SCREEN GUIDE: Films in London this week [20 to 26 APR 2018]

RADIANT CIRCUS is creating London’s only all-inclusive guide to DIY, indie & alternative movie nights, film events & gallery screenings. Our latest SCREEN GUIDE helps you find the Q&As, festivals, exhibitions, seasons and films in London this week [20 to 26 APR 2018]*.

FRI 20 // SAT 21 // SUN 22 // MON 23 // TUE 24 // WED 25 // THU 26

Welcome to our weekly digest where we recommend moving pictures that might excite you.

We’ve commented before about London’s near-monogamous relationship with film directors when it comes to repertory programming, so we’re always delighted to see other talents get an appreciation. The Celluloid Sorceress revisits the work of editor Tony Lawson (THE BOUNTY 35mm, 26 APR) whilst Edit Film Festival looks at the epic cuts of Joe Walker (BLADERUNNER 2049, 25 APR) and Sian Fever / Martin Walsh (WONDER WOMAN, 26 APR).

Another (half-serious) moan of ours has been how well-behaved London’s alternative cinema scene is, focusing often on well-made, issue-driven cinema. Whilst this is far from a bad thing, we like to shock our social consciences occasionally with (much) scrappier fare which is why we were delighted to find World Wide Weird!’s pub screenings (BEYOND THE DOOR + THE ANTICHRIST, 21 APR). World Wide Weird! raises money for charity, so it looks like we’ll be able to scratch various itches.

As usual, documentary gets a good look in with some great non-fiction films in London this week along with the welcome return of FRAMES OF REPRESENTATION (20 to 28 APR). Our Featured Attraction of the week is JEAN PAINLEVÉ: SILVER, PHOTONS AND LIQUID CRYSTALS at Tate Modern (25 APR).

What are you going to see?

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FRI 20

Radiant Circus Screen Guide Now Showing - Films in London this week: WITHOUT THIS WORLD at DocHouse.
WITHOUT THIS WORLD + Q&A at DocHouse (20 APR).


Another excellent Prince Charles double bill, this time with Richard Linklater’s 1993 coming-of-age film and its 2016 thematic follow-up.

VEINTE DE ABRIL at Hackney Attic/Picturehouse (20 APR 19:30):

CINEMAATTIC presents an evening of Spanish, Iberian & Latin-American short film from the 90s and early 2000. “We’re positive that you’ll love this selection as much as we do so join us once again in the Attic and share our love for cinema.”

WITHOUT THIS WORLD + Q&A with director Nora Fingschedit at DocHouse (20 APR 18:15):

In a forgotten region in the North of Argentina, a community of Mennonites live the same simple and pious lifestyle as their forefathers did in 18th Century Germany. There are no phones, TV or radio here, and there is certainly no internet. The colony resist interference from the outside world, but is it really possible to refuse progress?

Second chance: the film enjoys a grind show run at the same venue from 27 APR.

More films in London today (A–Z): ABBA: THE MOVIE at BFI (20 APR 20:40). FRIDAY 35mm at Prince Charles (20 APR 18:30). THE ROOM at Prince Charles (20 APR 21:00).

SAT 21

BEYOND THE DOOR at The King & Queen (21 APR).

BEYOND THE DOOR & THE ANTICHRIST at The King & Queen (21 APR 17:30 – Free, donation invited):

World Wide Weird! presents a double bill of Italian Exorcism. Both films were part of the mini genre ‘filone’ (streamlet) of Exorcism themed films following the smash sucess of US film THE EXORCIST. “WARNING neither film is for the squeamish or fainthearted!” Raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Nurses and Prostate Cancer Research.

FRENCH IMPRESSIONS: I GOT LIFE! + TALK at Watermans (21 APR 13:00):

Single, out of work and feeling sidelined, soon-to-be grandma Aurore is dreading growing old. When she bumps into an old flame – the gorgeous Doctor Totoche – despite the odd hot flush, Aurore starts to feel sexy again and decides to embrace middle aged life.


Grab a joint ticket for all three parts of the latest in BFI’s long-running African Odysseys strand. Two documentaries are followed by Tony Warner (Black History Walks) talking about the African diaspora’s contribution to the classic Hollywood genre, the western.

