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Early Japanese Animation + Live Accompaniment by the Guildhall’s Electronic Music Studio + Live Benshi Narration by Tomoko Komura at Barbican (09 JUN 15:00 – Currently looking SOLD OUT! Check for returns):

  • “Very few of the earliest animated films from Japan survive – after being screened alongside live action features, films were often sold on from cinemas to smaller mobile venues where they would be broken down and sold as single frames. The films that have been preserved in archives offer a fascinating glimpse into the beginnings of a rich history of Japanese animation which continues to this day.”


MIDNIGHT EXCESS: The Lonely Island Double Bill - Final Poster design by Cristina Polop.
MIDNIGHT EXCESS: The Lonely Island Double Bill – Final Poster design by Cristina Polop.
  • We chatted with artist Cristina Polop about her poster design for MIDNIGHT EXCESS #3, Ranjit S. Ruprai’s late night collab with Amos Levin (15 JUN 23:00+, Rio Cinema).
  • Fragments Festival at Genesis Cinema (07 to 15 JUN 2019) continues today, celebrating “inclusivity through film”. We took a look at the programme to make a few cheeky recommends.
  • Mou Tun-fei’s rediscovered film THE END OF THE TRACK (1970) screened at Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival (04 to 13 JUN). Here’s our RADIANT CIRCUS writeup.
  • Pushing the frontiers of community cinema, Screen25 has announced LIFT OFF!, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing (use discount “CIRCUS19” to save!).
  • We explored the 3 masters of Taiwanese New Cinema at the heart of Close-Up’s new season TAIPEI STORIES (01 to 30 JUN) (and announced an exclusive season discount!).



Films in London today: ALL THIS PANIC at Genesis Cinema (09 JUN).
Films in London today: ALL THIS PANIC at Genesis Cinema (09 JUN).

ALL THIS PANIC d. Jenny Gage, 2016 + Intro at Rio Cinema (09 JUN 15:30):

  • DISPATCH FMI presents: “ALL THIS PANIC celebrates the highs and lows of girlhood and manages to include a multitude of experiences: grief, financial strife, mental illness, divorce, racial politics, sexual realisations, romantic rejection, first love, the perils of intense teenage friendships, hedonism, the feeling of being lost and trying to figure life out.”

FORCE OF NATURE NATALIA d. Gerry Fox, 2019 + Q&A with the director & Natalia Ospinova at Curzon Mayfair (09 JUN 15:00):

  • “Follows a season in the life dance superstar Natalia Osipova. With unique access to Natalia’s personal archive, we follow her preparations for a fifth season as a principal of the Royal Ballet as she continues to champion contemporary dance with some of the world’s greatest choreographers.”

Nick Macdonald: Anarchist Films + Intro/Discussion with the director + Gareth Evans at Close-Up (09 JUN 18:30):

  • “In the early to mid 1970s, Nick Macdonald made several political essay films in and around his New York apartment. Influenced by anarchism, the films are unique, personal projects that eschew traditional documentary footage in favour of a sort of bricolage technique. Followed by a screening of LA GRANDE ILLUSION d. Jean Renoir, 1937 + Intro by Nick (09 JUN 20:30).”

More films in London today (A – Z):

