Films in London today: BEATS at Rio Cinema (16 MAY).

SCREEN GUIDE DAILY: Films in London today 16.05.19

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BEATS d. Brian Welsh, 2019 + AFTER PARTY at Temple Bar at Rio Cinema (16 MAY 21:00 – Only tickets for AFTER PARTY left!):

  • “In the summer of 1994, in a small town in central Scotland, best mates Johnno and Spanner (Donaghy and Ferguson) head out for one last night of raving together before Johnno’s family move away. Shot partly on gritty black and white, Beats effortlessly taps into a youthful nostalgia for an endless party, and for the counterculture movement of the 90s.”


"How am I going to sell it?" RADIANT CIRCUS presents MATINEE at Birkbeck Cinema (21 MAY 18:00).
“How am I going to sell it?” RADIANT CIRCUS presents MATINEE at Birkbeck Cinema (21 MAY 18:00 – FREE!).
  • Thanks to our friends at Birkbeck University, we’ll be talking about the growth of our site, discussing how indie exhibitors are “making movies matter at a time of crisis” and screening Joe Dante’s MATINEE (21 MAY 18:00, Birkbeck Cinema – FREE!).
  • We’re partnering with Screen25 to celebrate their new Spring/Summer programme. All RADIANT CIRCUS subscribers, friends & followers get a juicy discount when booking for this exciting lineup.



Films in London today: BIRDS OF PASSAGE at Genesis Cinema (16 MAY).
Films in London today: BIRDS OF PASSAGE at Genesis Cinema (16 MAY).

BIRDS OF PASSAGE d. Cristina Gallego & Ciro Guerra, 2018 + EXTENDED INTRO at Genesis Cinema (16 MAY 20:55):

  • Bird’s Eye View #ReclaimTheFrame presents: “A gripping tale of narcos set among Colombia’s Wayúu people, BIRDS OF PASSAGE spans three decades of a family pushed to the brink by the drug trade. With the epic breadth of THE GODFATHER, this is a mind-altering journey into nature unlike anything you’re likely to have seen before.”

More films in London today (A – Z):

  • Connections short film programme presented by Queer Cinema Club at The Yard Theatre (16 MAY 18:00).
  • FREE SOLO d. Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, 2018 at House Of Vans (16 MAY 19:00 – FREE!/Booking required).
  • JEWEL ROBBERY d. William Dieterle, 1932 presented by Kennington Talkies at The Cinema Museum (16 MAY 19:30).
  • NINETEEN NINETEEN d. Hugh Brody, 1984 at London Review Bookshop (16 MAY 19:00 – Currently looking SOLD OUT!).
  • REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE d. Nicholas Ray, 1955 presented by Crofton Park Pictures at Rivoli Ballroom (16 MAY 20:00).
  • SAMPLES OF SOCIETY d. Hal Samples, 2019 presented by Lush at Regent Street Cinema (16 MAY 19:30).
  • WHERE HANDS TOUCH d. Amma Asante, 2018 at ArtHouse Crouch End (16 MAY 18:30).
  • THE WHITE CROW d. Ralph Fiennes, 2019 at The David Lean (16 May 14:30 HOH & 19:30)


Films in London today: LICHT, part of HISTORICAL PERIOD DRAMAS at Austrian Cultural Forum London (16 MAY).
Films in London today: LICHT, part of HISTORICAL PERIOD DRAMAS at Austrian Cultural Forum London (16 MAY).



THE FILMS OF JEAN-MARIE STRAUB AND DANIÈLE HUILLET Goethe-Institut & partners’ epic season continues at Birkbeck Cinema, Ciné Lumière, Close-Up, Goethe-Institut, ICA & Whitechapel Gallery (MAR to JUN):

HISTORICAL PERIOD DRAMAS at Austrian Cultural Forum (02 APR to 30 MAY – FREE!):

  • LICHT aka Mademoiselle Paradis d. Barbara Albert, 2017 (16 MAY 19:00).


Films in London today: THE MOUNTAIN TEARS, part of London Greek Film Festival (16 MAY).
Films in London today: THE MOUNTAIN TEARS, part of London Greek Film Festival (16 MAY).

Film festivals in London today include:


Films in London today: MADELINE’S MADELINE at ArtHouse Crouch End (10 to 16 MAY).
Films in London today: MADELINE’S MADELINE at ArtHouse Crouch End (10 to 16 MAY).

AMAZING GRACE d. Alan Elliott & Sydney Pollack, 2018 at DocHouse (16 MAY 14:30, 16:30 & 20:30):

  • “Aretha Franklin recorded her bestselling album Amazing Grace during two days of gospel performances at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Watts, Los Angeles. Sydney Pollack and his crew captured the incredible footage, but the project was shelved. 47 years later, the recordings have been brought out and the film completed – as Pollack’s wishes before his death in 2008.”

HIGH LIFE d. Claire Denis, 2018 at Ciné Lumière (16 MAY 16:00):

  • “Much lauded French auteur, Claire Denis (WHITE MATERIAL, BEAU TRAVAIL) explores the human psyche in the outer space. Sent out on a mission to explore a black hole, Monte and his infant daughter Willow live together aboard a spacecraft in complete isolation.”

MADELINE’S MADELINE d. Josephine Decker, 2018 at ArtHouse Crouch End (16 MAY 14:05 & 21:00 – LAST CHANCE!):

  • “Madeline has become an active member of an experimental theatre troupe. When its ambitious director pushes Madeline to weave her rich interior world and her troubled relationship with her mother into their collective art, the lines between performance and reality begin to blur.”

THE WARRIORS 35mm d. Walter Hill, 1979 at The Prince Charles (16 MAY 18:25):

  • “A turf battle between New York City street gangs that rages from Coney Island to the Bronx. The Warriors are mistakenly fingered for the killing of a gang leader. Soon they have every gang in the city out to get revenge and they must make their way across the city to their own turf.”
  • A word from The PCC: “This extended run is being serviced by a 40 year old, well worn, 35mm print… so expect dirt, scratches & a little fade.”

More films in London this week (A – Z):

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