More films in London today (A–Z): A MAN OF NO AMBITION at Talkies Community Cinema (21 APR 19:30). BARRY LYNDON at BFI (21 APR 14:00). EXPLODING CINEMA at the Horse Hospital (21 APR 19:00). GOING WEST + MUSIC + FOOD presented by South Social at Theatre Peckham (21 APR 18:30). HIGH FIDELITY 35mm at Prince Charles (21 APR 15:25). JACK THE RIPPER + GUESTS presented by Misty Moon at the Cinema Museum (21 APR 14:30). THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS 35mm at Prince Charles (21 APR 17:55). SONG OF THE SEA at Screen25 (21 APR 11:00).

SUN 22

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Now Showing - Films in London this week: SUDDEN FEAR at Regent Street (22 APR).
SUDDEN FEAR at Regent Street (22 APR).

BLACK SUNDAY FILM FESTIVAL at Hen & Chickens Theatre (22 APR 13:00):

Now entering its third edition, this monthly event (which is why it appears here rather than in FESTIVALS, below…) by Unrestricted View combines feature length and short form horror.

DOUBLE BILL: SUDDEN FEAR + DARK VICTORY at Regent Street (22 APR 14:00 & 16:15):

If you’ve been following FEUD, this one’s for you… A double bill of Joan Crawford followed by Bette Davis. There’s a discount for doing the double.

LONDON SYMPHONY + PANEL at Picturehouse Central (22 APR 13:00):

A silent city symphony offering a poetic journey through the capital, “an artistic snapshot of London as it stands today, and a celebration of its rich diversity of culture, architecture and religion”.

More films in London today (A–Z): A MOVING IMAGE +Q&A with director Shola Amoo presented by Block Party Cinema at Pop Brixton (22 APR 17:00). ALPHAVILLE presented by French Sundaes at the Cinema Museum (22 APR 14:30). CALL ME BY YOUR NAME presented by Deeper Into Movies at Moth Club (22 APR 15:00). GIRLS TRIP at Screen25 (25 APR 19:45). HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE at Prince Charles (22 APR 17:30 – Eng. subs). IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT at BFI (22 APR 15:45). THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER at Stow Film Lounge (22 APR 14:30). THE SEVENTH SEAL at Picturehouse Central (22 APR 13:00 – Other Picturehouses available). STALKER at Regent Street (22 APR 19:00). TO LIVE & DIE IN L.A. 35mm at Prince Charles (22 APR 20:45).

MON 23

AFTER ’82 + PANEL screens at Curzon Soho (23 APR).

AFTER ’82 + PANEL at Curzon Soho (23 APR 18:30):

Five years in the making, directors and producers Ben Lord and Steve Keeble bring together on screen personal stories told from the heart of the UK’s gay community that witnessed devastation, on a daily basis as they watched their lovers, friends and family die one by one to HIV & AIDS.

NOT.FOT. + ONE ON ONE at Curzon Goldsmiths (23 APR 18:00):

NOT.FOT. is a publication devoted to a single work: Władysław Hasior’s Photo Notebook  made up of twenty thousand slides arranged by the artist into thematic series over thirty years. The magazine is published periodically and this launch of the latest edition includes a screening of ONE ON ONE, a Polish cultural review television show from 1974.

SHORT FILM NIGHT + Q&A at Peckhamplex (23 APR 18:30):

A night of short films directed by women based in London including a discussion with the directors. Presented in partnership with Fabulosis Films.

More films in London today (A–Z): THE LAST ANIMALS presented by the Advaya Initiative at Regent Street (23 APR 19:30). FEAR EATS THE SOUL + INTRO at The Gate (23 APR ). GUMMO presented by Deeper Into Movies at The Five Bells (23 APR 19:30). THE GUNFIGHTER presented by Kennington Shoot-em-ups at Cinema Museum (23 APR 19:30). MANILA: IN THE CLAWS OF LIGHT at BFI (23 APR 20:10). MR HULOT’S HOLIDAY at Prince Charles (23 APR 18:00).  THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME short films presented by Queerly Beloved at The Glory (23 APR 19:00). TONI ERDMAN at Prince Charles (23 APR 20:25). WITHNAIL & I presented by Deeper Into Movies at Moth Club (23 APR 19:00).

TUE 24

WILD SIDE + Q&A at Regent Street (24 APR).

