Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London today: DEAD SOULS: PART TWO at ICA (28 NOV).

SCREEN GUIDE: Films in London this week [23 to 29 NOV 2018]

RADIANT CIRCUS is your handcrafted guide to London’s DIY, indie & alternative movie nights, film events & gallery screenings. Our latest SCREEN GUIDE helps you find great films in London this week*.

FRI 23 // SAT 24 // SUN 25 // MON 26 // TUE 27 // WED 28 // THU 29

Featured attraction: WANG BING: TRACES at Tate Modern (23 to 25 NOV): “A leading figure in documentary cinema, Wang Bing’s singular body of films witness the accelerated transformation of China’s landscape with a deep sense of intimacy and sincerity. Primarily working alone or with a very small crew, his films use natural light and long shots as they observe the everyday lives and struggles of people living on the margins of Chinese society.” – Tate.

> A little later in the week… the UK premiere of Wang Bing’s 8hr documentary epic DEAD SOULS screens over two nights at ICA (27 to 28 NOV – featured image).

New at RADIANT CIRCUS: In our continuing series of interviews with London’s independent curators, Anna de Guia-Eriksson talks Filikino, a programme of classic and contemporary Philippine cinema, the Philippine film industry and recent audience responses to ALIPATO by Khavn De La Cruz at Genesis Cinema. Read our interview HERE, then book for the next film in the series, TODO TODO TEROS at Genesis Cinema (05 DEC 18:30).

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FRI 23

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: THE JUDGE at DocHouse (23 NOV).
Films in London this week: THE JUDGE at DocHouse (23 NOV).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARSHA! + PANEL with Kuchenga Shenje at Bernie Grant Arts Centre (23 NOV 19:00):

  • A short film by Tourmaline about iconic Black transgender artist and activist, Marsha “Pay it No Mind” Johnson and her life in the hours before she ignited the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City.

THE JUDGE + Skype Q&A with director Erika Cohn at DocHouse (23 NOV 18:30):

  • Confronting institutionalised sexism within an established, traditional court of law is no easy task – especially in the Middle East. However the remarkably courageous, undeniably talented Judge Kholoud did it anyway – becoming the first woman judge to be appointed to the Shari’a law courts in Palestine.
  • THE JUDGE then enjoys a grind show run (23 to 29 NOV).

THE WRESTLER + LORRAINE WOOD & JAMES BURTON LIVE at Genesis Cinema (23 NOV 19:45 – Free!/ Booking reccommended):

  • Music and Movies is back with Aronofsky’s THE WRESTLER starring an exceptional Mickey Rourke. The film will be introduced by a live set from Lorraine Wood & James Burton so make sure to be here on time!

More films in London today (A – Z):

SAT 24

Films in London this week: EVELYN at Picturehouse Central (24 NOV).
Films in London this week: EVELYN at Picturehouse Central (24 NOV).

EVELYN + Q&A + WALK with members of the film team & family at Picturehouse Central (24 NOV 12:30):

  • When his brother died by suicide at 22, Orlando and his other two siblings buried the trauma, rarely talking about it. Over a decade later, the remaining family set out on a hiking tour, visiting landscapes his brother Evelyn had liked to walk.
  • Afterwards, the audience will be invited on a “walk and talk” in the local area.

FEMALE HUMAN ANIMAL + Q&A with Josh Appignanesi and Chloe Aridjis at ArtHouse Crouch End (24 NOV 20:00):

  • Shot in the real-life contemporary art world, FEMALE HUMAN ANIMAL is a psycho-thriller about a creative woman disenchanted with what modern life has to offer her.

French Impressions: THE GUARDIANS + TALK at Watermans Arts Centre (24 NOV 13:00):

  • 1915. At the Paridier farm, a mother and her daughter have taken over the farm work in the absence of the men who have gone off to fight. Working relentlessly, their life follows the rhythms of difficult labor and the occasional return of the men on leave.

ŞEYTAN aka THE TURKISH EXORCIST + PANEL at The Cinema Museum (24 NOV 19:30):

  • Remakesploitation presents: A Turkish remake of THE EXORCIST (1973), closely recreating the William Friedkin original albeit with the Catholicism replaced with Islam. For many years ŞEYTAN (1974) circulated only in poor-quality bootleg copies, but it has recently been digitally restored and this screening will be the first time this HD restoration has been screened with English subtitles.

More films in London today (A – Z):

SUN 25

Films in London this week: THE COHENS AND THE KELLYS at Barbican (25 NOV).
Films in London this week: THE COHENS AND THE KELLYS at Barbican (25 NOV).

