Films in London this month: EYES WITHOUT A FACE at Close-Up (14 JUL).

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Welcome to our JULY roundup.

Each month we look ahead to what we call London’s MUSEUM SHOWS, the places where you can find several attractions under one roof. Our listings are divided between repertory seasons and film festivals. We’ll keep you updated on London’s one-off screenings including film clubs, meet the talent Q&As and other special events in our weekly digests and daily updates.

There’s a lot here so we’ll keep our intro brief, but Close-Up, wow… We also really like the look of the REBEL WITH A CAUSE season at DocHouse – films about change-making women doing their thing. If you’re in the mood for a repertory bargain (and which of us isn’t…?), head to LA FÊTE DU CINÉMA at Ciné Lumière (tickets £5) or wish Genesis Cinema a happy 19TH BIRTHDAY (tickets £2.50).

Festivals are small in number – we’ll update you with any we discover as the month unfolds – but Oz Film Festival (06 to 08 JUL) and DukeFest 2018 (08 to 11 JUL) should be enough to keep adventurous minds occupied.

Our featured attraction of the month is the FACE OF ANOTHER season which screens at Close-Up (01 to 26 JUL). Every film we have seen is a favourite, and for those we haven’t we’re ready to take Close-Up by the hand and follow them into darkness… Of course, the UNHOLY WOMEN short season by The Final Girls at Barbican would make a perfect travelling companion (03 to 17 JUL).

What are you going to see?



Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this month: PINK FLOYD THE WALL at BFI.
Films in London this month: PINK FLOYD THE WALL at BFI.

19TH BIRTHDAY at Genesis Cinema (03 to 12 JUL):

70mm PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):


ALL NIGHT / DAY MOVIE MARATHONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

ANIMATION 2018 at BFI Southbank (2018):

AS IF… at The Prince Charles (until 11 AUG):

CLOSE-UP ON KANETO SHINDÔ at Close-Up (01 to 28 JUL):

  • Throughout his remarkably prolific career, Kaneto Shindô has remained at the center of major trends and turns in Japanese cinema. Includes: ONIBABA (01 JUL 20:30 / 09 JUL 19:30 / 21 JUL 18:00); THE NAKED ISLAND (02 JUL 19:30 / 15 JUL 20:10); KURONEKO (16 JUL 19:30 / 28 JUL 20:30).
Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this month: TREMORS at The Prince Charles.
Films in London this month: TREMORS at The Prince Charles.

CREATURE FEATURES at The Prince Charles (until 18 AUG):

DISNEY SELECTROSPECTIVE at The Prince Charles (08 JUN to 28 JUL):

FACE OF ANOTHER at Close-Up (01 to 26 JUL):

FILM IS THE SEVENTH ART at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (06 to 27 JUL):

HITCHCOCK WEEK at Regent Street Cinema (13 to 18 JUL):

  • To celebrate the re-release of VERTIGO – the greatest film of all time according to Sight & Sound’s 10-year poll of 846 critics, programmers, academics and distributors – a week of films from the master of suspense. Includes: VERTIGO (13 JUL 18:30 + INTRO by Tony Lee Moral & 20:50 / 14 JUL 13:30, 15:50, 18:15 & 20:40); THE LODGER (15 JUL 15:00); JAMAICA INN (15 JUL 17:00); REBECCA (15 JUL 19:00); NOTORIOUS (16 JUL 18:30); STRANGERS ON A TRAIN 35mm (16 JUL 20:30); REAR WINDOW (17 JUL 18:30); BIRDS (17 JUL 20:45); THE LADY VANISHES (18 JUL 12:00 & 15:30); MARNIE + INTRO by Tony Lee Moral (18 JUL 18:30); and, PSYCHO (18 JUL 21:00).


JEAN-PIERRE MELVILLE 35mm Selectrospective at The Prince Charles (11 JUL to 19 SEP):

  • A selection of films from revolutionary French director Jean-Pierre Melville, all presented from 35mm. Begins with: LE CERCLE ROUGE 35mm (11 JUL 20:35).
Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this month: ORPHAN at Ciné Lumière.
Films in London this month: ORPHAN at Ciné Lumière.

