Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: The Films of Jodie Mack at Close-Up, Part of LIAF (08 DEC).

SCREEN GUIDE: Films in London this week [07 to 13 DEC 2018]

RADIANT CIRCUS is your handcrafted guide to London’s DIY, indie & alternative movie nights, film events & gallery screenings. Our latest SCREEN GUIDE helps you find great films in London this week*.

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Featured attraction: The Films of Jodie Mack, part of London International Animation Festival 2018 (08 DEC 18:30 & 20:00): Edge of Frame and Close-Up Cinema present a two-part programme of films by acclaimed animator Jodie Mack. Part one gathers a selection of shorts, and part two presents the UK premiere of her highly anticipated debut feature THE GRAND BIZARRE. Jodie Mack will be present for both parts and will host a discussion between.


We interviewed guest curator Eleonora Pesci about THE PURSUIT OF WHOLENESS, a programme which pays tribute to avant-garde filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos at Close-Up Film Centre (07 to 09 DEC) > HERE.

RaMell Ross’ documentary HALE COUNTY THIS MORNING, THIS EVENING (2018) previewed at ICA last week followed by a conversation between the filmmaker & ICA Assistant Curator, Ifeanyi Awachie (04 DEC 2018). Read our RADIANT CIRCUS writeup > HERE.

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FRI 07

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: BECOMING ANIMAL at ICA (07 DEC).
Films in London this week: BECOMING ANIMAL at ICA (07 DEC).

BECOMING ANIMAL + Q&A with co-director Emma Davie at ICA (07 DEC 18:30):

  • Sensuous and immersive, this audiovisual essay is both a philosophical inquiry and an invitation to inhabit our animal bodies.

LONDON LABYRINTH: Chris Petit Double Bill & Record Launch at Close-Up (07 DEC 18:30):

  • Stanley Schtinter presents Chris Petit’s highly personal and impressionistic view of London seen through archival film, LONDON LABYRINTH, in a double-bill with CARFAX FRAGMENT – Petit’s homage to Bram Stoker and the edge lands of London, actual and imagined.

More films in London today (A – Z):

SAT 08

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: DR JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE at The Cinema Museum (08 DEC).
Films in London this week: DR JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE at The Cinema Museum (08 DEC).

DR JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE at The Cinema Museum (08 DEC 17:00):

  • Misty Moon presents: A classic Hammer horror film directed by Roy Ward Baker. The film was their third adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella, and is notable for showing Jekyll transform into a female Hyde played by Martine Beswick.
  • Followed by An Evening with Martine Beswick (08 DEC 20:00).

HALLELUJAH ANYHOW + Q&A with actor Doña Croll at BFI Southbank (08 DEC 14:00):

  • African Odysseys presents: Screened originally at the London Film Festival in 1990, this landmark film is set within a black UK church congregation and follows the life of pastor Adlyn (Croll), whose childhood sweetheart returns and forces her to choose between her faith, her family and her future.

TELL SPRING NOT TO COME THIS YEAR + Masterclass with director Saeed Taji Farouky at The CentrE17 (08 DEC 18:00):

  • Last Frame Club presents: Saeed Taji Farouky’s doc follows one unit of the Afghan National Army over the course of their first year of deployment in Helmand without NATO support. It is an intimate film about the human side of combat, told from a largely unheard and misrepresented perspective. The screening will be followed by an eye opening masterclass by the director on journalism and documentary filmmaking.

More films in London today (A – Z):

SUN 09

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: LOVE, GILDA at Phoenix Cinema (09 DEC).
Films in London this week: LOVE, GILDA at Phoenix Cinema (09 DEC).

CAROL +  DISCUSSION at The Yard Theatre (09 DEC 19:00).

  • Queer Cinema Club presents a discussion of the role of non-LGBTQ+ actors in queer cinema followed by a screening of the multi-award-winning (and Xmas themed) CAROL.