  • A CLOCKWORK ORANGE d. Stanley Kubrick, 1971 at BFI (09 JUN 20:00).
  • THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT d. Stephan Elliott, 1994 + Intro by the director at The Prince Charles (09 JUN 20:45). 
  • AMAZING GRACE d. Allan Elliott & Sydney Pollack, 2018 at The Castle Cinema (09 JUN 13:00). 
  • CLUELESS d. Amy Heckerling, 1995 + Discussion presented by DC Film & Book Club at Deptford Cinema (09 JUN 14:30). 
  • DIEGO MARADONA d. Asif Kapadia, 2019 at Picturehouse Central (09 JUN 18:00 – Other Picturehouses available!).
  • DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE d. John S. Robertson, 1920 + Live Piano Accompaniment by Tony Berchmans at The Cinema Museum (09 JUN 19:30).
  • EASY TO LOVE d. Charles Walters, 1953 presented by Kennington Vintage at The Cinema Museum (09 JUN 14:30).
  • EATING ANIMALS d. Christopher Quinn, 2017 at ArtHouse Crouch End (09 JUN 15:00).
  • F FOR FAKE d. Orson Welles, 1973 at Deptford Cinema (09 JUN 18:30). 
  • FOXTROT d. Samuel Maoz, 2017 at Whirled Cinema (09 JUN 18:00). 
  • IN FABRIC d. Peter Strickland, 2019 previews at BFI (09 JUN 17:40). 
  • JAZZ ON A SUMMER’S DAY d. Bert Stern Aram Avakian, 1959 at Picturehouse Central (09 JUN 15:30 – Other Picturehouses available!).
  • O LUCKY MAN d. Lindsay Anderson, 1973 + Q&A with editor David Gladwell & author Jonathan Coe at Regent Street Cinema (09 JUN 14:00). 
  • PHILIP GLASS: SOLO PIANO + KOYAANISQATSId. Godfrey Reggio, 1982 presented by Deeper Into Movies at Moth Club (09 JUN 19:00). 
  • RASHOMON d. Akira Kurosawa, 1950 at The Prince Charles (09 JUN 12:50).
  • Slavoj Žižek Screenings presented by Deeper Into Movies at The Five Bells (09 JUN 19:00).
  • THEY’LL LOVE ME WHEN I’M DEAD d. Morgan Neville, 2018 at Deptford Cinema (09 JUN 20:30 – FREE!)

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Films in London today: MOLIÈRE, part of THE STAGE ON SCREEN at Ciné Lumière (09 JUN).
Films in London today: MOLIÈRE, part of THE STAGE ON SCREEN at Ciné Lumière (09 JUN).

00S ACTION at House Of Vans (06 to 30 JUN – FREE!/No booking required):

70mm PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):





THE STAGE ON SCREEN at Ciné Lumière (02 JUN to 21 JUL):

  • MOLIÈRE d. Ariane Mnouchkine, 1978 (09 JUN 14:00).

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Films in London today: TIME TO DIE, part of Fragments Festival (09 JUN).
Films in London today: TIME TO DIE, part of Fragments Festival at Genesis Cinema (09 JUN).

Film festivals in London today include:

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Films in London today: DIRTY GOD at Rich Mix (07 to 13 JUN).
Films in London today: DIRTY GOD at Rich Mix (07 to 13 JUN).

THE DEAD AND THE OTHERS d. João Salaviza & Renée Nader Messora at ICA (09 JUN 12:25 & 18:30):

  • “A fictionalised portrait of tribal culture in Brazil. Drawing from the experiences of the filmmakers, who spent several months among the Krahô people of Pedra Branca, the film depicts a young man destined to become a shaman who attempts to resist his fate. Shot in 16mm, this meditative drama won the Un Certain Regard Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2018.”
  • Read our RADIANT CIRCUS writeup from LFF2018.

DIRTY GOD d. Sacha Polak, 2019 at Rich Mix (09 JUN 20:20):

  • “Following a violent acid attack that left many scars, Jade, a young mother from London, attempts to reclaim her life and some sense of normality. DIRTY GOD is a portrait of a woman with incredible resilience. Jade is no passive victim; she makes her own choices – good or bad – and deals with the consequences.”

KIND HEARTS & CORONETS d. Robert Hamer, 1949 at Phoenix Cinema (09 JUN 12:40 & 20:15):

  • “Celebrating the 70th birthday of a jewel in the crown of both British cinema and the great Ealing Studios, this new 4K restoration confirms the fiendishly funny KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS as one of the most wickedly witty and acerbic comedies ever made.”

More films in London this week (A – Z):

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