Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY 70mm at Picturehouse Central.

SCREEN GUIDE: Films in London this week [18 to 24 MAY 2018]

RADIANT CIRCUS is creating the only all-inclusive guide to London’s DIY, indie & alternative movie nights, film events & gallery screenings. Our latest SCREEN GUIDE helps you find films in London this week*.

FRI 18 // SAT 19 // SUN 20 // MON 21 // TUE 22 // WED 23 // THU 24

Welcome to our weekly digest of great films in London this week.

Kicking things off in style, there are two splendidly alternative ways to mark/avoid the Royal Wedding this weekend. Deptford Cinema’s suitably themed programme (18 to 20 MAY) invites you to “escape it all with our mini-festival of punk movies” including RADIANT CIRCUS favourite JUBILEE, BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, RAN, and THE DEATH OF LOUIS XIV. Then there’s NEO ULTRA PUNK at ICA (also 18 to 20 MAY) which showcases the work of artist and filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang and includes her new “cypherpunk, sci-fi porn” feature film FLUIDØ, set in a post-AIDS future of 2060. Find these and more great seasons below.

Elsewhere, get ready to go Kubrick crazy with a glorious new 70mm Roadshow print of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY – which screens exclusively at Picturehouse Central – and a new documentary about his actor, “muse and right-hand man”, Leon Vitali, FILMWORKER (see grind shows). Rio Cinema goes full-service with welcome repertory screenings of THE SHINING (19 MAY) and BARRY LYNDON (20 MAY).

Speaking of 70mm exclusives, there’s another one of our favourite things over at BFI Southbank

Finally, we recognise the power of female filmmakers with this week’s F-Rated screenings including THE PIANO (18 MAY) and REVENGE (22 MAY) – both presented by Birds’ Eye View as part of their vital #ReclaimTheFrame initiative – as well as LOST IN TRANSLATION (19 MAY), EXTINCTION (20 MAY), THE BREADWINNER and LADY BIRD (both 22 MAY), THE FEMALE CLOSET (24 MAY) and two parallel seasons of films by Lurcrecia Martel at ICA and BFI (see seasons).

What are you going to see?

Find films in London this week by: SINGLE-O EXHIBITS (one-off attractions), MUSEUM SHOWS (several attractions under one roof – seasons & festivals) and GRIND SHOWS (regular runs).




FRI 18

Radiant Circus Screen guide - Films in London this week: THE PIANO at Curzon Mayfair (18 MAY).
Films in London this week: THE PIANO at Curzon Mayfair (18 MAY).

A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES + Q&A with directors Jimmy Edmonds & Jane Harris at The Prince Charles (18 MAY 20:45):

  • A personal journey by two bereaved parents whose son died in a road accident in Vietnam five years ago. They now honour him with their own road trip across the USA where they meet other bereaved families with stories of grief that refuse social expectations. UK Premiere.

#ReclaimTheFrame: THE PIANO + PANEL at Curzon Mayfair (18 MAY 18:15):

  • A Birds Eye View and Women & Hollywood 25th anniversary screening of Jane Campion’s groundbreaking film. This is a preview of the new Digital Restoration of the film, released by Independent Cinema Office and STUDIOCANAL on 15 June. Reclaim The Frame aims to bring ever-greater audiences to films by women and to build a more balanced film future.

RECRUITING FOR JIHAD + Q&A with directors Adel Khan Farooq and Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen at DocHouse (18 MAY 20:30):

  • Gaining unprecedented access to the lives of religious fundamentalists, RECRUITING FOR JIHAD is a powerful examination of extremism in Europe, which makes its UK Premiere at Bertha DocHouse. RECRUITING FOR JIHAD also enjoys a grind show run at the same venue (18 to 24 MAY).

More films in London today (A – Z): CITIZEN KANE at BFI (18 MAY 20:45). THE ICE KING presented by DogWoof at House Of Vans (18 MAY 19:00 – Free!). THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS + Q&A Roger Steffens and John Masouri + DJ SET at Rio Cinema (18 MAY 21:00). SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN at Ink@84 Bookshop (18 MAY 19:30). SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT swear-a-long screening at The Prince Charles (18 MAY 21:00).

SAT 19

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: LOST IN TRANSLATION at The Prince Charles (19 MAY).
Films in London this week: LOST IN TRANSLATION at The Prince Charles (19 MAY).

