times):

Artist Ian Cheng likens his live simulations to ‘a computer game that plays itself’, testing the capacity of humans to relate to continual change. Meet his new AI species, BOB (evolving in real time from 6 March to 22 April). The second part of the exhibition takes over from 22 APR with his trilogy of simulations, EMISSARIES (2015-17).

JOAN JONAS at Tate Modern (until 05 AUG):

Hero to a generation of younger artists, Joan Jonas is a pioneer of performance and video who has pushed the boundaries of art for the last five decades. This is the largest exhibition of Jonas’ work ever held in the UK. Installations include Lines in the Sand, The Juniper Tree and Reanimation.

PATRICK HOUGH, JOHN SKOOG, and ØRJAN AMUNDSEN screens at The Whitechapel Gallery (until 01 APR – FREE, check for times):

A selection of artists from The Whitechapel’s ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL partnership of moving image galleries. The 2018 edition focuses on the theme of truth. Each of the selected artists explore the relationship between fact and fiction.

OUTWARDLY FROM EARTH'S CENTRE screens at The Whitechapel Gallery.
OUTWARDLY FROM EARTH’S CENTRE screens at The Whitechapel Gallery.

ROSA BARBAR, ROBERTAS NARKUS & JOKŪBAS ČIŽIKAS, DANIELLE DEAN screens at The Whitechapel Gallery (03 APR to 03 JUN – FREE, check for times):

A selection of artists from The Whitechapel’s ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL partnership of moving image galleries. The 2018 edition focuses on the theme of truth. Each of the selected artists explore the relationship between fact and fiction.

SANDRA PERRY: TYPHOON COMING ON screens at Serpentine Galleries (until 20 MAY – free, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

The Serpentine presents the first European solo exhibition of American artist Sondra Perry who explores the intersection of black identity, digital culture and power structures through video, media, installation and performance.

TACITA DEAN: PORTRAIT screens at the National Portrait Gallery (until 28 MAY – Tickets £14/£12.50 concession, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

This major new exhibition will focus on portraiture primarily through the medium of 16mm film. The exhibition will be the first in the gallery’s history to be devoted to the medium of film, and also reveals Tacita Dean’s own longstanding and personal interest in portraiture as a genre.

TACITA DEAN: STILL LIFE screens at the National Gallery (until 28 MAY – FREE, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

STILL LIFE presents a diverse selection of works in a variety of mediums. Works by the artist herself – including a new film diptych made especially for the exhibition, IDEAS FOR SCULPTURE IN A SETTING and PRISONER PAIR (2008, 16mm) – feature alongside works by Dean’s contemporaries and paintings from the National Gallery Collection.

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SEASONS (by event)

MOONLIGHT screens at Deptford Cinema (03 APR).

ALTITUDE FILMS screens at Deptford Cinema (03 to 30 APR):

An incredible season of films in partnership with the film distributor includes: MOONLIGHT (03 APR 19:30); THE FLORIDA PROJECT (10 APR 19:30); LADY MACBETH (17 APR 19:30); LOVING VINCENT (22 APR 15:00); and, FRUITVALE STATION (22 APR 18:30).

ANIMATION 2018 screens at BFI Southbank (until DEC):

BFI continues a yearlong celebration of animation with a new focus on the Quay Brothers. Events include: their live action feature INSTITUTE BENJAMENTA 35mm (08 APR 20:00); a symposium THE QUAY BROTHERS: THEIR ART & INSPIRATION (16 APR 18:30); and, THE SHORT FILMS OF THE QUAY BROTHERS (16 APR 20:40). Other delights include WATERSHIP DOWN (02 APR 13:40) and  BRITISH ANIMATION MEETS THE 21ST CENTURY (23 APR 18:10).

CÉSAR & HER concludes at Ciné Lumière ( until 31 MAR):

The season about women that were celebrated in France’s most prestigious cinema award ceremony, the César, concludes with LE GOÛT DES AUTRES (30 MAR 14:00) and POLISSE (31 MAR 18:20).