BEAST + Q&A with director Michael Pearce at BFI Southbank (24 APR 20:15):

Still living at home with her opressive, stiff-upper-lipped family and feeling stifled by the small island community, Moll (Buckley) finds herself drawn towards secretive stranger Pascal (Flynn). Consumed by her passion for him, she abandons her family and they move in together, but things get complicated when Pascal becomes the prime suspect in a string of unsolved murders.

Second chances: Michael Pearce introduces the film earlier at Arthouse Crouch End (24 APR 19:00) and there’s another Q&A at Curzon Bloomsbury (27 APR 18:25):

NEW TOWN UTOPIA + Q&A + PERFORMANCE at Picturehouse Central (24 APR 18:30):

New Town Utopia is a feature documentary film about utopian dreams and concrete realities… “the challenging, funny, and sometimes tragic story of the British new town seen through the prism of Basildon, Essex”.

WILD SIDE + Q&A with director Sébastien Lifshitz at Regent Street Cinema (24 APR 19:00):

The story of Stéphanie, a transsexual prostitute, called back to her past life by her dying mother in deep rural France. Presented by The Photographers’ Gallery.

More films in London today (A–Z): A MAN CALLED OVE at Richmond Film Society (24 APR 20:00). BEAST at Picturehouse Central (24 APR 18:30 – Other Picturehouses available). THE BIG SLEEP at BFI (24 APR 18:20). THE DEATH OF STALIN presented by Deeper Into Movies at Moth Club (24 APR 19:30). HERO 35mm at Prince Charles (24 APR 20:45). OPEN-MIC SHORT FILM NIGHT presented by Kino London at Candid Arts (24 APR 19:00). THINGS TO COME at Wimbledon Film Club (24 APR 20:30).

WED 25



Explore the captivating short films of Jean Painlevé, whose documentary work has inspired artists from Pablo Picasso, Philippe Parreno to Joan Jonas. Best known for his 1934 film THE SEAHORSE, Painlevé used the microscope and modern optics to reveal the natural world in intricate detail.

NIGHT ACCIDENT + INTRO by Birgit Beumers at Barbican (25 APR 18:30):

A minimalist and poetic piece of slow cinema, NIGHT ACCIDENT is a tale about an old man who finds love and purpose to live in a moment of complete despair. Based on the book The Old Man and the Angel by Talip Ibragimov. Presented by New East Cinema.

THE WOUND + Q&A with director John Trengove at BFI Southbank (25 APR 20:40):

The teenage boys of a Xhosa community in South Africa are initiated into manhood through an annual circumcision ritual. Xolani is tasked with caring for Kwanda, a petulant adolescent, who notices that Xolani has feelings for a fellow elder.

More films in London today (A–Z): THE ASSASSIN at Prince Charles (25 APR 18:25). FINDING CAMILLE + Q&A with director Bindu de Stoppani at Kino Bermondsey (25 & 26 APR 18:30 – for details, see listing 26 APR). GIRLS TRIP at Screen25 (25 APR 19:45). HARD PAINT presented by Vito Project at Cinema Museum (25 APR 19:00). KEY LARGO 35mm at Regent Street (25 APR 12:00 & 15:30). THE LUSTY MEN 35mm + INTRO by Geoff Andrew at BFI (25 APR 18:15). RADICAL BROADCASTS: PSYCHIATRIC TV at the Horse Hospital (25 APR 19:00). STRAW DOGS at Pitshanger Pictures at St Barnabas Millennium Halls (25 APR 20:15). THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTFOOT 35MM at Prince Charles (25 APR 20:45). UNE JEUNESSE ALLEMANDE screens at Goethe-Institut (25 APR 19:00). WALTZ WITH BASHIR at Deptford (25 APR 19:30). ZUZANA: MUSIC IS LIFE + FILM CLUB discussion by UK Jewish Film at JW3 (25 APR 18:30 – see all GRIND SHOWS, below).

THU 26

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Now Showing - Films in London this week: THE BOUNTY at the Cinema Museum (26 APR).
THE BOUNTY at the Cinema Museum (26 APR).

THE BOUNTY 35mm + Q&A with editor Tony Lawson at The Cinema Museum (26 APR 19:00):

The Celluloid Sorceress presents “a revisionist masterpiece, overlooked upon release, that has grown in stature and is considered by many among the finest epics of the 1980s”. Presented from a rare US 35mm print.