LA FÊTE DU CINÉMA at Ciné Lumière (01 to 04 JUL):

  • A French rendezvous for cinema enthusiasts. All tickets £5. Includes: BARBARA (01 JUL 16:00 / 02 JUL 18:30 / 04 JUL 20:40); CORPORATE (01 JUL 18:15 / 03 JUL 20:45); POLINA (01 JUL 20:30 / 02 JUL 20:30 / 03 JUL 18:30); ORPHAN (04 JUL 16:00); and THE HAPPY PRINCE (04 JUL 18:30).

MARVEL STUDIOS at House Of Vans (07 JUN to 01 JUL – Free/No booking required):

  • A film series to spotlight the best flicks from the super hero powerhouse: ANT MAN (01 JUL 13:00 & 15:30).

MUSIC & MOVIES: THE SUMMER SEASON at Genesis Cinema (until 14 SEP):


PRIDE MONTH at Ciné Lumière (12 JUN to 11 JUL):

  • Waving the rainbow flag through a celebration of French LGBTQ celluloid culture. Includes: THE HAPPY PRINCE (04 JUL 18:30 as part of LA FÊTE DU CINÉMA / 05 JUL 16:00 / 06 JUL 16:00 / 07 JUL 18:15); LA CAGE AUX FOLLES new print (05 JUL 18:30); and, THE WOUND (06 JUL 18:30 / 11 JUL 16:20).
Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this month: TRACKING EDITH at DocHouse.
Films in London this month: TRACKING EDITH at DocHouse.

REBEL WITH A CAUSE at Bertha DocHouse (12 JUL to 12 AUG):

  • Five revolutionary stories of women over the last century, from secret agents and soldiers to trailblazing artists. Includes: NAILA AND THE UPRISING + Q&A with executive producer Suhad Babaa (12 JUL 18:30 – then daily until 16 JUL); CHAVELA (20 JUL 20:40 / 21 JUL 18:30 / 22 JUL 16:30); and, TRACKING EDITH + Q&A with director Peter Stephan Jungk (27 JUL 18:30).

REBELS WITH A CAUSE at the Korean Cultural Centre (19 JUL to 02 AUG – Free!):

  •  Focusing on determined individuals who have defied the cultural norms of their time, foreshadowing a new direction for Korean society. Begins with: BUNGEE JUMPING OF THEIR OWN (19 JUL 19:00); and, THE SEA KNOWS (26 JUL 19:00).

S&M at Deptford Cinema (18 JUN to 20 JUL):


SHEFFIELD DOC/FEST at BFI Southbank (06 to 09 JUL):

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this month: THE BIG GUNDOWN at Deptford Cinema.
Films in London this month: THE BIG GUNDOWN at Deptford Cinema.

SPAGHETTI WESTERNS at Deptford Cinema (17 JUL to 14 AUG):

STUDIO GHIBLI FOREVER at The Prince Charles (01 JUL to 06 JAN 2019):

SUMMER FILMS at House of Vans (07 to 29 JUL – Free! / No booking required):

TRIBUTE TO MARCEL CARNÉ at Ciné Lumière (03 JUN to 22 JUL):

UNHOLY WOMEN at Barbican (03 to 17 JUL):

  • The Final Girls present a season of films with mould-breaking women that challenge notions of femininity, control and hysteria. Includes: THE MAFU CAGE (03 JUL 20:45); DEMENTIA + PANEL (12 JUL 20:45); IMAGES (17 JUL 20:45).

WIM WENDERS at The Prince Charles (until 30 AUG):


Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this month: SWINGING SAFARI at Regent Street Cinema.
Films in London this month: SWINGING SAFARI at Oz Film Festival, Regent Street Cinema.

Film festivals projecting this month include:

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Featured image: EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1960).