KEVIN BROWNLOW FILM NIGHT at The Cinema Museum (19 MAY 19:30):

  • The Cinema Museum welcomes director and film historian Kevin Brownlow to another in the popular ‘Desert Island Flicks’ series. Kevin will be interviewed with clips from his favourite movies, by Neil Brand. This is a Save the Cinema Museum benefit.

French Impressions: 120 BPM + TALK at Watermans Arts Centre (19 MAY 13:00):

  • 120 BPM is a magnificent piece of film-making and was a critical and awards success, winning 6 Césars, the French Oscar equivalent. Jon Davies introduces the film and leads a tour of other French films that gained such critical and popular acclaim.

VISUAL CHORUS at The Horse Hospital (19 MAY 19:30):

  • A live jazz band with a collection of experimental, animated and creatively-narrative short films.

More films in London today (A – Z): 5 BROKEN CAMERAS at Genesis Cinema (19 MAY 19:00 – Free!). CITIZEN KANE 35mm at The Prince Charles (19 MAY 15:35). GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 at BFI (19 MAY 15:50). LOST IN TRANSLATION 35mm at The Prince Charles (19 MAY 20:45). NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN 35mm at BFI (19 MAY 20:20). THE SHINING at Rio Cinema (19 MAY 15:45).

SUN 20

Radiant Circus Screen Guide: Films in London this week: EXTINCTION at DocHouse (20 MAY).
Films in London this week: EXTINCTION at DocHouse (20 MAY).

Double Bill: THE INNOCENTS + THE OLD DARK HOUSE at Regent Street Cinema (20 MAY 15:00 & 17:15):

  • Two horror classics. There’s a discount for doing the double.

EXTINCTION at DocHouse (20 MAY 16:00):

  • Salomé Lamas’ haunting essay film enters the dark and labyrinthine borderlands of what was once the USSR. Kolya is a young man from Moldova, who feels a strong allegiance to Transnistria – a communist breakaway state which does not legally exist.

WAKE IN FRIGHT at Moth Club (20 MAY 19:00):

  • Insecure Men take over Deeper Into Movies to present their THE KILL SHOP video introduced by director Niall Trask. Then the band will be DJing before introducing their hand-picked movie for the night…the Australian nightmare cult classic WAKE IN FRIGHT.

More films in London today (A – Z): BARRY LYNDON at Rio Cinema (20 MAY 15:15). CITIZEN KANE at BFI (20 MAY 15:20). D/EAF SHORTS SHOWCASE at Rio Cinema (20 MAY 12:00). FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE at Regent Street Cinema (20 MAY 19:00). FROM UP ON POPPY HILL at The Prince Charles (20 MAY 15:35). L’APPAT presented by French Sundaes at The Cinema Museum (20 MAY 14:30). THE MAGIC FLUTE at Picturehouse Central (20 MAY 13:00 – Other Picturehouses available!). THE SEARCHERS 35mm at The Prince Charles (20 MAY 20:45 – £1 PCC Members).

MON 21

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: YOUNG ONES at The Institute Of Light (21 MAY).
Films in London this week: YOUNG ONES at The Institute Of Light (21 MAY).

LFS: BLACK GIRL at Lexi Cinema (21 MAY 18:30):

  • Welcome to your neighbourhood film school, a series of hosted screenings exploring film history and introducing current debates in cinema culture. Senegalese write-director Ousmane Sembene’s film will be presented by writer and curator Manish Agarwal (BFI London Film Festival & Overnight Film Festival).

MEMOIR OF A MURDERER at Regent Street Cinema (21 MAY 19:00):

  • Serial killers are popular figures in South Korean cinema, and their shocking tales of murder hold a tight grip on the neck of their box-office. In MEMOIR OF A MURDERER, one elderly killer’s grasp loosens as his memory begins to fail, but a new and dangerous foe is ready to take his place… A Korean Film Festival teaser screening.

YOUNG ONES + TALK: Water Pressure at The Institute Of Light (21 MAY 19:15):

  • In a near future where water is a precious and dwindling resource, hardened survivors scrape and struggle to get by on a barren land that has withered and grown wretched. Before the film, Dr Daanish Mustafa, Reader in Politics and Environment at King’s College London, will examine why it is that, with water in abundance the world over, only the poorest communities suffer from water scarcity. Presented by Science Fiction Theatre.