FINDING CAMILLE + Q&A with director Bindu de Stoppani at Kino Bermondsey (25 & 26 APR 18:30):

When dutiful and loyal Camille decides to go on a road trip down memory lane with her Alzheimer’s suffering father, she must learn to let her father go or risk losing her own chance at a life and happiness.

FOOLISH WIVES with live music from John Sweeney at Austrian Cultural Forum (26 APR 19:00):

In Stroheim’s 1922 film a con artist masquerades as Russian nobility and attempts to seduce the wife of an American diplomat. Part of a short season celebrating the films of Erich von Stroheim.

More films in London today (A–Z): ANOTHER NEWS STORY + Q&A with director Orban Wallace at Picturehouse Central (26 APR 18:30). BASIL KIRCHIN DOUBLE BILL + Q&A presented by Heavenly Films at Regent Street (26 APR 20:00). INNER WORLDS, OUTER WORLDS presented by the Psychedelic Society at Whirled Cinema (26 APR 19:30). IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT at BFI (26 APR 20:40). IT’S GONNA GET WORSE + Q&A with writer Jan Pelc and former dissident Karel Šling at Czech Centre (26 APR 19:00). MOMMIE DEAREST ‘camp quote-a-long’ presented by Unicorn Nights at Prince Charles (26 APR 20:45). THE PARTY at Bigger Picture Film Club (26 APR 20:00). TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at Sydenham Film Club (26 APR 19:30).

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EXHIBITIONS (by event/venue)

JOAN JONAS at Tate Modern.
JOAN JONAS at Tate Modern.

BL CK B X: GENTLEMEN – OLIVER PAYNE & NICK RELPH at LUX Moving Image (until 12 MAY – FREE, check for opening days/times):

LUX presents Oliver Payne and Nick Relph’s video work GENTLEMEN (2003) as part of the BL CK B X series of free monthly exhibitions of artists’ moving image. Coincides with the opening of Ian White: Any Frame is a Thrown Voice at Camden Arts Centre (until 24 JUN). Part of Cruising Ground II.

IAN CHENG screens at the Serpentine Galleries (until 28 MAY – FREE, check for opening days/times):

Artist Ian Cheng likens his live simulations to ‘a computer game that plays itself’, testing the capacity of humans to relate to continual change. Meet his new AI species, BOB (evolving in real time from 6 March to 22 April). The second part of the exhibition takes over from 22 APR with his trilogy of simulations, EMISSARIES (2015-17).

JOAN JONAS at Tate Modern (until 05 AUG):

Hero to a generation of younger artists, Joan Jonas is a pioneer of performance and video who has pushed the boundaries of art for the last five decades. This is the largest exhibition of Jonas’ work ever held in the UK. Installations include Lines in the Sand, The Juniper Tree and Reanimation.

ROSA BARBAR, ROBERTAS NARKUS & JOKŪBAS ČIŽIKAS, DANIELLE DEAN screens at The Whitechapel Gallery (until 03 JUN – FREE, check for times):

A selection of artists from The Whitechapel’s ARTISTS’ FILM INTERNATIONAL partnership of moving image galleries. The 2018 edition focuses on the theme of truth. Each of the selected artists explore the relationship between fact and fiction.

SANDRA PERRY: TYPHOON COMING ON screens at Serpentine Galleries (until 20 MAY – FREE, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

The artist’s first European solo exhibition explores the intersection of black identity, digital culture and power structures through video, media, installation and performance.

TACITA DEAN: PORTRAIT screens at the National Portrait Gallery (until 28 MAY – Tickets £14/£12.50 concession, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

This exhibition focuses on portraiture primarily through the medium of 16mm film. The exhibition will be the first in the gallery’s history to be devoted to the medium of film.

TACITA DEAN: STILL LIFE screens at the National Gallery (until 28 MAY – FREE, check with the gallery for opening days/times):

STILL LIFE presents a diverse selection of works in a variety of mediums. Works by the artist herself feature alongside works by contemporaries and paintings from the National Gallery Collection.

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SEASONS (by event/venue)

FRUITVALE STATION at Deptford Cinema (22 APR).

ALTITUDE FILMS screens at Deptford Cinema (03 to 30 APR):

An incredible season of films in partnership with the film distributor includes: LOVING VINCENT (22 APR 15:00); and, FRUITVALE STATION (22 APR 18:30).

