NOW BOOKING: Bertha DocHouse presents Shorts #2: American Liberty (free to stream)

Documentary specialist Bertha DocHouse presents a new collection of shorts on their dedicated streaming platform (12 FEB 19:00 to 14 FEB 23:00 – FREE!).

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How do we protect liberty, when liberty means different things to many in a post-Trump world?

Suitably bunkered in their unique basement cinema complex, the wonderful people at Bertha DocHouse invite you to explore ideas of freedom and individuality in America today with a hand-picked selection of “lyrical portraits”.

Attractions include an Amish woodworker leaving his faith and his family. A solitary lobster fisherwoman working her catch off the coast of Maine. A fire lookout keeping watch over the wilderness. A best-selling author inspiring young people towards self-expression.

DocHouse Shorts #2: American Liberty is available online from 12 to 14 FEB 2021. Scroll on for full details.


Quick links to the venue/box office.

Register for the event through Bertha DocHouse’s eventbrite page.

The programme will be available to view worldwide on Bertha DocHouse’s custom built streaming site.

You won’t need a password or account: all the films will become available to view as one programme from FRI 12 FEB to SUN 14 FEB. Bertha DocHouse will email you the link to watch at that time.

This is a still from short film DEAR, DREAMER (2019).


d. Kristian Melom, 2019/10 mins

“Best known as a New York Times Best-Selling author and mentor to young adults, this short documentary finds rising literary star Jason Reynolds in the writer’s room preparing for the release of his next book.”

This is a still from short film THE SEEKER (2019).


d. Lance Edmands, 2020/19 mins

“A lyrical portrait of an excommunicated Amish woodworker struggling with spirituality, poverty, and life as an outcast from his strict, insular community.”

This is a still from short film THE LONG HAUL (2015).


d. Chloe White & Will Davies, 2015/11 mins

“We follow a Maine lobster fisherwoman as she heads out to sea. In the eerie night or under the still bright sun, it’s not always clear where or when this is. It appears as a dream and in her melancholy narration she might not just be describing her own life, but also ours.”

This is a film still from ODE TO DESOLATION (2020).


d. Lindsey Hagan, 2020/13 mins

“ODE TO DESOLATION shares the story of Jim Henterly, a naturalist, illustrator and fire lookout as he contemplates the dwindling days of Fire Lookouts in North America.”

This is a still from short film LOWLAND KIDS (2019).


d. Sandra Winther, 2019/22mins

“As climate change erases the Louisiana coast, the last two teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles fight to stay on an island that’s been their family home for generations.”




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