More films in London today (A – Z): 12 ANGRY MEN 35mm at The Prince Charles (21 MAY 18:25). A CAMBODIAN SPRING + Q&A with director Chris Kelly & the Venerable Sovath (featured in the film) at Rio Cinema (21 MAY 18:25). NEW TOWN UTOPIA at Barbican (21 MAY 18:30). ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST at Stratford Picturehouse (21 MAY 20:30 – Other Picturehouses available!). RAWHIDE presented by Kennington Shoot-em-ups at The Cinema Museum (21 MAY 19:30). ROYALTY short film programme presented by Queerly Beloved at The Glory (21 MAY 19:00). SHORT FILMS: BEST OF presented by The Film Bunch at Mirth, Marvel & Maud (21 MAY 19:00). SINK + Q&A with Mark Rylance & Mark Gillis at Curzon Soho (21 MAY 18:40). VIDEODROME presented by Deeper Into Movies at The Five Bells (21 MAY 19:30).

TUE 22

Radiant Circus Screen Quest - A PETAL (1996) at the Korean Cultural Centre.
Films in London this week: A PETAL at Deptford Cinema (22 MAY).

Adrian Wootton’s Hollywood Legends: Audrey Hepburn + CHARADE + INTRO at Barbican (22 MAY 18:45 & 20:30):

  • Adrian Wootton OBE, CEO of Film London, traces the life and career of Audrey Hepburn before a screening of “an appealing romantic suspense caper” with the dashing Cary Grant.

A PETAL at Deptford Cinema (22 MAY 20:00 – Free!):

  • A film that attempts to address the trauma of the Gwangju Uprising on the psyche of the Korean people. Presented by The Korean Film Festival in partnership with Deptford Cinema.
  • Read the RADIANT CIRCUS writeup.

FALLING FREETOWN + URBAN NOMADS – Cities, Tension and Urban Planning at Frontline Club (22 May 19:00):

  • Already more than half of humanity lives in urban areas. During an evening of film screenings and discussion, we explore these tensions and what solutions can be found to make cities places that leave no one behind.

More films in London today (A – Z): THE BREADWINNER at Picturehouse Central (22 MAY 18:30 – Other Picturehouses available!). CLASSE TOUS RISQUES at BFI (22 MAY 20:40). Egon Schiele: DEATH & THE MAIDEN at Austrian Cultural Forum (22 MAY 19:00 – Free!). GHOST STORIES at The David Lean Cinema (22 MAY 19:30). LADY BIRD presented by Wimbledon Film Club at HMV Curzon (22 MAY 20:30). LE HARVRE presented by Richmond Film Society at The Exchange (22 MAY 20:00). SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY MORNING 16mm at The Castle Cinema (22 MAY 18:45).

WED 23

Radiant Circus Special Features - THE SPANISH DANCER with Pola Negri at Kennington Bioscope (23 MAY).
Films in London this week: THE SPANISH DANCER at Kennington Bioscope (23 MAY).

NOVA NIGHTS: EP #11 – Beautiful Nightmares: the films & videos of Prano Bailey-Bond at The Horse Hospital (23 MAY 19:00):

  • Billy Chainsaw presents an evening of films by the award-winning director Prano Bailey-Bond who grew up on a diet of TWIN PEAKS in the depths of a strange Welsh community. Her work invokes imaginative worlds, fusing a dark vocabulary with eerie allure, revealing how beauty resides in strange places.

THE SPANISH DANCER at The Cinema Museum (23 MAY 19:30):

  • Kennington Bioscope presents THE SPANISH DANCER (1923), a Famous Players-Lasky production starring Pola Negri, Antonio Moreno and Wallace Beery. A programme of silent shorts precedes the main film.

THE THREEPENNY OPERA 35mm + INTRO by Margaret Deriaz at BFI Southbank (23 MAY 18:15):

  • GW Pabst’s adaptation of Brecht and Kurt Weill’s stage hit makes a few changes and drops some songs, but its anti-capitalist thrust and its acerbic view of society as uniformly rotten remain intact.

More films in London today (A – Z): AGUIRRE, WRATH OF GOD at BFI (23 May 21:00). ARTISTS’ FILM CLUB: Ephraim Asili: DIASPORA SUITE at ICA (23 MAY 18:45). THE BIG BLEND networking presented by Shorts On Tap & the London Filmmaking Network at Cafe 1001 (23 MAY 19:00 – Free!). Double Bill: THE CHELSEA HOTEL & BEAT THIS – A HIP HOP HISTORY + Q&A with Barry Miles & Anthony Wall presented by Heavenly Films at Regent Street Cinema (23 MAY 19:30 & 21:20). INTERSTELLAR 70mm at The Prince Charles (23 MAY 20:15). MCQUEEN + Q&A with directors Ian Bonhôte & Peter Ettedgui at Everyman Hampstead (23 MAY 18:30). THE SQUARE presented by Screen25 at Harris Academy South Norwood (23 MAY 19:30). TWO FOR THE ROAD at Regent Street Cinema (23 MAY 12:00 & 15:30).

