RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London today: PUTNEY SWOPE 35mm at The Prince Charles (18 SEP).

SCREEN GUIDE DAILY: Films in London today 18.09.19

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PUTNEY SWOPE 35mm d. Robert Downey Sr., 1969 + Intro at The Prince Charles (18 SEP 20:45):

The Badlands Collective presents: “Described by Martin Scorsese as “an essential part of that moment when a truly independent American cinema was born,” the films of Robert Downey Sr. (a prince) are transgressive, surreal and hilarious. PUTNEY SWOPE is his most accomplished and successful feature, and it stands as a key 1960s satire, driven by the same anarchic spirit that fueled films like Kubrick’s DR. STRANGELOVE (1964), Godard’s WEEKEND (1967) and Klein’s MR. FREEDOM (1969).”


LUNCHTIME FILM SOCIETY - Radiant Circus at Bridewell Theatre - ABOUT US 23 Oct 2019

LUNCHTIME FILM SOCIETY is a brand new popup cinema screening daily programmes of bitesize films for busy City workers at the Bridewell Theatre in the City Of London (22 OCT to 01 NOV 2019). Bring your own lunch, relax & refocus as you feast on a world of inspiring short film drama, documentary & animation. We’ve even got a Halloween Special…

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RAINDANCE 2019 Trailer

Online radiantcircus.com: We’re getting ready for Raindance Film Festival 2019 (18 to 29 SEP), are you….? // For all you pooch-heads, Top Dog Film Festival comes to Conway Hall (01 to 02 OCT) // Richmond Film Society announces their 57th season // We interview student curator Viknesh Kobinathan about ON THE EDGE OF THE FOLD (opening this week at Rich Mix).



Films in London today: INTERNAL AFFAIRS at Ciné Lumière (18 SEP).
Films in London today: INTERNAL AFFAIRS at Ciné Lumière (18 SEP).

CARLOS CASAS: CEMETERY d. Carlos Casas, 2019 + Intro/Q&A with the filmmaker at Tate Modern (18 SEP 18:30):

“Artist Carlos Casas returns to Tate Modern to present the UK premiere of his award-winning feature CEMETERY. This deeply sensory film follows an elephant, a mahout and the poachers in their pursuit as they move toward the mythical place known as the elephant graveyard. As the journey transitions from the jungle through stages of death, images begin to fall away, opening onto a rich sonic landscape.”

Finding Her Voice Through The Lens: Feminist Avant-Garde Films by Susan Stein and Others + Q&A with Susan Stein at BFI Southbank (18 SEP 18:10):

Experimenta presents: “Award-winning camerawoman Susan Stein personally presents a selection of her formally playful, radical experimental films from the 1970s and 80s. Incorporating collage, paint on the celluloid and discursive explorations, G, SHE SAID and TRACKS were created at a time of significant change in the way alternative film was made and how production and distribution were organised.”

INTERNAL AFFAIRS d. Mike Figgis, 1990 + Q&A with the director at Ciné Lumière (18 SEP 18:30):

“Set in the mean streets of L.A., Academy Award nominee Mike Figgis’ second feature film, after the critically acclaimed STORMY MONDAY, is a thriller with a lot of punch.” Part of the Craft of Film: Academy of Motion Picture at Ciné Lumière.

More films in London today (A – Z):

36 HUSBANDS d. Michael Glover, 2019 at Deptford Cinema (18 SEP 19:00).

ANDY WARHOL’S HEAT d. Paul Morrissey, 1972 presented by Lobotomy Room at Fontaine’s Bar (18 SEP 20:00 – FREE!).

APOCALYPSE NOW FINAL CUT 4K d. Francis Ford Coppola, 2019 at Regent Street Cinema (18 SEP 19:30).

BAIT d. Mark Jenkins, 2019 at Curzon Aldgate (18 SEP 18:30 – Other Curzons available!).

DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN d. Susan Seidelman, 1985 presented by Crofton Park Pictures at Rivoli Ballroom (18 SEP 20:00).

ELLA FITZGERALD: JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS d. Leslie Woodhead, 2019 at Rio Cinema (18 SEP 14:30).

GAZA d. Garry Keane & Andrew McConnell, 2018 at DocHouse (18 SEP 16:30).

HAIL SATAN? d. Penny Lane, 2019 presented by Screen25 at Harris Academy South Norwood (18 SEP 20:15).

ISLE OF DOGS d. Wes Anderson, 2018 presented by Deeper Into Movies at Five Miles (18 SEP 19:00).

THE LAST WAGON d. Delmer Daves, 1956 at Regent Street Cinema (18 SEP 12:00 & 15:30).

MY LOVELY 16mm d. Dick Richards, 1975 presents day Kennington Noir at The Cinema Museum (18 SEP 19:30).

THE SOUVENIR d. Joanna Hogg, 2019 at ArtHouse Crouch End (18 SEP 18:15).

STATE FAIR d. Walter Lang, 1945 presented by Pitshanger Pictures at St. Barnabas Church (18 SEP 14:00).

