Films IN London today: Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D at Deptford Cinema (28 MAR).


Award-winning Deptford Cinema has announced a brand new mini season, GREETINGS FROM TROMAVILLE (13 MAR to 19 APR), complete with a special appearance from legendary Troma President, Lloyd Kaufman. Here’s everything you need to know.


Deptford Cinema is hosting a tribute to Troma Entertainment, the longest-running independent film studio in North America. Now celebrating 45 years of filmmaking, Troma is primarily known for classic titles such as Lloyd Kaufman’s THE TOXIC AVENGER, CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH, TROMEO & JULIET, Charles Kaufman’s MOTHER’S DAY and Tray Parker’s CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL!

Troma’s library of nearly 1000 films, cartoons, TV shows and shorts contains early work of many of today’s major star actors, directors and writers. Trey Parker, James Gunn, Eli Roth, Oliver Stone, Jenna Fisher, Kevin Costner, Vincent D’Onofrio, Marisa Tomei and Samuel L. Jackson are just a few. Troma Entertainment continues to nurture young and independent filmmakers: the title of Lloyd Kaufman’s guide to movie making – Make Your Own Damn Movie!: Secrets of a Renegade Director (2003) – tells you everything you need to know about their “get it made, your way” attitude.

Ever the roadshowman, Lloyd Kaufman – Troma President and creator of THE TOXIC AVENGER – will be live and in person at the first Deptford Cinema screening (TROMEO & JULIET, 13 MAR) to answer your questions, sign autographs and introduce a sneak peak of the newest Troma film: SHAKESPEARE’S SHITSTORM, a free-wheeling adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and a spiritual sequel to TROMEO & JULIET.

Where else would you be….?



TROMEO & JULIET (1990) + Q&A with Troma President Lloyd Kaufman (13 MAR 19:00)

All the body-piercing, kinky sex, and car crashes that William Shakespeare always wanted but never had! Join Tromeo (Will Keenan), Juliet (Jane Jensen), and Lemmy of Motorhead (Himself) as they travel through Manhattan’s underground in search of climactic love, violence, and the American Way. TROMEO & JULIET is thrust forward with hyperkinetic performances and a cutting-edge soundtrack by Motorhead and Ass Ponys.

SGT. KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D (1996) (28 MAR 19:00 – main featured image)

Fatal sushi, lethal heat sicking chopsticks and as American as Apple Pie… Violence! SGT. KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D. introduces Sergeant Harry Griswold (Rick Gianasi), a clumsy New York cop who accidentally becomes blessed with the powers of Kabuki and transforms into the world’s most unusual slapstick super-human hero.


Be prepared to reject fast food after watching this one! A group of workers at a military-themed fried chicken restaurant realizes too late that their business is built on top of an ancient Native American burial ground. And that’s when things get real plucked up! It’s up to them to fight off the evil zombie chickens that return from the dead to wreak havoc on fast food workers and consumers.

Tickets £6 (£4.50)

TROMA POSTER Deptford Cinema

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