Films in London this week: HEATHERS at The Prince Charles.

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Featured attraction: 4K Restoration Premiere: HEATHERS + Q&A with director Michael Lehmann & actor Lisanne Falk at BFI Southbank (08 AUG 20:10): “An endlessly quotable black comedy that subverted expectations of teen movies forever, and its dreamlike, soft-focus cinematography shines in this new 4K restoration.” – BFI.



Films in London today: GREY GARDENS at Rio Cinema (08 AUG).
Films in London today: GREY GARDENS at Rio Cinema (08 AUG).

4K Restoration Premiere: HEATHERS + Q&A with director Michael Lehmann & actor Lisanne Falk at BFI Southbank (08 AUG 20:10):

  • Veronica Sawyer is the odd-one out in The Heathers, the colour-coordinated, shoulder-padded bitch squad at her high school. A certifiable genius and former good girl, she catches the eye of fellow high-school outsider and silver-tongued Lothario JD. Together, they fantasise about ridding the world of main mean girl Heather Chandler, and the rest of the preppy bullies that dominate the school – but their fantasies start getting out of hand…


  • This summer The Lucky Dog Picturehouse is back at Wilton’s Music Hall for a week of iconic silent comedies with live original score. The Little Tramp comes to Wilton’s for one night only! Lucky Dog have chosen their favourite short films from Chaplin’s early career which demonstrate not only his wonderful physical comedy, but also the depth of emotion as an actor.

GREY GARDENS – Night of a 1000 Edies + PANEL at Rio Cinema (08 AUG 21:00):

  • Fringe! presents: You are about the enter GREY GARDENS… be careful where you step because of the cats! Activities include DIY costume workshops from 20:30, a catwalk show of the “best looks for today”, performances, mass “flag dance” (bring a flag!) and discussion of fashion on film with Amber Butchart.

L’AGE D’OR + INTRO by Professor Jo Evans at BFI Southbank (08 AUG 18:10):

  • Co-written with Salvador Dali, Buñuel’s acerbically funny first feature sees a couple desperate to consummate their passion for one another but repeatedly frustrated in their efforts by the combined forces of the church, the law and bourgeois convention.

SUNSET BOULEVARD 16mm at The Castle Cinema (08 AUG 19:30):

  • Ciné-Real presents: In this dark film-noir tale, aging silent film queen, Norma Desmond, refuses to accept that her time in the limelight has finished – she lives as a recluse with the deranged beliefs that her stardom is as strong as ever. After meeting Joe Gillis, a young, hack screenwriter, she hires him to write a screenplay starring her as an effort to set up her comeback in film.

More films in London today (A – Z):


Films in London today: ARMY OF SHADOWS at The Prince Charles (08 AUG).
Films in London today: ARMY OF SHADOWS at The Prince Charles (08 AUG).

70mm PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):



JEAN-PIERRE MELVILLE 35mm Selectrospective at The Prince Charles (until 19 SEP):

REBEL WITH A CAUSE at Bertha DocHouse (until 12 AUG):

REVOLT, SHE SAID: WOMEN AND FILM AFTER ’68 at Regent Street Cinema (01 to 29 AUG):


We don’t think there are any film festivals projecting in London today. But that means we’ve probably missed something…

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Films in London today: EL MAR LA MAR at ICA (08 AUG).
Films in London today: EL MAR LA MAR at ICA (08 AUG).

EL MAR LA MAR at ICA (08 AUG 20:45):

  • Influenced by the Sensory Ethnography Lab’s advocacy of innovative combinations of aesthetics and ethnography, EL MAR LA MAR sits between experimental anthropological essay and imagistic film poem. The 16mm footage deliberately overwhelms with open space, massive skies and landscapes shimmering in deathly heat.

PUNK VOYAGE at DocHouse (08 AUG 20:30):

  • This invigorating new documentary follows Finnish Punk rock band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) as they face the glory and struggle that comes with fame. After becoming celebrities in Finland, the radical four continue to dominate worldwide, playing nearly 300 gigs in 16 countries.

SICILIAN GHOST STORY at ArtHouse Couch End (08 AUG 15:00 & 20:30):

  • Set in a little Sicilian village at the edge of a forest, this is the story of adolescent innocence and painful reality. Giuseppe (Fernandez) is the son of a man with mafia connections who has turned informer. One day, this 13 year-old boy vanishes, kidnapped by those his father crossed. Luna (Jedlikowska), his classmate who loves him, refuses to accept his mysterious disappearance.

More films in London this week (A – Z): APOSTASY at BFI (03 to 09 AUG). THE APPARITION at Phoenix Cinema (03 to 09 AUG). COCOTE at ICA (03 to 09 AUG). DAMASCUS COVER at Rio Cinema (03 to 09 AUG). GENERATION WEALTH at JW3 (05 to 09 AUG). IN THE FADE at Whirled Cinema (06 to 12 AUG). MADAME at JW3 (06 to 09 AUG). MAURICE at BFI (03 to 09 AUG). PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF DESIRE at DocHouse (03 to 08 AUG). TRACKING EDITH at ArtHouse Crouch End (03 to 09 AUG).

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