THU 24

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: GIUSEPPE MAKES A MOVIE at The Castle Cinema (24 MAY).
Films in London this week: GIUSEPPE MAKES A MOVIE at The Castle Cinema (24 MAY).

BLACK RUSSIANS + DISCUSSION at Bernie Grant Arts Centre (24 MAY 19:00):

  • UK premiere of a feature length documentary that investigates the lives of contemporary Afro-Russians aged 10 to 65, many of them born and raised in Soviet Russia. Presented by Black History Studies.


  • A doc that uses archival photographs, home movies, interviews, and other visual materials to explore the closeted lesbian histories of artists Alice Austen, Hannah Höch and Nicole Eisenman. 20th anniversary screening presented by Tara Brown, programmer, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest.

GIUSEPPE MAKES A MOVIE + Q&A with producer Mike Plante at The Castle Cinema (24 MAY 21:00):

  • While the rest of America slept, DIY filmmaker/musician Giuseppe Andrews (a one-time teen actor in INDEPENDENCE DAY) has made over 30 experimental features. Director Adam Rifkin creates a surreal, funny and touching portrait of a truly Outsider Artist.

More films in London today (A – Z): Architecture on Film: COLUMBUS at Barbican (24 MAY 18:30). THE ARTIST presented by Kennington Classics at The Cinema Museum (24 MAY 19:30). CITIZEN KANE at BFI (24 MAY 18:15). THE FENCER presented by Bigger Picture Film Club at The IvyHouse (24 MAY 20:00). REY at The Whitechapel Gallery (24 MAY 19:00). SINK + Q&A with Mark Gillis at Deptford Cinema (24 MAY 20:00). SUNSHINE 35mm at The Prince Charles (24 MAY 20:45). THE THIRD MURDER at Regent Street Cinema (24 MAY 20:45). Videoclub: SELECTED 8 artist short film at The Whitechapel (24 MAY 17:00).


SEASONS (by event/venue)

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: PHASE IV at The Prince Charles (23 MAY).
Films in London this week: PHASE IV at The Prince Charles (23 MAY).

ANIMATION 2018 at BFI Southbank (all year):

CLOSE-UP ON JEAN-LUC GODARD at Close-Up (04 to 25 MAY):


  • “Celebrated the world over as one of the central figures of the postwar Italian cinema, Pier Paolo Pasolini is recognized in his native land as arguably the most important Italian artist and intellectual of the twentieth century.” – Harvard Film Archive. Films include: OEDIPUS REX (20 MAY 18:00); MEDEA (20 MAY 20:00); THEOREM (22 MAY 20:00); and, SALÒ, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM (23 MAY 19:30).

CREATURE FEATURES at The Prince Charles (01 MAY to 23 JUL):

  • “From creepy crawlies and beasts from the deep to extra-terrestrials and towering goliaths…” Films include: CLOVERFIELD 35mm (22 MAY 20:45); PHASE IV 35mm (23 MAY 18:00).

CYBERPUNK ANIME at House Of Vans (06 to 27 MAY):

  • A series showing “the best of the best in CyberPunk Anime”. Free entry – no booking required: AKIRA (19 MAY 15:00 & 17:30); and, WINGS OF HONNEAMIS (20 MAY 14:00 & 16:00).

THE FILMS OF YASUJIRÔ OZU at The Prince Charles Cinema (26 MAR to 14 OCT):

  • Taking the English translation of his titles literally, the films of legendary Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu in the seasons in which they are set. This month it’s: LATE SPRING 35mm (21 May 20:45).

JACQUES TATI Selectrospective at The Prince Charles (07 to 28 MAY):

  • A selection of films from the genius of legendary French filmmaker Jacques Tati includes: PLAYTIME (20 MAY 17:50); and, TRAFFIC (24 MAY 18:30).

JUST THE TWO OF US? at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (04 MAY to 29 JUN):

  • “Couples, love triangles, friends, doppelgängers”: DELICATESSEN (18 MAY 19:30).

LET LOVE IN: NICK CAVE ON SCREEN at Genesis Cinema (until 01 JUN):



MAY ’68 AND ITS LEGACIES at Ciné Lumière (04 to 23 MAY):

  • A season looking at 50 years of creation and ideas stimulated by the motto “Power to the Imagination”: SUMMERTIME (23 MAY 20:40). REDOUBTABLE enjoys a grind show run (until 23 MAY).

