Films in London this week: HIT THE NIGHT at ICA (06 NOV).

SCREEN GUIDE DAILY: Films in London today 06.11.18

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Featured attraction: HIT THE NIGHT + Q&A with director Jeong Ga-young at ICA (06 NOV 18:30): “A feminist exploration of attraction, challenging the ‘rules’ and expectations of heteronormative desire, while also raising very current questions about the blurring of professional and personal boundaries.” – ICA.



Films in London today: WORLDS OF URSULA K. LE GUIN at DocHouse (06 NOV).
Films in London today: WORLDS OF URSULA K. LE GUIN at DocHouse (06 NOV).

FLAG WARS at Barbican (06 NOV 18:30):

  • Architecture On Film presents a UK premiere: Laura Poitras (CITIZENFOUR) and Linda Bryant’s award winning observation of complex urban conflicts, as a black working class neighbourhood receives an influx of white homosexual homebuyers.

HIT THE NIGHT + Q&A with director Jeong Ga-young at ICA (06 NOV 18:30):

  • Under the pretext of carrying out research for her new scenario, director Ga-young plays the lead in HIT THE NIGHT as a filmmaker, and interviews a man she’s been wanting to get to know. Asking him to consider her a friend, she begins to draw out details of his sexual fantasies and relationship status, and her real intentions for the meeting slowly become clear.

Sci-Fi Short Films & Networking at St Margaret’s House (06 NOV 18:30):

  • The Film Bunch presents: A sci-fi themed screening that’s out of this world. Join us as we screen some of the best short films and eat popping candy. Our mission is to improve access for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to mainstream short films, so we provide English captions and BSL interpreters.

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70mm PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

COMEDY GENIUS at BFI Southbank (OCT 2018 to JAN 2019):


Film festivals in London today include:


Films in London this week: MIRAI at ICA (02 to 08 NOV).
Films in London this week: MIRAI at ICA (02 to 08 NOV).

BLACK MOTHER at ArtHouse Crouch End (06 NOV 15:45):

  • Part film, part baptism, director Khalik Allah embarks on a spiritual exploration through Jamaica. Soaking up its bustling metropolises and tranquil countryside, Allah introduces a succession of vividly rendered souls who call the island home.

MIRAI at ICA (06 NOV 16:00):

  • Four-year-old Kun has a new baby sister, and the loving attention once lavished on him by his parents appears to evaporate instantly. With his mother and father preoccupied, Kun experiences the arrival of his sister Mirai as competition for their love.

SUSPIRIA (1977) at The Prince Charles (06 NOV 18:20):

  • Dario Argento is Europe’s leading horror director and his SUSPIRIA is a masterpiece, situated between art-house aesthetics and splatter gore-fest. Argento’s expressionist hyper-assault on our senses is legendary!

More films in London this week (A – Z): AN EVENING WITH BEVERLY LUFF LINN at The Prince Charles (02 to 08 NOV). THE DEMINER at The Montpellier (until 07 NOV). MANDY at The Prince Charles (until 15 NOV). NAE PASARAN at ICA (02 to o8 NOV). NANCY at Watermans (02 to 08 NOV). PETERLOO at Phoenix Cinema (02 to 08 NOV). PUTIN’S WITNESSES at DocHouse (02 to 08 NOV). REINVENTING MARVIN at Whirled Cinema (05 TO 11 NOV). THE SUMMONING presented by UKJF at JW3 (04 to 07 NOV). THEY’LL LOVE ME WHEN IM DEAD at ICA (02 to 08 NOV). UTØYA – JULY 22 at The Castle Cinema (02 to 08 NOV).

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