THE COHENS AND THE KELLYS + LIVE ACCOMPANIMENT by Dermot Dunne & Nick Roth at Barbican (25 NOV 15:30):

  • The first of a series of eight comedies featuring the Cohens and Kellys – two quarrelling families that can’t get away from each other.

SOLESEEKERS + Q&A director Emil Socialize at Stratford Picturehouse (25 NOV 18:00):

  • The UK’s first ever feature length documentary on UK trainer culture makes history as it stomps it’s way onto the big screen. Documenting the rise of collectors, inspectors and respecters of trainers, affectionately known as “sneaker heads”.

STILL MARCHING: CARVE HER NAME WITH PRIDE + Q&A with historian Clare Mulley at ArtHouse Crouch End (25 NOV 18:45):

  • The story of the real life Anglo-French war widow and mother Violette Szabo, who became a secret agent in occupied France during the Second World War. This powerful film drama chronicles the sacrifices and challenges faced as Violette undergoes intensive training, followed by missions with the French Resistance and the horror of a concentration camp.

SUPER NOVEMBER + STAND-UP/Q&A with director Douglas King & writer/star Josie Long at The Prince Charles Cinema (25 NOV 20:45):

  • Josie Long stars in the mumblecore comedy meets socio-political drama as a romance obsessed librarian in Glasgow. In the midst of an exciting new relationship she almost forgets about the mounting political turmoil and potential right wing coup.

More films in London today (A – Z):

MON 26

Films in London this week: THE WATERMELON WOMAN at The Lexi (26 NOV).
Films in London this week: THE WATERMELON WOMAN at The Lexi (26 NOV).

THE WATERMELON WOMAN + INTRO by Grace Barber-Plentie at The Lexi (26 NOV 18:30):

  • Lexi Film School presents: The first film directed by a gay black woman, this funny, frank and incisive indie explores black women’s roles in cinema through the story of Cheryl, a video store worker who decides to make her own movie.

More films in London today (A – Z):

TUE 27

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: DEAD SOULS at ICA (27 & 28 NOV).
Films in London this week: DEAD SOULS at ICA (27 & 28 NOV).

THE 400 BLOWS 16mm + INTRO at The Castle Cinema (27 NOV 18:45):

  • Ciné-Real presents: Seemingly in constant trouble at school, 14-year-old Antoine returns at the end of every day to a drab, unhappy home life. His parents have little money and bicker constantly and he sleeps on a couch that’s been pushed into the kitchen.
  • Head over to Ciné-Real for a discount voucher before booking.

DEAD SOULS: PART ONE + INTRO by Wang Bing at ICA (27 NOV 18:30):

  • UK Premiere: In Gansu Province, northwest China, lie the remains of countless prisoners abandoned in the Gobi Desert 60 years ago, victims of the Communist Party’s Anti-Rightist Campaign of 1957. DEAD SOULS is the third chapter of an in-depth inquiry into how the Party dealt with ideological dissent.
  • DEAD SOULS screens in two parts of 249 minutes each, over two consecutive days (27 to 28 NOV). One ticket is valid for both screenings.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925) + THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1921) + LIVE ACCOMPANIMENT by Meg Morley at The 1901 Arts Club (27 NOV 19:30):

  • Immortalised as ‘the man of a thousand faces’, Lon Chaney Sr. was one of the giants of silent cinema, combining an intense acting style with ground-breaking make-up techniques to deliver a series of powerhouse performances. He is now perhaps best remembered for his horror roles, with one of the most famous being THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925).

THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS + Q&A with director Tim Wardle, producer Becky Read & exec. producer Tom Barry at Peckhamplex (27 NOV 20:30):

  • New York, 1980: three complete strangers accidentally discover that they are identical triplets, separated at birth. The 19-year-olds’ joyous reunion catapults them to international fame, but it also unlocks an extraordinary and disturbing secret that goes beyond their own lives – and could transform our understanding of human nature forever.

More films in London today (A – Z):

WED 28

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: THE DREAMERS at The Castle Cinema (28 NOV).
Films in London this week: THE DREAMERS at The Castle Cinema (28 NOV).

ABOUT A WAR + Q&A with filmmakers Daniele Rugo & Abi Weaver at Curzon Soho (28 NOV 18:30):

  • The Lebanese Civil War saw approximately 170,000 dead, 1 million displaced and 17,000 people still missing. During the conflict thousands of teenagers picked up arms to fight in a 15 years war that tore the nation apart. ABOUT A WAR unpicks the personal and social motivations, trauma and regret of militiamen who picked up arms during the civil war.