NEO ULTRA PUNK at ICA (18 to 20 MAY):

  • This three-day programme features new and recent works by artist and filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang, alongside presentations by performers, filmmakers and thinkers reflecting on Cheang’s concept ‘NEO ULTRA PUNK’: WONDERS WANDER, Shorts + Panel (18 MAY 18:00); LET’S MAKE A SEQUEL – FLUIDØ 2 (19 MAY 14:00); FLUIDØ + Q&A with Shu Lea Cheang (19 MAY 18:30); LIBERATE THE FLUID Party + Performance (19 MAY 21:00); and, SHADOW SISTXERS FIGHT CLUB (20 MAY 15:00 – sold out!).


  • After decades of being represented and ‘spoken for’ by Western directors, these films burst with the creativity of filmmakers reclaiming the right to take control of the camera for the first time. Films include: SI MOH, THE UNLUCKY MAN + THE EAST WIND (23 MAY 18:30).

ROYAL WEDDING at Deptford Cinema (19 to 20 MAY):

TERRY GILLIAM at Deptford Cinema (until 09 SEP):


WE <3 GRETA GERWIG at The Prince Charles (until 09 JUN):

  • A selection of some of Gerwig’s best roles from recent years continues with: WIENER-DOG (22 MAY 18:35).

#WOMENINFILM2018 at Genesis Cinema (all year):

  • Films that have: a female director/co-director, a female writer/co-writer, or a strong/iconic female lead: REVENGE + PANEL as part of #ReclaimTheFrame with Birds’ Eye View (22 May 18:30).

YOUTH ON THE MARCH! at Regent Street Cinema (02 MAY to 27 JUN):


FILM FESTIVALS (by date/duration)

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: BEAUTY AND THE DOGS at Ciné Lumière (18 MAY).
Films in London this week: BEAUTY AND THE DOGS at Ciné Lumière (18 MAY).

Festivals projecting this week include:



Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: MAYSKAYA STREET at DocHouse.
Films in London this week: MAYSKAYA STREET at DocHouse.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY 70mm at Picturehouse Central (18 to 28 MAY):

  • For the first time since the original release, this 70mm print was struck from new printing elements made from the original camera negative. This is a true photochemical film recreation, with no digital tricks, remastered effects, or revisionist edits, that is showing exclusively at Picturehouse cinemas. This screening will have a 15 minute interval.

FILMWORKER at ICA (18 to 24 MAY):

  • Director Tony Zierra puts filmworker Leon Vitali centerstage in this documentary about his staggering career and creative involvement with director Stanley Kubrick. Vitali, a budding actor, initially starred in Kubrick’s period drama BARRY LYNDON before becoming his muse and right-hand man.
  • Also at Picturehouse Central (18 to 24 MAY) and Rio Cinema (18 to 24 MAY).

MAYSKAYA STREET at DocHouse (18 to 24 MAY):

  • Belarus has been called ‘Europe’s last Dictatorship’, ruled by President Lukashenko since the collapse of the USSR. Young Kostia – 18 and about to vote for the first time – muses on the future for his country with his family and friends in his small village.

RECRUITING FOR JIHAD at DocHouse (18 to 24 MAY):

  • Gaining unprecedented access to the lives of religious fundamentalists, RECRUITING FOR JIHAD is a powerful examination of extremism in Europe, which makes its UK Premiere at Bertha DocHouse.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC 70mm at BFI Southbank (18 to 31 MAY):

  • This handsomely mounted film of the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is an exemplary translation from stage to screen. Right from the aerial opening – presented in glorious 70mm for an exclusive two-week run at BFI – Robert Wise and screenwriter Ernest Lehman place passion, energy, movement and musical expression at the heart of their brisk, eloquent storytelling.

More films in London this week (A – Z): IN THE INTENSE NOW at ICA (19 to 22 MAY). THE POETESS at DocHouse (until 23 MAY). RECRUITING FOR JIHAD at DocHouse (18 to 24 MAY). REVENGE at Barbican (until 20 MAY), The Castle Cinema (19 to 23 MAY), Ciné Lumière (19 to 31 MAY). THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI at Whirled Cinema (21 to 27 MAY). THE WILD BOYS aka Les Garçons Sauvages at ICA (until 23 MAY). THE WOUND at Lexi Cinema (22 & 23 MAY). THE YOUNG KARL MARX at JW3 (18 to 24 MAY).

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Featured image: 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY 70mm at Picturehouse Central (18 to 28 MAY).