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RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London this week: THE GARDEN, part of CLOSE-UP ON DEREK JARMAN at Close-Up (18 to 30 SEP).
Films in London this week: THE GARDEN, part of CLOSE-UP ON DEREK JARMAN at Close-Up (18 to 30 SEP).

ANIME’S HUMAN MACHINES at Barbican Centre (12 to 30 SEP):

GHOST IN THE SHELL d. Mamoru Oshii, 1995 + Intro by Shōji Kawamori (18 SEP 20:45 – Currently looking SOLD OUT!).


SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER d. Joseph L Mankiewicz, 1959 + Intro by Simon McCallum (18 SEP 18:10).

CLOSE-UP ON DEREK JARMAN at Close-Up (18 to 30 SEP):

THE GARDEN d. Derek Jarman, 1990 + Intro by James Norton at Close-Up (18 SEP 20:15).


THE EVENT d. Sergei Loznitsa, 2015 (18 SEP 13:15).

IN THE EYES OF THE LAW at Ciné Lumière (25 AUG to 02 OCT):

L’UNE CHANTE, L’AUTRE PAS d. Agnès Varda, 1977 (18 SEP 19:00).

IT’S… MONTY PYTHON AT 50 at BFI Southbank (SEP):

ERIK THE VIKING d. Terry Jones, 1989 + Intro by Bill Jones, son of Terry Jones (18 SEP 20:40).

THE LUNA CINEMA various outdoor venues (SEP):

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (18 SEP 19:30 – Fulham Palace).


LA FLOR: PART I d. Mariano Llinás, 2018 (18 SEP 19:15).

ROOFTOP FILM CLUB various roofs (ongoing):

ALADDIN (2019) (18 SEP 19:15 – Stratford).


TAKE ME TO THE BALL GAME at The Prince Charles (until 18 SEP):

MAJOR LEAGUE d. David S. Ward, 1989 (18 SEP 18:15).

THE WINTER NIGHT GARDEN at Capital Studios SW18 (Ongoing):

MEAN GIRLS (18 SEP 20:30).

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RAINDANCE 2019 Trailer Screen Shot 3

Film festivals in London today include:


RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London today: FOR SAMA at The Castle Cinema (13 to 19 SEP).
Films in London today: FOR SAMA at The Castle Cinema (13 to 19 SEP).

FOR SAMA d. Waad Al-Khateab & Edward Watts, 2019 at The Castle Cinema (18 SEP 19:00):

“When the Arab Spring came to Syria in 2012, Waad al-Kateab picked up her camera and began filming the revolution. For five years, under Assad’s brutal assault, she kept filming. FOR SAMA captures that journey, as she marries her partner Hamza al-Kateab, and gives birth to her daughter Sama.”

HONEYLAND d. Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov, 2019 at ArtHouse Crouch End (18 SEP 13:15):

“Hatidze lives with her ailing mother in the mountains of Macedonia, making a living cultivating honey using ancient beekeeping traditions. When an unruly family moves in next door, what at first seems like a balm for her solitude becomes a source of tension as they, too, want to practice beekeeping, while disregarding her advice.”

MIDNIGHT COWBOY: 50th Anniversary Release d. John Schlesinger, 1969 at BFI Southbank (18 SEP 14:30, 18:15 & 20:45):

“After a year of uncertainty when he almost decided to leave film behind, Dustin Hoffman (against industry advice) took the role of seedy conman ‘Ratso’ Rizzo and delivered a remarkable performance. Jon Voight is equally impressive as naive young Texan Joe Buck, who arrives in New York believing that women will be falling at his feet, but finds himself sharing a squat with his unlikely ally.”

More films in London this week (A – Z):

APOCALYPSE NOW: FINAL CUT d. Francis Ford Coppola, 1979 at ICA (until 19 SEP). BAIT d. Mark Jenkin, 2019 at Rio Cinema (until 19 SEP). BORDER d. Ali Abbasi, 2018 at Whirled Cinema (16 to 22 SEP). HUSTLERS d. Lorene Scafaria, 2019 at Genesis Cinema (13 to 19 SEP). INNA DE YARD d. Peter Webber, 2019 at The Lexi (until 19 SEP). THE LAST d. Jeff Lipsky, 2019 presented by UKJF at JW3 (15 to 19 SEP). MRS LOWRY & SON d. Adrian Noble, 2019 at Watermans (13 to 19 SEP). ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD 35mm d. Quentin Tarantino, 2019 at The Prince Charles (until 19 SEP). PURPLE RAIN d. Albert Magnoli, 1984 at The Prince Charles (until 19 SEP). ROJO d. Benjamín Naishtat, 2018 at Ciné Lumière (until 18 SEP). THE SOUVENIR d. Joanna Hogg, 2019 at ICA (until 19 SEP).

LUNCHTIME FILM SOCIETY - Radiant Circus at the Bridewell Theatre - 22 Oct to 01 Nov 2019.

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