NOW BOOKING: THE RETURN screens at Close-Up.
THE RETURN screens at Close-Up.

CLOSE-UP ON ANDREY ZVYAGINTSEV screens at Close-Up (01 to 28 APR):

“Stark and austere in both style and theme, the films of Siberian-born Andrey Zvyagintsev explore moral dilemmas and spiritual torment with unabashed, painful honesty” – MOMA. All his features are here: LOVELESS (01, 14, 22 & 28 APR); THE RETURN (02, 05 & 28 APR); ELENA (03 & 06 APR); THE BANISHMENT (08 & 15 APR); and, LEVIATHON (15 & 22 APR).

CLOSE-UP ON HAL HARTLEY screens at Close-Up (04 APR to 30 APR):

“[Hal Hartley’s] films are all immediately identifiable by the deliberate cadence to his actors’ delivery and the strange normalcy that cloaks even the most eccentric turns of his plot lines.” – Harvard Film Archive. This programme presents six films by the American film director, writer and pioneer of the independent film movement: THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH (04, 07, 23 & 27 APR); FLIRT (05 & 09 APR); AMATEUR (06, 11 & 26 APR); TRUST (07 & 16 APR); SIMPLE MEN (10 & 12 APR); and, HENRY FOOL (18 & 21 APR).

CLOSE-UP ON KRZYSZTOF KIEŚLOWSKI screens at Close-Up (03 to 30 APR):

“A filmmaker preoccupied with similarities and paradoxes, Krzysztof Kieślowski’s own career seems to have slowly inverted over the years from one centered on political realities to one of effervescent abstraction. Upon closer examination, however, both ends of his career focus on human individuals struggling to reconcile daily life with its cultural myths.” – Senses of Cinema. Screenings include: DEKALOG 1-10 (various); THREE COLOURS: BLUE (11 & 13 APR); THREE COLOURS: WHITE (12 & 18 APR); THREE COLOURS: RED (13 & 20 APR); and, THE DOUBLE LIFE OF VÉRONIQUE (17, 21 & 25 APR).

NOW BOOKING: BE MY STAR screens at BFI Southbank.
BE MY STAR screens at BFI Southbank.

CLOSE-UP: VALESKA GRISEBACH screens at BFI Southbank (until 03 MAY:

No, not the Shoreditch staple… BFI Southbank continues their short seasons focused on “compelling & urgent voices in contemporary cinema” with a focus on Valeska Grisebach. Screenings include: WESTERN + Q&A (10 APR 18:15); BE MY STAR 35mm (28 APR 18:10); and, LONGING 35mm (24 APR 20:40 & 29 APR 18:20). WESTERN also enjoys a grind show run (20 APR to 03 MAY).

DIRECTED BY WOMEN / FEMALE GAZE screen at Deptford Cinema:

This month you can pick from…. Cecilia Aldarondo’s MEMORIES OF A PENITENT HEART – also filed under #QueerLatino (04 APR 20:00); Andrea Arnold’s WUTHERING HEIGHTS (19 APR 19:30); and, Gurinder Chadha’s BHAJI ON THE BEACH (26 APR 19:30).

D.I.Y. screens at House of Vans (05 APR to 29 APR):

A film series celebrating low budget flicks at their best, all free to see (no booking required) at House Of Vans. Titles include: SNATCH (05 APR 17:00 & 19:00); CONTROL (08 APR 14:00 & 16:00); GARDEN STATE (15 APR 14:00 & 16:00); ANIMAL KINGDOM (20 APR 17:00 & 19:00); CLERKS (22 APR 14:00 & 16:00); LOST IN TRANSLATION (27 APR 17:00 & 19:00);  NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (28 APR 15:00 & 17:30); MEMENTO (29 APR 14:00 & 16:00).

ESSENTIAL CINEMA XII screens at Close-Up (01 to 29 APR):

A series of films that have shaped the history and art of cinema. This month’s programme features screenings of: ZERO FOR CONDUCT + THE 400 BLOWS (01, 19 & 29 APR); LIFT TO THE SCAFFOLD (04, 24, 27 & 29 APR); and, THE FIRE WITHIN (08 & 20 APR).

