Films in London today: THE CHILDREN at BFI Southbank (30 JAN).

SCREEN GUIDE DAILY: Films in London today 30.01.20

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THE CHILDREN d. Max Kalmanowicz, 1980 at BFI Southbank (30 JAN 20:40):

  • Terror Vision presents: “After their school bus inadvertently passes through a cloud of toxic gas, a gaggle of unfortunate pre-teens are turned into radioactive zombies with killer hugs. Sharing many of the same crew as FRIDAY THE 13TH (with which it was shot back-to-back), this deliciously depraved mash-up of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE BROOD is a criminally underrated exploitation classic.”


Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2020: TEN DARK WOMEN at ICA (01 FEB).
Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2020: TEN DARK WOMEN at ICA (01 FEB).

One of our highlights of this early part of the screen year is Japan Foundation’s Touring Film Programme at ICA (31 JAN to 16 FEB).



Films in London today: HAVANA at Czech Centre London (30 JAN).
Films in London today: HAVANA at Czech Centre London (30 JAN – FREE!).

HAVANA d. Jana Bokova, 1990 + Q&A with the director at Czech Centre London (30 JAN 19:00 – FREE!):

  • “This extraordinary documentary about life in Cuba opens with 16mm amateur footage of Fidel Castro’s triumphant revolution in 1959 moving between the pre-revolutionary past and the volatile present of Castro’s Cuba in 1989. Featuring an interview with the exiled Cuban poet Reinaldo Arena, HAVANA consists above all of residents talking about their homes, their city and Cuba in the midst of Havana’s dilapidated, ruined beauty.”

THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS d. Iván Castell, 2019 + Q&A with synthwave duo Nina & UK synthwave composer 80s Stallone at House Of Vans (30 JAN 19:00 – FREE!/Booking required):

  • “In the mid 2000s and with the help of Myspace, several composers from different countries spontaneously started an underground music scene that the internet would call, among other names, Synthwave. It is defined as electronic music strongly inspired by soundtracks and 80s pop culture. These composers who have reached millions, all remained anonymous – until now.”

More films in London today (A – Z):

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Films in London today: THIS IS ENGLAND, part of ARIKE OKE: AS SCENE at Mitcham Library (30 JAN – FREE!).
Films in London today: THIS IS ENGLAND, part of ARIKE OKE: AS SCENE at Mitcham Library (30 JAN – FREE!).

ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY at The Prince Charles (JAN to FEB):

ARIKE OKE: AS SCENE at Mitcham Library (29 to 31 JAN – FREE!):


MUSICULTS at Genesis Cinema (JAN):

THE SAFDIE BROTHERS at The Prince Charles (JAN):

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We didn’t find any film festivals in London today… what are we missing?


Films in London today: CYRANO DE BERGERAC at BFI (24 to 30 JAN).
Films in London today: CYRANO DE BERGERAC at BFI (24 to 30 JAN).

CHINA LOVE d. Olivia Martin-McGuire, 2018 at DocHouse (30 JAN 20:30):

  • “Love is an $80 billion industry in China. It’s not just the wedding itself that brings in the money – a booming trade in pre-wedding photography places the burden on couples to spend thousands on elaborately staged photos depicting lives of luxury.”

CYRANO DE BERGERAC d. Jean-Paul Rappeneau, 1990 at BFI Southbank (30 JAN 14:30, 18:00 & 20:20 – LAST CHANCE!):

  • “The story of Cyrano de Bergerac has existed in many forms over several centuries but Rappeneau’s adaptation (now celebrating its 30th anniversary) is a delightful, tragi-comic tour de force with Gérard Depardieu’s Cyrano offering romantic tips to young Christian, a suitor with designs on Roxanne, whom Cyrano himself is keen to woo.”

THE HOLY MOUNTAIN d. Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973 at Rio Cinema (30 JAN 15:15).

  • “Hypnotising, unsettling, transgressive, dazzling and decadent, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN also takes satirical bites into a corrupt, greed-fuelled world with attacks on religion, consumerism, fascism, and authority in general. So not just a nostalgia trip then…”

More films in London this week (A – Z):

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