COMMON THREADS: STORIES FROM THE QUILT + INTRO by Siobhán Lanigan at The Cinema Museum (28 NOV 19:00 – Free! Donations requested):

  • Vito Project & The Food Chain present: a special screening of COMMON THREADS: STORIES FROM THE QUILT, a 1989 documentary film that tells the story of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. The event is part of the ENDAIDS2030 festival, marking the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, which also coincides with The Food Chain 30 years anniversary.

THE DREAMERS + INTRO at The Castle Cinema (28 NOV 21:00):

  • Zodiac Film Club presents: Bernardo Bertolucci’s love letter to cinema, Paris and, er… three-way unconventional romance. Matthew (Michael Pitt) a young American student in Paris meets fellow cinephiles and beguiling siblings Isabelle (Eva Green) and Theo (Louis Garrel). Amidst the student riots of 1968, the three retreat into fantasy and fun in a crumbling apartment.

SEA TO SHINING SEA + Q&A with cast & crew at The Prince Charles (28 NOV 18:30):

  • 25 years ago, at a halfpipe contest somewhere in Europe, two of skateboarding’s biggest loudmouths first met. Now the glory days of youth are in their rearview mirror, with only the drudgery of adulthood on the road ahead. This pre-apocalyptic road movie documents the coast-to-coast journey of two washed-up skateboarders across present day USA.

More films in London today (A – Z):

THU 29

Films in London this week: LAKE MUNGO at BFI (29 NOV).
Films in London this week: LAKE MUNGO at BFI (29 NOV).

DISASTERS OF PEACE + PANEL at The Whitechapel Gallery (29 NOV 19:00):

  • Major disasters seem to characterise our age: refugee crises, genocides of indigenous populations, Chernobyl and Fukushima, catastrophic hurricanes of increased intensity and the inexorable destruction of our habitable ecosystem. How can we represent these disasters to expose the slow violence their aftermaths continue to enact?

DISOBEDIENCE + SCREENTALK with Naomi Alderman at Barbican (29 NOV 18:30):

  • Sebastián Lelio (A FANTASTIC WOMAN) returns with a timely and emotionally powerful tale, set at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, of personal desires and the demands of faith. Based on a novel by Naomi Alderman, the author is in conversation after this preview.
  • Also DISOBEDIENCE + Q&A with director Sebastián Lelio & special guests at JW3 (29 NOV 19:30).

EVELYN + Q&A with director Orlando von Einsiedel at ICA (29 NOV 18:15):

  • When his brother, recently diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffering from intense depression, died by suicide at 22, Orlando and his other two siblings buried the trauma, rarely talking about it. Over a decade later, the remaining family set out on a hiking tour, visiting landscapes his brother Evelyn had liked to walk, to reflect on his life and death.

LAKE MUNGO at BFI Southbank (29 NOV 20:50):

  • Terror Vision presents: Despite being one of this century’s most critically acclaimed horror films, Joel Anderson’s multi-layered faux-documentary remains criminally underseen. Following the sudden death of their 16-year-old daughter, the distraught Palmer family invite a psychic and a parapsychologist into their home to uncover the truth behind the tragedy.

More films in London today (A – Z):


SEASONS (by event/venue)

Films in London this week: FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD at Deptford Cinema (23 NOV).
Films in London this week: FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD at Deptford Cinema (23 NOV).

70mm PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

  • Bringing regular 70mm presentations back to the West End with: GREMLINS 70mm (25 NOV 15:35).

ALL NIGHT / DAY / MINI MOVIE MARATHONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

ANIMATION 2018 at BFI Southbank (2018):

BFI COMEDY GENIUS TOUR at The Prince Charles (18 to 23 NOV):

  • The BFI’s mammoth COMEDY GENIUS strand heads out on the road, with support from the Independent Cinema Office. Includes: COMING TO AMERICA (23 NOV 20:45).

CINÉ LUMIÈRE 20TH ANNIVERSARY at Ciné Lumière (until 28 NOV):

  • Ciné Lumière celebrates its 20th anniversary in style with a series of festive screenings. Includes: LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT + INTRO by Rosalie Varda + Sing-A-Long with MC Garance Louis (28 NOV 20:30).