LA PROFEZIA DELL’ARMADILLO at Genesis Cinema (09 DEC 18:00):

  • CinemaItaliaUK presents a UK premiere: Zero is a procrastinating twenty-something guy living in the suburbs of Rome who deals daily with demotivating temporary jobs, his friendship with Secco and the presence of a giant Armadillo working as his conscience and advisor. Based on the graphic novels by ZeroCalcare. Drinks follow the screening.

LITTLE MEN + Q&A with actor Paulina Garcia at ICA (09 DEC 18:30):

  • Money worries and entitlement impinge on a flourishing teenage friendship.

LOVE, GILDA + Q&A with director Lisa D’Apolito at Phoenix Cinema (09 DEC 14:00):

  • The Celluloid Sorceress presents: Director Lisa D’Apolito’s acclaimed documentary on the tragically short life and hilarious career of Gilda Radner, the first superstar of Saturday Night Live and a comedy icon. After the screening, Lisa D’Apolito will be in conversation with Rebecca Nicole Williams.

More films in London today (A – Z):

MON 10

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: UTØYA – JULY 22 at Genesis Cinema (10 DEC).
Films in London this week: UTØYA – JULY 22 at Genesis Cinema (10 DEC).

AN ARTIST’S EYES + Q&A with Ruthie Holloway & director Jack Bond at Regent Street Cinema (10 DEC 18:30):

  • The journey of the brilliant young British painter, Chris Moon, as he navigates the perilous art world and a demanding, often excruciating relationship with his work.

THE FIRST BORN 35mm + INTRO by Christine Gledhill + LIVE ACCOMPANIMENT by John Sweeney at BFI Southbank (10 DEC 20:30):

  • Film historian Rachael Low was a big admirer of Miles Mander’s THE FIRST BORN, which uses novel techniques to deliver a surprisingly gutsy adult drama set in the world of 1920s politics as Sir Hugo Boycott (Mander) and Lady Madeleine’s (Carroll) perfect political marriage conceals a sordid reality.
  • Follows Library Talk Why Rachel Low Matters (10 DEC 18:30).

UTØYA – JULY 22 + PANEL DISCUSSION with Geoff Ho at Genesis Cinema (10 DEC 18:30):

  • On July 22 2011 more than 500 youths at a political summer camp on an island outside Oslo were attacked by an armed, right-wing extremist. Earlier that day he bombed a Government building in Oslo before making his way to Utøya island. In this first fictional movie about the attack we get to know Kaja (18) and her friends.

More films in London today (A – Z):

TUE 11

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: SORRY TO BOTHER YOU at Genesis Cinema (11 DEC).
Films in London this week: SORRY TO BOTHER YOU at Genesis Cinema (11 DEC).

ASHORE + Q&A with director Leonor Teles at ICA (11 DEC 18:45):

  • Ashore portrays a year in the life of fisherman Albertino Lobo, whose days are divided between the quiet solitude of the Tagus, where he laboriously harvests shrimp and clams, and the family that anchors him.

CLEAN & SOBER 35mm + INTRO by Rebecca Nicole Williams at Regent Street Cinema (11 DEC 19:30):

  • The Celluloid Sorceress presents: A powerful drama about drug addiction and rehabilitation, Glenn Gordon Caron’s film – starring Michael Keaton, Morgan Freeman, M. Emmet Walsh & Kathy Baker – contains some of its impressive cast’s finest work. There’s a selection of vintage 35mm trailers before the main feature.

SORRY TO BOTHER YOU + PANEL at Genesis Cinema (11 DEC 18:30):

  • The People’s Film Club & Skin Deep magazine present a screening of Boot Riley’s uniquely anti-capitalist satire followed by a panel discussion. Part of the proceeds from this screening will go towards Skin Deep, however, if you’d like to show a bit more appreciation, you can buy a Solidarity Ticket at £8.50.

More films in London today (A – Z):

WED 12

Films in London this week: BRIDGES OF TIME at Barbican (12 DEC).
Films in London this week: BRIDGES OF TIME at Barbican (12 DEC).

ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS + INTRO by Geoff Andrew at BFI (12 DEC 18:10):

  • A middle-class widow finds her loneliness assuaged by the company of her slightly younger, slightly bohemian gardener, but her children and friends are scandalised at the thought of any romance. Sirk’s exquisitely subdued melodrama offers a scathing attack on the stultifying conformism of the American Dream.

