Films in London today: SOCIETY at Close-Up (29 OCT).

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Featured attraction: Sick Monday: SOCIETY at Close-Up (29 OCT 20:15): “It’s little surprise that SOCIETY still has the power to surprise and fascinate [almost] 30 years later. Times change, but the shunting never stops.” – Ryan Lambie, Den Of Geek.



Films in London today: MOUCHETTE at BFI (29 OCT).
Films in London today: MOUCHETTE at BFI (29 OCT).

NOVA NIGHTS: EPISODE #14 at The Horse Hospital (29 OCT 19:00):

  • Billy Chainsaw presents: World premiere of Emma Dark’s short film PURGATORIC + award winning filmmaker Geoff Harmer’s short films followed by an interview with Billy Chainsaw & audience Q&A.

Scala Confidential with Jane Giles at BFI Southbank (29 OCT 18:30):

  • Giles talks about her recently published book Scala Cinema 1978-1993 (FAB Press). Giles is the one-time programmer of London’s most influential and notorious repertory venue, with its heady mix of Hollywood classics and cult movies, live gigs and club nights.

Sick Monday: SOCIETY at Close-Up (29 OCT 20:15):

  • Sick Monday presents: Six newly commissioned short video works followed by Brian Yuzna’s cult classic SOCIETY. Featuring new works by Anita Delaney, Anne Kathrine Bindesbøll & Ava Fersi, Dave Burrows, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler, Birgit Ludwig, and Vanessa Scully, this series celebrates the “video nasty” horror genre, its influence on contemporary video artists, and its overlooked critical capacity to express social truths in an exuberant style.

More films in London today (A – Z):

  • BENEATH THE CLOCKTOWER at ArtHouse Crouch End (29 OCT 19:40).
  • CALIBRE + Q&A with director Matt Palmer, producers Al Clark & Anna Griffin, and actors Ian Pirie & Martin McCann at Curzon Bloomsbury (29 OCT 18:20).
  • CLIMAX presented by Deeper Into Movies at Miranda at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch (29 OCT 19:00).
  • DOING MONEY + Q&A preview with cast & crew at Curzon Soho (29 OCT 18:20).
  • MANDY at Genesis Cinema (29 OCT 21:00).
  • MOUCHETTE 35mm at BFI (29 OCT 20:30).
  • NUREYEV: ALL THE WORLD HIS STAGE at DocHouse (29 OCT 16:15).
  • THE RIDER at Regent Street Cinema (29 OCT 18:30 & 20:40).
  • THEY LIVE at Picturehouse Central (29 OCT 21:10 – Other Picturehouses available!).
  • THE WATERMELON WOMAN part of Black History Month at Peckhamplex (29 OCT 18:30).


Films in London today: LA NUIT FANTASTIQUE at BFI (29 OCT).
Films in London today: LA NUIT FANTASTIQUE at BFI (29 OCT).

A SPIKE LEE MIXTAPE at Deptford Cinema (11 to 26 OCT):


COMEDY GENIUS at BFI Southbank (OCT 2018 to JAN 2019):

HORROROCTOBER at Prince Charles (OCT):



Films in London today: HOT SCENT at Ciné Lumière, part of UK Iranian Film Festival (29 OCT).
Films in London today: HOT SCENT at Ciné Lumière, part of UK Iranian Film Festival (29 OCT).

Film festivals in London today include:


Films in London this week: UTØYA at ArtHouse Crouch End (26 OCT to 01 NOV).
Films in London today: UTØYA at ArtHouse Crouch End (26 OCT to 01 NOV).

POSSUM at ArtHouse Crouch End (29 OCT 14:15 & 21:20):

  • Together with Possum, a hideous hand-puppet, disgraced puppeteer Philip returns to his childhood home. Staying with his cruel stepfather, Maurice, Philip soon discovers that ridding himself of Possum is no easy task. A truly creepy British horror from the visionary mind behind GARTH MERENGHI’S DARKPLACE.

UTØYA – JULY 22 at ArtHouse Crouch End (29 OCT 12:05 & 19:10):

  • Seven years ago on 22 July, more than 500 teenagers at a left-wing political summer camp on a small island outside Oslo, Norway, were targeted by armed right-wing extremist Anders Breivik; an attack that ultimately left 69 people, most of them children, dead.

WORLDS OF URSULA K. LE GUIN at DocHouse (29 OCT 18:30):

  • This inspiring documentary looks at the power of science fiction as an art form through one of its foremothers, exploring Le Guin’s life through the prism of the magical worlds she created.

More films in London this week (A – Z): 1945 at JW3 (28 Oct to 01 NOV). BAD REPUTATION at Picturehouse Central (26 OCT to 01 NOV). THE DEMINER at The Montpellier (28 OCT to 07 NOV). DOGMAN at Ciné Lumière (26 OCT to 06 NOV). DON’T WORRY, HE WON’T GET FAR ON FOOT at Peckhamplex (26 Oct to 01 NOV). THE GUARDIANS at Whirled Cinema (29 OCT to 04 NOV). MANDY at The Castle (26 to 29 OCT). SHIRKERS at ICA (26 OCT to 01 NOV). ORPHÉE at BFI (until 01 NOV). THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD at Phoenix Cinema (26 Oct to 01 NOV).

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