Films in London this HALLOWEEN: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD at Peckhamplex (31 OCT).

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Featured attraction: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: 50th Anniversary Screening + SPECIAL FEATURES at Peckhamplex (24 OCT 20:30): “George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD holds up as a stark, eerie and unrelenting parable of dread.” – Jeremiah Kipp, Slant Magazine.

SPARKLE (1976): A Save The Cinema Museum Fundraiser presented by the Celluloid Sorceress (28 OCT).
SPARKLE (1976): A Save The Cinema Museum Fundraiser presented by the Celluloid Sorceress (28 OCT).

Save The Cinema Museum: With several independent venues under threat across London, RADIANT CIRCUS is proud to be supporting the campaign to Save The Cinema Museum. Read our interview with The Celluloid Sorceress, Rebecca Nicole Williams, about her SPARKLE fundraiser with Samira Ahmed [28 OCT 15:00], then get booking with our exclusive discount code.



Films in London today: LA TERRA DELL'ABBASTANZA at Regent Street Cinema (24 OCT).
Films in London today: LA TERRA DELL’ABBASTANZA at Regent Street Cinema (24 OCT).

A Further Evening of 9.5mm Films From Kevin Brownlow’s Collection at The Cinema Museum (24 OCT 19:30):

  • Kenning Bioscope presents: 9.5mm was a home movie gauge launched in the 1920s and is of similar quality to 16mm. Many silent films survive only in this form. Two of the films to be shown feature German film actress Lil Dagover: THE MAELSTROM OF PARIS aka Le Tourbillon de Paris (1928) and THE CHRONICLES OF THE GRAY HOUSE aka Zur Chronik von Grieshuus (1925).

THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS + INTRO by Geoff Andrew at BFI Southbank (24 OCT 18:10):

  • Though infamously mutilated by RKO, Welles’ superb adaptation of Booth Tarkington’s equally superb novel remains a masterpiece, a persuasively elegiac account of a gentler era centred on the titular dynasty, who still feel safe in their mansion on the edge of town.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: 50th Anniversary Screening + SPECIAL FEATURES at Peckhamplex (24 OCT 20:30):

  • Celebrate 50 years of the Living Dead by seeing the 50th Anniversary, Re-mastered in 4k MOMA version! The iconic film that started the zombie genre and shaped modern horror movies is a great story of independent cinema. Screens with a custom featurette full of new and archival footage.
  • Also screens 31 OCT 20:30.

LA TERRA DELL’ABBASTANZA + INTRO by Luisa Pretolani at Regent Street Cinema (24 OCT 19:30):

  • CinemaItaliaUK presents: Mirko and Manolo are two ordinary guys living in the suburbs of Rome. One night, while driving, they accidentally kill a man, unaware that he is a police informer. The local criminal organisation, as a reward, invite the two guys to become part of their gang.

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Films in London today: WOLFEN at The Prince Charles (24 OCT).
Films in London today: WOLFEN at The Prince Charles (24 OCT).


COMEDY GENIUS at BFI Southbank (OCT 2018 to JAN 2019):

HORROROCTOBER at Prince Charles (OCT):



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Films in London today: FAHRENHEIT 11/9 at DocHouse (19 to 25 OCT).
Films in London today: FAHRENHEIT 11/9 at DocHouse (19 to 25 OCT).

DOGMAN at ArtHouse Crouch End (24 OCT 15:25 & 21:00):

  • Marcello is a small and gentle dog groomer who wants two things, to look after his clients’ dogs and take his daughter on exotic holidays. But to fund this lifestyle he runs a side business which has some rather unsavoury clientele and soon finds himself involved in a dangerous relationship of subjugation with Simone, a violent former boxer who terrorises the entire neighbourhood.

FAHRENHEIT 11/9 at DocHouse (24 OCT 13:30 & 18:20):

  • Michael Moore is back. And this time, he’s coming after Trump. The legendary documentarian focuses on the date of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, to build a state of the nation that speaks to its community; exposing election rigging, media manipulation and the power of the youth.

ORPHÉE at BFI Southbank (24 OCT 18:30 & 20:50):

  • Jean Cocteau’s wildly imaginative allegorical reworking of the Orpheus myth is surely his greatest movie. Critic Gilbert Adair applauded the film for being like no other (‘Oh, the magic!’), while Ray Durgnat wrote that it gripped ‘like a bondage corset’ – it’s that rich and strange.

More films in London this week (A – Z): FILMWORKER at The Montpellier (until 24 OCT). FIRST MAN at The Castle (19 to 25 OCT). MANDY at Rio Cinema (19 to 25 OCT). MY FRIEND DAHMER at Whirled Cinema (22 to 28 OCT). THE SCHOOL IN THE CLOUD at DocHouse (19 to 25 OCT). SINK at ArtHouse Crouch End (19 to 25 OCT).

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