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We love it when indies experiment… The opening weekend of this year’s London Short Film Festival saw the 16th edition of the event taking up residency at Grow Hackney, where you could clamber* aboard floating inflatable AIRDRAFT to watch some rubberised short film (12 to 13 JAN 2019).

We caught up with the SIDESHOW GROTESQUERIE curated by Natalie Sharpe – aka Lone Taxidermist – which included a programme of shorts dealing with the distorting power of rubber in various guises, A BEAUTIFUL BODY HORROR VIDEO SHOW.

The lineup featured everything from a HOW IT’S MADE guide to latex glove production to the body modified charms of Rachel MacLean (we said THIS about IT’S WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTS (2016) when it was installed at Tate Britain in 2017), Bart Hess, Nadia Lee Cohen, Monica Menez, Harriet Fleuriot & Sarah Cockings.

Here are some photographs we took at this adventurous one-off.

*RADIANT CIRCUS view: Ultimately, RADIANT CIRCUS exists to help get more people in to see more adventurous moving pictures. That means we need to be taking down barriers to access, not inflating them. However, there remain many inaccessible venues across London’s cinema-scape, old and new: this is just one beautiful blimp on a longer journey (and we know LSFF will have thought carefully about their plans). As with cinemas, there are more accessible inflatables: how about another weekender in one of these stunners at

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