A PRIVATE WAR + Q&A with Rosamund Pike, Tom Hollander, director Matthew Heineman & photographer Paul Conroy at Regent Street Cinema (12 DEC 19:30):

  • Based on the extraordinary life of celebrated war correspondents Marie Colvin, A PRIVATE WAR is brought to the screen by Academy Award and BAFTA nominated documentary filmmaker Matthew Heineman making his narrative feature debut.

BRIDGES OF TIME + Q&A with director Kristine Briede & producer Uldis Cekulis at Barbican (12 DEC 18:30):

  • New East Cinema presents: This beautiful, poetic film explores the lesser known generation of documentary filmmakers of the Baltic New Wave, with moving extracts from features shot in 1960s Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Nova Nights Ep#16: Tim Dry – Memoirs Of An Xtro-vert and more… at The Horse Hospital (12 DEC 19:00):

  • Billy Chainsaw presents an intimate evening with TIM DRY… actor (‘XTRO’, RETURN OF THE JEDI’), award-winning photographer, pop musician, mime artist and writer, which will feature screenings of short films that he’s starred in and two of his own videos.

More films in London today (A – Z):

THU 13

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films for London this week: INVENTION FOR DESTRUCTION at ICA (13 DEC).
Films for London this week: INVENTION FOR DESTRUCTION at ICA (13 DEC).

AWAITING FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS + Q&A with director Johnny Kevorkian & producer Jack Tarling at The Castle Cinema (13 DEC 19:00):

  • A mysterious black substance surrounds the Milgram family house on Christmas morning, trapping them inside. Something monumentally creepy is happening right outside their door, but what exactly?

FUNNE – LE RAGAZZE CHE SOGNAVANO IL MARE + INTRO by Daniela De Rosa at Regent Street Cinema (13 DEC 19:30):

  • A small town among the mountains of Trentino. A group of old ladies (“Funne” stands for “girls” in local dialect) who dedicated their lives to the family and have never seen the sea. Erminia, their leader, decides to start crowdfunding to finance a trip to the seaside. A funny and poetic documentary which tells a true story like the fairytale it became.

INVENTION FOR DESTRUCTION + INTRO by John Stevenson at ICA (13 DEC 20:30):

  • Often described as the ‘Czech Méliès’, Karel Zeman’s innovations in the use of live-action and animation mark him as one of the great masters of 20th Century fantasy cinema, alongside his more celebrated Western counterparts Willis H. O’Brien, George Pal and Ray Harryhausen.

Roads to Hell: The Highway Horror Film with Instructor Bernice M. Murphy at The Horse Hospital (13 DEC 19:00):

  • The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies presents: This class will introduce students to the ‘Highway Horror Film,’ an overlooked sub-genre of the wider American horror tradition which articulates profound unease about the transitory nature of modern American life, as well as the wider impact of mass automobility.

More films in London today (A – Z):


SEASONS (by event/venue)

Films in London this week: PERFORMANCE at The Horse Hospital, part of A CINEMA OF FORKING PATHS (11 DEC).
Films in London this week: PERFORMANCE at The Horse Hospital, part of A CINEMA OF FORKING PATHS (11 DEC).

70mm PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

  • Bringing regular 70mm presentations back to the West End with: DIE HARD 70mm (09 DEC 20:45 / 13 DEC 20:45).

A CINEMA OF FORKING PATHS – FILMS INSPIRED BY BORGES! at The Horse Hospital & Curzon Bloomsbury (05 to 11 DEC):

ALL NIGHT / DAY / MINI MOVIE MARATHONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

  • “Butt-numbing marathons” (their words…ED.) of cult, horror, themed & film franchises including: DISNEY PYJAMA PARTY (08 DEC 21:15).
  • Just be sure to follow the rules

ANIMATION 2018 at BFI Southbank (2018):

  • Celebrating animation in all its guises, from puppetry and stop-motion to anime and CGI. Includes: The Christmas Short Films + Q&A with directors Dave Unwin & Richard Williams (09 DEC 15:00 – Sold Out!).