THE FILMS OF YASUJIRÔ OZU screens at The Prince Charles Cinema (26 MAR to 14 OCT):

Showcasing the films of legendary Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu, The Prince Charles is taking the English translation of his titles literally, screening them during the season in which they’re set. This month there’s a screening of TOKYO STORY (15 APRIL 17:45).

NOW BOOKING: BLACK GIRL screens at Classic Cinema Club - Ealing (20 APR).
BLACK GIRL screens at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (20 APR).

HIT THE ROAD screens at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (MAR & APR):

Classic Cinema Club Ealing screens a new season of “moving pictures: the epitome of road movies and buddy films, along with some acclaimed documentaries and animation”. Feel the wind in your hair with a programme of popular films including: MY DARLING CLEMENTINE (06 APR 19:30); F FOR FAKE (13 APR 19:30); BLACK GIRL (20 APR 19:30); THE ILLUSIONIST (27 APR 19:30).

KOREAN FILM NIGHTS screens at the Korean Cultural Centre (until JUNE):

A new run of free film nights – this time focused on Korean Novels On Screen – continues with: THE DESCENDANTS OF CAIN (12 APR 19:00) and WHITE BADGE (26 APR 19:00). Booking required.

MAY ’68 AND ITS LEGACIES screens at Ciné Lumière (01 APR to 23 MAY):

Includes JEAN-LUC GODDARD HEAD: ING TO ’68 (01 to 29 APR) and a film season that shows the impact of these years (04 to 23 MAY). Screening this month: LE GAI SAVOIR (01 APR 14:00); PIERROT LE FOU + SALON with Nick Walker at Rochester Kino (08 APR 14:00); MADE IN USA (15 APR 14:00); WEEK-END (22 APR 14:00); and, LA CHINOISE (29 APR 14:00).

NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED: Suffrage, Cinema & Beyond screens at Barbican (18 to 24 APR):

A century after the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which first gave (some) women the right to vote in the UK, these films look at women’s rebellious and often dangerous efforts to gain equality. Films include: CHISHOLM ’72 + SCREENTALK (18 APR 18:30); OUR TIMES (19 APR 19:00); DIVINE ORDER + SCREENTALK (20 APR 18:30); GEORGIE GIRL + INTRO (21 APR 16:00); LEILA & THE WOLVES (21 APR 18:30); THE SUFFRAGETTE + SHORTS (22 APR 16:00); ENEMIES OF HAPPINESS + SCREENTALK (23 APR 18:30); and, BE PRETTY & SHUT UP + INTRO (24 APR 18:30).

READY PLAYER ONE SEASON screens at Picturehouse Central (09 APR to 15 MAY):

To celebrate the release of Spielberg’s big-screen adaptation, Picturehouse’s Culture Shock strand presents a season of the retro sci-fi classics referenced in Ernest Cline’s pop-cultural odyssey. Titles this month are (we’ve listed Picturehouse Central – other Picturehouses available…): AKIRA (09 APR 18:20); A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (16 APR 18:20); BACK TO THE FUTURE (23 APR 18:20); and, TRON (30 APR 18:20).


SERGIO LEONE screens at BFI Southbank (APR):

BFI begins a new season designed to help re-evaluate the Italian legend in light of the number of modern westerns that are hitting the screens in 2018. There’s a joint ticket for SIR CHRISTOPHER FRAYLING ON SERGIO LEONE’S VERY ITALIAN WESTERN + ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (06 APR 18:00 + 19:50) as well as screenings of: THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES 35mm (04 & 07 APR); FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (08, 15 & 18 APR); THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY (08, 15 & 29 APR); ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (22 & 28 APR); ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (26 APR 17:50); and, A FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE (27 & 30 APR). A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS gets a grind show run (13 to 26 APR). There are multi-buy options.

