Radiant Circus Screen Guide: Films in London today: TOKYO CHORUS at The Cinema Museum (02 MAY).

SCREEN GUIDE DAILY: Films in London today 02.05.18

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Radiant Circus Screen Guide: Films in London today: ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY at Pitshanger Pictures (02 MAY).
Films in London today: ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY at Pitshanger Pictures (02 MAY).

LEAVING HOME, COMING HOME: A PORTRAIT OF ROBERT FRANK + Q&A with director Gerald Fox at Curzon Soho (02 MAY 18:40):

  • The first ever feature-length documentary about the legendary photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank, whose work reflects his life in an unflinchingly honest way. This film, shot in New York and Nova Scotia where he now lives, seamlessly interweaves between Frank, aged 80, reflecting on a lifetime of image making and the richly textured photographs and personal films themselves.

THE MESSENGER + SHORT at Screen25 (02 MAY 19:45):

  • During National Gardening Week, Screen25 present “a visually thrilling eco-doc that unravels the mystery behind the world’s vanishing songbird population and questions what this means for humankind’s own future”.

SEVEN CHANCES + INTRO by Bryony Dixon at BFI Southbank (02 MAY 18:10):

  • A young man (Buster Keaton) suddenly finds he must marry within hours in order to inherit a fortune; after a woeful explanation to the woman he loves, he advertises his need for a wife – with consequences that range from alarming to life-threatening. This elegant, meticulously detailed comedy of pre-marital manners concludes with one of the greatest chase sequences of all time. Includes a screening of HARD LUCK and live piano accompaniment by Costas Fotopoulos.

TOKYO CHORUS + SHORTS at Cinema Museum (02 MAY 19:30):

  • Talking pictures came late to Japan, where silent film production continued far into the 1930s. TOKYO CHORUS was produced by the Shochiku Company, which was founded as far back as 1895 and still continues today. It was directed by one of Japan’s most famous film-makers, Yasujirō Ozu and stars Tokihiko Okada and Emiko Yagumo. Presented by Kennington Bioscope.

More films in London today (A–Z): THE BIG SCORE: SPORTS SHORTS presented by Shorts On Tap at 93 Feet East (02 MAY 18:30). CONTACT 35mm at Prince Charles (02 MAY 20:30). GARDEN STATE 35mm at Prince Charles (02 MAY 18:00). THE MAGIC FLUTE at Ciné Lumière (02 MAY 20:30). NOTHING LIKE A DAME at Phoenix Cinema (02 MAY 18:30). OLDBOY + BATTLE ROYALE presented by Deeper into Movies at Moth Club (02 MAY 19:00). PILLOW TALK at Regent Street (02 MAY 12:00 + 15:30). REVENGE + Q&A with writer/director Coralie Fargeat and actor Matilda Lutz at Rio Cinema (02 MAY 18:30). ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY presented by Pitshanger Pictures at St. Barnabas Millennium Halls (02 MAY 20:15). UNDERTOW at Deptford Cinema (02 MAY 20:00).


Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London today: SAMBIZANGA at BFI Southbank (02 MAY).
Films in London today: SAMBIZANGA at BFI Southbank (02 MAY).

CLOSE-UP: VALESKA GRISEBACH at BFI Southbank (until 03 MAY):


WE <3 GRETA GERWIG at The Prince Charles (until 09 JUN):

YOUTH ON THE MARCH! at Regent Street Cinema (02 MAY to 27 JUN):


Radiant Circus Screen Guide: Films in London today: THE WORK at New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival (02 MAY).
Films in London today: THE WORK at New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival (02 MAY).

New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival (27 APR to 06 MAY)

Sci-Fi London (01 to 07 MAY)

Herne Hill Free Film Festival (01 MAY to 01 JUN)


Radiant Circus Screen Guide: Films in London today: WESTERN at Lexi (02 MAY).
Films in London today: WESTERN at Lexi (02 MAY).

THE OLD DARK HOUSE at BFI Southbank (02 MAY 18:20 & 20:45):

  • During a huge storm, five travellers find themselves stranded in the Welsh mountains and are drawn towards a deserted house run by a sinister brother and sister and their mute butler (played by legendary horror star Boris Karloff). Forced to stay overnight, our heroes discover that the old, dark house contains a number of secrets, and they must keep their wits about them if they’re going to survive.
  • Second chance: OLD DARK HOUSE at Prince Charles (02 MAY 16:00).

WITHOUT THIS WORLD at DocHouse (02 MAY 14:20 & 18:30):

  • In a forgotten region in the North of Argentina, a community of Mennonites live the same simple and pious lifestyle as their forefathers did in 18th Century Germany. There are no phones, TV or radio here, and there is certainly no internet. Speaking low German instead of Spanish and learning only the bible and the catechism in their school, the colony resist interference from the outside world, but is it really possible to refuse progress?

THE WOUND at Bernie Grant Arts Centre (02 MAY 19:00):

  • In South Africa, Xolani, a disgruntled a factory worker, returns home every year to initiate a new group of Xhosa teenagers into manhood through ritual circumcision. Tradition and modernity clash when he encounters Kwanda, a city boy with nothing but contempt for the old ways, who quickly guesses at Xolani’s darkest secret.
  • Second chance: THE WOUND at Barbican (02 MAY 20:45) and ICA (02 MAY 18:30).

More films in London today (A–Z): ANOTHER NEWS STORY at DocHouse (02 MAY 16:40 & 20:45). LOVELESS at Whirled Cinema (02 MAY 20:00). THE MAGIC FLUTE at JW3 (02 MAY 14:30). WESTERN at Lexi Cinema (02 MAY 18:00). WESTWOOD: PUNK, ICON, ACTIVIST at The Montpellier (02 MAY 18:30 & 20:30).

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Featured attraction: TOKYO CHORUS + SHORTS at The Cinema Museum (02 MAY 19:30).