ANIMATION 2018 screens at BFI Southbank (until DEC):

BFI continues a yearlong celebration of animation with BRITISH ANIMATION MEETS THE 21ST CENTURY (23 APR 18:10).

ANIME APRIL at Genesis Cinema (until 03 MAY):

The season of Japanese and Chinese animation continues with: REDLINE (22 APR 20:30); HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE (23 APR 18:15); SPIRITED AWAY (23 APR 20:50); GHOST IN THE SHELL (24 APR 19:00); and, BIG FISH & BEGONIA + INTRO by Xueting Christine Ni (24 APR 21:00).

CHALLENGING PERCEPTIONS at Deptford Cinema (starts 24 APR):

The first of an 8 week film and discussion series curated by Eliza Stuart: THE ACCIDENTAL ANARCHIST + Q&A with Carne Ross (24 APR 18:30).

LOVELESS at Close-Up (22 APR).

CLOSE-UP ON ANDREY ZVYAGINTSEV screens at Close-Up (01 to 28 APR):

“Stark and austere in both style and theme, the films of Siberian-born Andrey Zvyagintsev explore moral dilemmas and spiritual torment with unabashed, painful honesty” – MOMA. Continues with: LOVELESS (22 APR 17:30); and, LEVIATHAN (22 APR 20:00).

CLOSE-UP ON HAL HARTLEY screens at Close-Up (04 APR to 30 APR):

This programme presents six films by the American film director, writer and pioneer of the independent film movement: HENRY FOOL (21 APR 17:30); THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH (23 APR 18:00); and, AMATEUR (26 APR 20:00).

CLOSE-UP ON KRZYSZTOF KIEŚLOWSKI screens at Close-Up (03 to 30 APR):

The season concludes with: THREE COLOURS: RED (20 APR 18:00); THE DOUBLE LIFE OF VÉRONIQUE (21 APR 20:00 & 25 APR 17:30); THREE COLOURS: WHITE (23 APR 20:00); and DEKALOG 7 + 8 (24 APR 18:00).

CLOSE-UP: VALESKA GRISEBACH screens at BFI Southbank (until 03 MAY):

A short season continues with: LONGING 35mm (24 APR 20:40). WESTERN enjoys a grind show run (20 APR to 03 MAY).

D.I.Y. screens at House of Vans (05 APR to 29 APR):

A film series celebrating “low budget flicks at their best”, all free (no booking required): ANIMAL KINGDOM (20 APR 17:00 & 19:00); and, CLERKS (22 APR 14:00 & 16:00).

ESSENTIAL CINEMA XII screens at Close-Up (01 to 29 APR):

A series of films that have shaped the history and art of cinema continues with: THE FIRE WITHIN (20 APR 20:00); and, LIFT TO THE SCAFFOLD (24 APR 20:15).

FEMALE GAZE at Deptford Cinema (19 APR to 13 MAY):

A season of screenings programmed by Women In Film SE15 continues with Gurinder Chadha’s BHAJI ON THE BEACH (26 APR 19:30).

NOW BOOKING: BLACK GIRL screens at Classic Cinema Club - Ealing (20 APR).
BLACK GIRL screens at Classic Cinema Club Ealing (20 APR).

HIT THE ROAD screens at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (APR):

A programme of popular road movies including: BLACK GIRL (20 APR 19:30).

MAY ’68 AND ITS LEGACIES screens at Ciné Lumière (01 APR to 23 MAY):

Includes JEAN-LUC GODDARD HEAD: ING TO ’68 (01 to 29 APR) and a film season that shows the impact of these years (04 to 23 MAY). Screening this week: WEEK-END (22 APR 14:00).

NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED: Suffrage, Cinema & Beyond screens at Barbican (18 to 24 APR):

A century after the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which first gave (some) women the right to vote in the UK, these films look at women’s rebellious and often dangerous efforts to gain equality. Films include: DIVINE ORDER + SCREENTALK (20 APR 18:30); GEORGIE GIRL + INTRO (21 APR 16:00); THE SUFFRAGETTE + SHORTS (22 APR 16:00); ENEMIES OF HAPPINESS + SCREENTALK (23 APR 18:30); and, BE PRETTY & SHUT UP + INTRO (24 APR 18:30).