MODERN WESTERNS screens alongside the Sergio Leone season and includes: HELL OR HIGH WATER (02 APR); SWEET COUNTRY (03, 05, 07 & 30 APR); MY PURE LAND + Q&A with director Sarmad Masud (12 APR 18:10); MARLINA THE MURDERER IN FOUR ACTS + Q&A with director Molly Surya (13 APR 20:25); and, THE RIDER (19 APR 20:30).

TERRY GILLIAM screens at Deptford Cinema (starts 15 APR):

A new season begins with MONTY PYTHIN & THE HOLY GRAIL (15 APR 14:00).

VIEW FROM UNDERGROUND screens at Regent Street Cinema (05 to 25 APR):

A new season of three special screenings, including: an evening of surprises with British underground film-makers Anthony Stern and Kevin Whitney, PROJECTING PYSCHEDELIA (05 APR 19:30); a rare screening of anward-winning feature documentary about the seminal British magazine, MELODY MAKERS + Q&A with director Leslie-Ann Coles & journalists (11 APR 19:30); and, an evening dedicated to the WOMEN OF THE COUNTERCULTURE, including a panel discussion with those who lived through it (25 APR 19:30).

WE <3 GRETA GERWIG screens at The Prince Charles (until 09 JUN):

“Oh, we love Greta Gerwig! Oh, how we do!” The Prince Charles celebrates the acting prowess of the Actress/Writer/Director triple-threat, with a selection of some of her best roles from recent years. Continues with: FRANCES HA (14 APR 18:30); MAGGIE’S PLAN (26 APR 18:15).

WES ANDERSON LATES screens at Everyman Screen On The Green (until 14 APR):

The season continues with: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (31 MAR 23:30); RUSHMORE (07 APR 23:30); THE LIFE AQUATIC (14 APR 23:30).

NOW BOOKING: BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER screens at Genesis Cinema (08 APR).
BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER screens at Genesis Cinema (08 APR).

#WOMENINFILM2018 screens at Genesis Cinema (until 31 DEC):

The season dedicated to films that have a female director/co-director, a female writer/co-writer, or a strong/iconic female lead continues with a fresh collab with We Make Movies On Weekends to offer up a free screening of BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER (08 APR 18:00).


BFI begins a new season in tribute to the films that changed British cinema. Events with added value features include TOM JONES (Director’s Cut) + INTRO by Vanessa Redgrave (11 APR 18:15); GIRL WITH GREEN EYES + INTRO by director Desmond Davis (20 APR 18:25). Other films include: THE ENTERTAINER (02, 07 & 09 APR); SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY MORNING (02, 07, 10 & 16 APR); A TASTE OF HONEY (02, 05 & 18 APR); MADEMOISELLE 35mm (03 & 17 APR); KES (03, 15 & 20 APR); THE KNACK… AND HOW TO GET IT 35mm (05 & 12 APR); LAUGHTER IN THE DARK 35mm (06 & 22 APR); ONE WAY PENDULUM 35mm (08 & 11 APR); HAMLET 35mm (15 & 27 APR); THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (22 & 26 APR); THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE 35mm (25 & 27 APR). LOOK BACK IN ANGER gets a re-release grind show run (02 to 16 APR).

 WORKING CLASS HEROES screens at BFI Southbank (13 & 14 APR): BFI presents a weekend of conversations and live events to celebrate working class talent. Screenings include: FUNNY COW + Q&A (13 APR 18:10); SHIFTY + Q&A (14 APR 20:50); SECOND COMING (14 APR 13:50); THE STORIES THAT CHANGED BRITISH CINEMA + THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNER (14 APR 17:40).

FESTIVALS (by event/duration)

TIGRE screens at EEFF (15 APR).
TIGRE screens at EEFF (15 APR).

Film festivals projecting this month include:

There’s also a London Korean Film Festival preview screening of BE WITH YOU at Picturehouse Central (25 APR 21:00).

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NOW BOOKING: AUDRE LORDE - THE BERLIN YEARS 1984-1992 screens at Bernie Grant.
AUDRE LORDE – THE BERLIN YEARS 1984-1992 screens at Bernie Grant.