CINEMA CLUB SELECTION at Electric Cinema Portobello (until 25 NOV):

  • Bringing back some cinematic classics to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Electric Cinema Club. Includes: THE GENERAL (25 NOV 14:00).
  • Discover more about the history of the Electric Cinema Club.


  • One of the most revelatory voices to emerge from the postwar explosion of international art-house cinema, Ingmar Bergman was a master storyteller who startled the world with his stark intensity and naked pursuit of the most profound metaphysical and spiritual questions. Includes: THE SEVENTH SEAL (25 NOV 20:30); SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT (26 NOV 20:15); and CRIES AND WHISPERS (29 NOV 20:30).


COMEDY GENIUS at BFI Southbank (OCT 2018 to JAN 2019):

FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER at Deptford Cinema (02 to 30 NOV):

  • A celebration of the cinematic legacy of Mary Shelley’s novel featuring some of the weirdest, wackiest and most bizarre films inspired by Shelley’s imagination. Includes: FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD + INTRO by Kim Newman + QUIZ (23 NOV 19:00).

HAROLD & KUMAR at Deptford Cinema (22 NOV to 06 DEC):


  • This two-month season spotlight’s Fonda’s finest screen moments, from camp space adventures to tense thrillers and moving drama. Includes: KLUTE (28 NOV 20:40).

KICK-ASS 80S COMEDIES at House of Vans (09 NOV to 02 DEC – Free! / No booking required):

LOOKING BACK, LOOKING FORWARD at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (NOV to DEC):

  • An eclectic mix of films that cover different points in recent history. Includes: PUNISHMENT PARK (23 NOV 19:30).


  • Seán McGovern presents: Ross Hunter, at one time, was a force in Hollywood. “A Ross Hunter Production” had certain hallmarks: a campy, sometimes manic sensibility, overwrought emotion and high-octane melodrama. But Ross Hunter has largely been forgotten. Until now… Includes: PILLOW TALK (27 NOV 19:30).

SCI-FI SUNDAYS at Deptford Cinema (28 OCT 2018 to 24 FEB 2019):


  • Incorporating fantasy, horror and science fiction, the French fantastique genre has a weird and wonderful tradition of its own. Includes: INNOCENCE 35mm (26 NOV 20:30).

STUDIO GHIBLI FOREVER at The Prince Charles (until 06 JAN 2019):

  • Legendary films from the greatest animation house on the planet. Includes: THE WIND RISES (25 NOV 12:45).

WANG BING: TRACES at Tate Modern (23 to 25 NOV):

WE LOVE JOHN HUGHES at The Prince Charles (22 to 26 NOV):

  • John Hughes: the master of the teen (and family) movie. Includes: UNCLE BUCK 35mm (26 NOV 18:25).


  • A look at how each generation of filmmakers has interpreted the war. Includes: PRIVATE PEACEFUL (25 NOV 18:00); and, PRIVATE PEACEFUL + DISCUSSION with silent film pianist, writer and broadcaster Neil Brand (26 NOV 18:00).


FILM FESTIVALS (by date/duration)

Films in London this week: JUMPMAN at BFI, part of Russian Film Week (25 NOV to 02 DEC).
Films in London this week: JUMPMAN at BFI, part of Russian Film Week (25 NOV to 02 DEC).

Film festivals in London this week include:



Films in London this week: SHOPLIFTERS at Ciné Lumière (23 NOV to 03 JAN).
Films in London this week: SHOPLIFTERS at Ciné Lumière (23 NOV to 03 JAN).

NAE PASARAN! at ArtHouse (23 NOV to 30 DEC):

  • Felipe Bustos Sierra’s feature charts the incredible true story of the Scots who managed to ground half of Chile’s Air Force, from the other side of the world, in the longest single act of solidarity against Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship.

ORIONE at ICA (23 to 27 NOV):

  • Alejandro ‘Ale’ Robles was a gang member betrayed by a friend and killed by police. Through a series of engaging and sometimes uneasily juxtaposed fragments, director Toia Bonino evokes different aspects of his life.


  • Newly arrived in London from Essex, Jim is broke, jobless and calling an intricately made cardboard box home when he catches the eye of four male escorts who specialise in erudite post-coital conversation.

SHOPLIFTERS at Ciné Lumière (23 NOV to 03 JAN):

  • Winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes 2018, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s (NOBODY KNOWS) latest film SHOPLIFTERS is a profoundly moving drama about a poverty-stricken family petty thieving to make ends meet, when they come across a shivering little girl foraging for scraps in the cold winter night.

More films in London this week (A – Z):

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