ANTI-CHRISTMAS at Deptford Cinema (13 to 21 DEC):


  • One of the most revelatory voices to emerge from the postwar explosion of international art-house cinema, Ingmar Bergman was a master storyteller who startled the world with his stark intensity and naked pursuit of the most profound metaphysical and spiritual questions. Includes: THE RITE (10 DEC 20:15).

CHRISTMAS AT THE PCC at The Prince Charles (30 NOV to 24 DEC):

THE CHRISTMAS LABYRINTH at Backyard Cinema (until 22 DEC):

CHRISTMAS MOVIE NIGHTS at the Rivoli Ballroom (13 to 14 DEC):

COMEDIES MADE IN FRANCE at Ciné Lumière (02 DEC to 16 JAN):

COMEDY COUPLES at Barbican (05 to 13 DEC):

COMEDY GENIUS at BFI Southbank (OCT 2018 to JAN 2019):

HAROLD & KUMAR at Deptford Cinema (22 NOV to 06 DEC):

HOUSE OF VANS DOES XMAS: 90S DOUBLE BILLS at House Of Vans (09 to 16 DEC – Free! / No booking required):


  • This two-month season spotlight’s Fonda’s finest screen moments, from camp space adventures to tense thrillers and moving drama. Includes: ON GOLDEN POND + INTRO by cinematographer Billy Williams (07 DEC 18:15); COMING HOME 35mm (08 DEC 18:00); and, JULIA (09 DEC 20:10).

LOOKING BACK, LOOKING FORWARD at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (NOV to DEC):

  • An eclectic mix of films that cover different points in recent history. Includes: COMFORT & JOY (07 DEC 19:30).


  • Seán McGovern presents: Ross Hunter, at one time, was a force in Hollywood. “A Ross Hunter Production” had certain hallmarks: a campy, sometimes manic sensibility, overwrought emotion and high-octane melodrama. But Ross Hunter has largely been forgotten. Until now… Includes: MADAME X (13 DEC 19:30).

THE PURSUIT OF WHOLENESS at Close-Up (07 to 09 DEC):

  • A tribute to seminal avant-garde filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos, with rare 16mm screenings of two acclaimed films and an exclusive preview of film critic Georgia Korossi’s documentary, DEVOTION. Includes: TWICE A MAN 16mm + DEVOTION (07 DEC 20:15); and THE ILLIAC PASSION 16mm (09 DEC 20:00).

#WOMENINFILM2018 at Genesis Cinema (2018):

  • Films that have: a female director/co-director, a female writer/co-writer, or a strong/iconic female lead. Includes: FREE SOLO + Satellite Q&A with Alex Honnold & directors Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin (11 DEC 18:15); TOUCH ME NOT (13 DEC 18:20).


FILM FESTIVALS (by date/duration)

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: VAZANTE at Rich Mix, part of Cinema of Brazil (11 DEC).
Films in London this week: VAZANTE at Rich Mix, part of Cinema of Brazil (08 to 11 DEC).

Film festivals in London this week include:



Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: METEORS at ICA (07 to 13 DEC).
Films in London this week: METEORS at ICA (07 to 13 DEC).

METEORS at ICA (07 to 13 DEC):

  • At night, in a Kurdish town in eastern Turkey, meteors start to fall. Stepping out of their homes to look, the city’s inhabitants encounter fragments of the past and remember those who have been lost.

SORRY TO BOTHER YOU at Rio Cinema (07 to 13 DEC):

  • In an alternate present-day version of Oakland, California, Cassius “Cash” Green lives with his girlfriend Detroit in his Uncle’s garage. A job as a telemarketer introduces him to the key to professional success – using his “white voice”. But success as a Power Caller also opens the door to a macabre universe…

THEATRE OF WAR at DocHouse (07 to 13 DEC):

  • A mix of Argentinian and British veterans are brought together to re-enact their experiences during the Falklands War. Through a handful of staged sequences, they revisit the visions that haunt them and discuss the muddy politics.

More films in London this week (A – Z):

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