“It’s coming to the end of our first full year of running RADIANT CIRCUS and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped out, followed and subscribed to our site. We are a small but growing tribe of film fans and have seen some amazing moving pictures together. We are particularly in debt to the many artists, filmmakers, programmers and promoters who have plunged us into darkness ready to witness their attractions. We will continue hunting in 2018 and thought you’d like to know our plans for the year ahead. Mazel tov.”


We started RADIANT CIRCUS as new arrivals in London hungry for adventurous moving pictures. Each day has been a process of discovery as more independent programmers, alternative screens, film clubs and festivals are added to our search. Our SCREEN GUIDES and writeups are the breadcrumbs in the backwoods of our hunt for specialist cinema of all shapes and sizes.

No matter how great the content, we are (always) disappointed if there’s room for more folk at the screenings we go to across London. Furthermore, we know that the kind of adventurous moving pictures we love will only be preserved and projected if there is an audience for them. Whilst London isn’t short of cinemagoers, audiences can struggle to find out what’s on where (particularly if they want to travel off the well-beaten path). Conversely, after programmers have put considerable effort into securing eye-opening content, they (rarely) have time to promote it as widely as they would like.

There’s a need for a regular and reliable guide to London’s independent and alternative screen culture: a go-to place in the hunt for wild and astonishing things. We want RADIANT CIRCUS to be that place (and we want to build it with you).



Over the next few months, RADIANT CIRCUS will start to change. We will expand our coverage of London’s alternative screenings with improved listings and more comprehensive guides. That means more inclusive coverage of London’s growing community of programmers, popups and more than 60 film festivals, as well as continuing our roundups of the best of what’s on elsewhere.

We will be launching a monthly membership scheme to strengthen our work. Members will be invited to join the hunt with us, shaping the future of RADIANT CIRCUS as well as turning up to events together (because our screens should always be social). If regular monthly payments aren’t your thing, you will also be able to make one-off donations to support London’s only (we think…) alternative screen guide.

Finally, we will start paid partnerships with moving image promoters to boost audiences. This will result in carefully selected advertising appearing on some of our posts and emails.



Our website and social media will remain free to all.

Email subscriptions through the website (i.e. those made using the box below ↓) will remain free but will move to a weekly summary of new content in early 2018. Thank you if you have already subscribed this way – we (really) appreciate your support. To continue to receive detailed screen guides directly into your inbox, please consider transferring to our new monthly membership when the time is right.

Members – who will be asked to pay a small amount each month – will receive all of our daily, weekly and monthly screen guides and updates directly via email. We hope to be able to increase the range of membership levels and rewards over time as we start to work more closely with moving image makers, programmers and promoters.

Finally, we will invite all of our members to build RADIANT CIRCUS with us at dedicated tribal gatherings and promise to (always) keep you informed of progress HERE.


RADIANT CIRCUS will be out and about promoting our site and services in 2018. Do say ‘hi’.

You can also get in touch to talk about our plans: DM on Twitter or complete the form HERE.

And that’s the meat of it…

Join the hunt for adventurous moving pictures.

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Featured image: NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF aka El Retorno del Hombre Lobo (1981).