AUDRE LORDE – THE BERLIN YEARS 1984-1992 screens at Bernie Grant (06 to 27 APR):

Audre Lorde, the highly influential, award winning African-American lesbian poet, came to live in West Berlin in the ‘80s and early ’90s. She was the mentor and catalyst who helped ignite the Afro-German movement, while challenging white women to acknowledge and constructively use their privileges.

BYE BYE GERMANY screens at JW3 (08 to 19 APR):

Frankfurt, 1946. David Bermann (Moritz Bleibtreu) and his friends have escaped the Nazi regime and are now dreaming of leaving for America. But how will they get the money in these tough post-war times?

CASA ROSHELL screens at ICA (30 MAR to 03 APR):

Roshell and Liliana run Casa Roshell, a transgender club in Mexico City. A small room with a stage receives their guests with intimacy, among performances, workshops and lip syncing. Director Camila José Donoso immersed herself in this niche world, mixing digital, 16mm film and television footage. Part of Latin America Monthly, the screening on 30 MAR is introduced by director of photography, Pablo Rojo.

CUSTODY screens at Ciné Lumière (31 MAR to 01 MAY):

Winner of the Silver Lion in Venice last year, Custody is a psychological drama by up and coming director Xavier Legrand. Held hostage to the escalating conflict between his parents, Julien is pushed to the edge to prevent the worst from happening.

DEVIL’S FREEDOM screens at DocHouse.

DEVIL’S FREEDOM screens at DocHouse (06 to 12 APR):

Everardo González’s gripping Devil’s Freedom reveals the true horror of Mexico’s drug war through the shattering first-hand testimonies of both victims and perpetrators.

THE ICE KING screens at The Montpellier (01 to 11 APR):

John Curry transformed ice skating from a dated sport into an exalted art form. Coming out on the night of his Olympic win in 1976, he became the first openly gay Olympian in a time when homosexuality was not even fully legal.

JUPITER’S MOON screens at Whirled Cinema (16 to 22 APR):

The director of the critically acclaimed WHITE GOD employs his uniquely talented eye to create this riveting Palme d’Or nominated supernatural thriller. Adorned with heart-pounding car chases and sensational gunfights that are complemented by beautifully fluid and kinetic camerawork, Kornél Mundruczó brings spectacle that rivals any Hollywood production to tell a timely European story.

THE OLD DARK HOUSE screens at BFI Southbank.
THE OLD DARK HOUSE screens at BFI Southbank.

THE OLD DARK HOUSE screens at BFI Southbank (from 27 APR):

During a huge storm, five travellers find themselves stranded in the Welsh mountains and are drawn towards a deserted house run by a sinister brother and sister and their mute butler (played by legendary horror star Boris Karloff). Forced to stay overnight, our heroes discover that the old, dark house contains a number of secrets, and they must keep their wits about them if they’re going to survive. “You can’t call yourself a horror fan until you’ve seen THE OLD DARK HOUSE”.

RAMPAGE screens everywhere, but try to see it somewhere loud (from 11 APR):

Primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) shares an unshakable bond with George, an extraordinarily intelligent, silverback gorilla that’s been in his care since birth. When a rogue genetic experiment goes wrong, it causes George, a wolf and a reptile to grow to a monstrous size.

THE WOUND screens at Bernie Grant (28 APR to 19 MAY):

In South Africa, Xolani, a disgruntled a factory worker, returns home every year to initiate a new group of Xhosa teenagers into manhood through ritual circumcision. Tradition and modernity clash when he encounters Kwanda, a city boy with nothing but contempt for the old ways, who quickly guesses at Xolani’s darkest secret.

ZUZANA: MUSIC IS LIFE screens at JW3 (27 APR to 03 MAY):

90-year-old Zuzana Ruzickova survived three concentration camps, including Auschwitz, and decades-long oppression and harassment under the totalitarian regime in her native Czech Republic to become a world-famous harpsichordist and the only musician to ever record all the keyboard works of Bach.

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