This is a film still from OUT RUN (d. S. Leo Chiang & Johnny Symons, 2016) screening at QE: Docs4Pride (JULY 2020).

Queer East Film Festival – Docs4Pride

[JULY]: Pride 2020 has been like no other. To mark this changing season, Queer East is streaming four documentaries focusing on racial inequalities within the LGBTQ+ community & the work that still needs to be done to ensure an inclusive movement worldwide.


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This is a film still from OF LOVE & LAW by Hikaru Toda which is showing at QE: Docs4Pride (JULY 2020).
OF LOVE & LAW by Hikaru Toda at QE: Docs4Pride.

QE: Docs4Pride from Queer East Film Festival launches on 03 JUL with four free-to-stream documentaries shining a light on queer activism in East and Southeast Asia.

The four documentaries focus on challenging norms, and the history of LGBTQ+ movements in China, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. They feature compelling stories of resistance, the fight for civil rights, legal protection and the LGBTQ+ liberation movement in the respective countries.

The films are all offered online for a week each via Queer East’s website and Vimeo channel. The free event is part of Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture. Speaking about the global drive for equality, Queer East’s Director, Yi Wang, said:

“Global events this year are a strong reminder of the importance activism and reflection play in progressing human rights. Everyone has a role in constructing a more diverse and equitable world and Pride season is a time for the LGBTQ+ community to look closely and address existing challenges in the queer landscape.”

QE: Docs4Pride is the second virtual film series from Queer East Film Festival, which had to postpone cinema screenings following the COVID-19 shutdown. The previous QE: HomeSexual Edition received donations from nearly 400 supporters to support the independent cinemas that were due to host the original screenings.

According to Queer East, it’s this spirit of solidarity that drives the Docs4Pride programme:

“The virus has kept us apart, but through digital spaces, we hope these four documentaries can unlock the collaborative strength of queer community and take action against inequalities.”


This is a film still from TAIPEILOVE* by Lucie Liu screening at QE: Docs4Pride (JULY 2020).
TAIPEILOVE* by Lucie Liu at QE: Docs4Pride.

OUT RUN (d. S. Leo Chiang & Johnny Symons, 2016) Free to stream online (03 to 10 JUL):

  • “OUT RUN follows Bemz Benedito, who led the world’s only LGBTQ+ political party Ladlad, in her historic quest to become the first transgender woman elected to the Philippine Congress. The film documents Ladlad’s journey of rallying LGBTQ+ representation and provides a unique look into how queer communities transition into the mainstream.”

SHANGHAI QUEER (d. Xiangqi Chen, 2019) Free to stream online (10 to 17 JUL):

  • “A documentary sharing collective memories of the LGBTQ+ community in the ever-changing city of Shanghai between 2003 and 2018. The film offers a rare insight into the city’s grassroots queer activism, through a series of interviews with frontline activists, scholars, and artists.”

TAIPEILOVE* (d. Lucie Liu, 2019) Free to stream online (17 to 24 JUL):

  • “TAIPEILOVE* documents Taiwan’s crucial moments in becoming the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage. Featuring extensive interviews with key activists and lawmakers, as well as ordinary queer people who share their intimate stories, the film is a vivid and important portrait of the ongoing struggles and shifting social attitudes towards LGBTQ+ equality in Asia.”

OF LOVE AND LAW (d. Hikaru Toda, 2019) Free to stream online (24 to 31 JUL):

  • “An openly gay couple, Fumi and Kazu, run Japan’s first LGBTQ+ law firm. Passionately fighting for civil liberties, they represent clients who seek to challenge restrictive norms and discrimination. Through the couple’s life and ground-breaking human rights work, the film offers a snapshot of Japan’s changing and diverse society.”
This is a film still from SHANGHAI QUEER by Xiangqi Chen which screens at QE: Docs4Pride (JULY 2020).
SHANGHAI QUEER by Xiangqi Chen at QE: Docs4Pride.

Main featured image: OUT RUN (d. S. Leo Chiang & Johnny Symons, 2016).

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