READY PLAYER ONE SEASON screens at Picturehouse Central (09 APR to 15 MAY):

A season of retro sci-fi classics referenced in Ernest Cline’s pop-cultural odyssey. This week it’s: BACK TO THE FUTURE (23 APR 18:20).

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Now Showing - Films in London this week: HELL OR HIGH WATER at BFI (21 APR).

SERGIO LEONE screens at BFI Southbank (APR):

A season designed to help re-evaluate the Italian legend in light of the number of modern westerns that are hitting the screens in 2018. This week it’s: ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (22 APR 17:40 + interval); and, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST (26 APR 17:50). A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS continues a grind show run (until 26 APR).

MODERN WESTERNS screens alongside the Sergio Leone season and includes: HELL OR HIGH WATER (21 APR 20:30).

SPRING EXPLORERS! at the Japan Foundation (20 to 22 APR):

A seasonal selection of films about characters in transition: PATEMA INVERTED which includes an intro from anime guru Helen McCarthy (20 APR 18:40, Courthouse Hotel); MAMESHIBA (21 APR 14:45, Soho Hotel); THERMAE ROMAE (21 APR 17:00, Soho Hotel); and, TWENTY-FOUR EYES (22 AP 14:40, Courthouse Hotel). N.B. Booking is via a Google Form so there’s no way to know how sold out this is…

VIEW FROM UNDERGROUND screens at Regent Street Cinema (05 to 25 APR):

A season of three special screenings, concludes with an evening dedicated to the WOMEN OF THE COUNTERCULTURE, including a panel discussion with those who lived through it (25 APR 19:30).

WE <3 GRETA GERWIG screens at The Prince Charles (until 09 JUN):

A selection of some of Gerwig’s best roles from recent years continues with:  MAGGIE’S PLAN (26 APR 18:25 – PCC Members’ Screening £1).


A season of films that changed British cinema. This week’s special event is: A TASTE OF HONEY + Q&A with Rita Tushingham (24 APR 18:00). Films include: KES (20 APR 20:50); TOM JONES (Director’s Cut) (21 APR 18:25 & 25 APR 18:10); LAUGHTER IN THE DARK 35mm (22 APR 18:10); GIRL WITH GREEN EYES (22 APR 20:30); THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (22 APR 15:00 & 26 APR 20:20); and, THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE 35mm (25 APR 20:30).

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FILM FESTIVALS (by date/duration)

DON’T BE NICE screens at EEFF 2018 (20 APR).

Festivals projecting this week include:

There’s also a London Korean Film Festival preview screening: BE WITH YOU at Picturehouse Central (25 APR 21:00).

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Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Now Showing - Films in London this week: ZUZANA: MUSIC IS LIFE at JW3.

HAVE A NICE DAY at Watermans (20 to 26 APR):

A hard rain is about to fall on a small town in Southern China. News of a robbery spreads fast, and over the course of one night everyone starts looking for the stolen swag. A whirlwind neo-noir, and a pioneering slice of independent Chinese animation.

MARLINA THE MURDERER IN FOUR ACTS at ArtHouse Crouch End (20 to 26 APR):

When a young widow is raped and and her cattle are stolen, she fights back and kills several of her attackers. She embarks on a journey of redemption and empowerment, but the ghost of one of the men she killed returns to haunt her.

Second chance: Also screens at Barbican (21 to 22 APR).

SAFARI at DocHouse (20 to 26 APR):

Maverick Austrian director Ulrich Seidl returns with this look at the grotesque world of trophy hunting and the luxury tourist trade it attracts. To paraphrase Seidl, SAFARI is a vacation movie about killing; a killer movie about human nature.


90-year-old Zuzana Ruzickova survived three concentration camps, including Auschwitz, and decades-long oppression and harassment under the totalitarian regime in her native Czech Republic to become a world-famous harpsichordist and the only musician to ever record all the keyboard works of Bach. There’s a Film Club discussion of the film with free nibbles (25 APR 18:30).

More films in London this week (A–Z): ROBERT DOISNEAU: THROUGH THE LENS at DocHouse (21 to 24 APR). RODIN at Ciné Lumière (24 APR to 09 MAY).

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Featured image: PHASE TRANSITION IN LIQUID CRYSTALS aka Transition de Phase dans les Cristaux Liquides (1978).