Films in London today: SHOAH at Goethe-Institut (27 JAN).

SCREEN GUIDE: Films in London this week [24 to 30 JAN 2020]

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RADIANT CIRCUS has been listing long enough to acquire some annual traditions…. This is the week in January that brings Claude Lanzmann’s 9hr documentary, SHOAH, back to London’s screens and into our Featured Attraction position. For this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day there’s a free screening followed by a discussion at Goethe-Institut (27 JAN). If you can’t make that, there’s a paid screening at Close-Up the following Sunday (02 FEB).

Other Holocaust Remembrance Day events include SON OF SAUL screened by Deeper Into Movies at SET (25 JAN), a free showing of Mary Mirka Milo’s doc INFERNO MITTELBAU DORA at Italian Cultural Institute (27 JAN) and expert discussion of THE PAWNBROKER at Wimbledon Film Club (28 JAN). You can catch the special event film ANNE FRANK: PARALLEL STORIES at Phoenix Cinema (27 & 30 JAN) and a clutch of other venues (listed below).

Our other tradition (just so you know…) is to mark World AIDS Day in December, for which Fringe!’s screening of HIV movie musical ZERO PATIENCE at The Cinema Museum would be a perfect choice (28 JAN). Musicals continue to be a popular option following last year’s BFI blockbuster season and the 2020 crop is getting interesting… Our pick would be JODIE MACK with added PAJAMA GAME at Deptford Cinema (25 JAN – see Seasons), but you can also choose from Ciné Lumière’s MELODIA season of musicals from Russia and the Caucasus, and VELVET GOLDMINE and CABARET at Genesis Cinema (both projecting from 35mm as part of their musiCULTS season).

Our week of featured attractions ends with two contrasting takes on childhood. Welcome Cinema + Kitchen serves up KES (29 JAN) complete with a Ken Loach Q&A, a superb meal and a free place for a refugee or asylum seeker with every full price ticket sold. Then BFI’s Terror Vision strand delivers something entirely different… Their strapline for THE CHILDREN (30 JAN) says it all: “Too much love can kill you – especially when you give toxic hugs!”

Finally, a shout out to some wonderful friends… Zodiac Film Club starts the year with a special screening of THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO at The Curtain which includes a collection for The Trussell Trust’s food banks (25 JAN – advanced booking only!).

Richard – Barker-In-Chief.




FRI 24

Films in London this week: QUEEN & SLIM at BFI Southbank (24 JAN).
Films in London this week: QUEEN & SLIM at BFI Southbank (24 JAN).

THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN 35mm d. Bert I. Gordon, 1957 + THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN d. Jack Arnold, 1957 at The Cinema Museum (24 JAN 19:00):

  • The Gothique Film Society presents: “The ‘Little and Large Show’ – COLOSSAL MAN: Classic cheesy 50s sci-fi: A military officer survives a nuclear blast, only to grow into an increasingly unstable giant. SHRINKING MAN: True classic 50s sci-fi: When Scott Carey begins to shrink following exposure to radiation and insecticide, medical science is powerless to help him.”

EVERYTHING – THE REAL THING STORY d. Simon Sheridan, 2019 + Panel with the director & original band members Chris Amoo & Dave Smith at ArtHouse Crouch End (24 JAN 20:15):

  • “The ‘other four lads from Liverpool’ tell their story from the tough streets of Toxteth to the bright lights of New York, and international stardom as Britain’s first million-selling soul and funk band.”

QUEEN & SLIM d. Melina Matsoukas, 2019 + Music, Poetry & More at BFI Southbank (24 JAN 20:40):

  • We Are Parable presents: “While on a forgettable first date together in Ohio, a black man (Daniel Kaluuya) and a black woman (Jodie Turner-Smith) are pulled over for a minor traffic infraction. The situation escalates, with sudden and tragic results which force the couple to go on the run.”
  • Also at Peckhamplex (30 JAN 18:30).

More films in London today (A – Z):

  • AGUIRRE: WRATH OF GOD d. Werner Herzog, 1972 + Intro by Stuart Baker + DJs presented by Soul Jazz Records Cinema Club at Regent Street Cinema (24 JAN 19:30). THE BREAKFAST CLUB d. John Hughes, 1985 presented by Crofton Park Pictures at Rivoli Ballroom (24 JAN 20:00). BUDDHA IN AFRICA d. Nicole Schafer, 2019 at DocHouse (24 JAN 16:30). DETECTIVE CHINATOWN 3 d. Sicheng Chen, 2020 presented by Trinity Cine Asia at BFI IMAX (24 JAN 20:40). EVEN WHEN I FALL d. Sky Neal & Kate Mclarnon, 2017 at Deptford Cinema (24 JAN 19:30). JOKER d. Todd Phillips, 2019 presented by Screen25 at Harris Academy South Norwood (24 JAN 19:45). LA DOLCE VITA 4K d. Federico Fellini, 1960 at Ciné Lumière (24 JAN 16:00). LA DOLCE VITA d. Federico Fellini, 2960 + Wine Tasting + Live Music presented by Collective Cinema at St Margaret’s Church, Lewisham (24 JAN 19:00). THE MOTHER d. V. I. Pudovkin, 1926 + Intro at Birkbeck Cinema (24 JAN 18:00 – FREE!). THE RESCUE d. Dante Lam, 2020 UK Premiere at Curzon Soho (24 JAN 15:00). STAN & OLLIE d. Jon S. Baird, 2018 presented by Talkies Community Cinema at Bounds Green Bowls & Tennis Club (24 JAN 19:30). WRATH OF SILENCE d. Xin Yukun, 2017 presented by Chinese Visual Festival at King’s College London (24 JAN 18:30).

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SAT 25

RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London this week: IN THE ABSENCE at ICA (25 JAN).
Films in London this week: IN THE ABSENCE at ICA (25 JAN).

THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM d. Daniel Gordon, 2019 + Short Film Programme + Reception, Panel Discussion & Raffle at Regent Street Cinema (25 JAN 18:30):

  • The London Australian Film Society presents: “The annual Australia Day event, including a 90-minute programme of short films and a feature documentary that recently sold out three sessions at the BFI London Film Festival and four screenings at Melbourne International Film Festival. Proceeds of the raffle will go to bushfire relief charities.”

IN THE ABSENCE d. Yi Seung-Jun, 2018 + Q&A with producer Gary Byung-Seok Kam at ICA (25 JAN 14:50).

  • UK Premiere: “When the passenger ferry MV Sewol sank off the coast of South Korea in 2014, over three hundred people lost their lives, most of them schoolchildren. Years later, the victims’ families and survivors are still demanding justice from national authorities.”

SON OF SAUL aka Saul fia d. László Nemes, 2015 + Intro by Prof. Sue Vice – Raising funds for Holocaust Memorial Day Trust at SET (25 JAN 13:00):

  • Deeper Into Movies presents: “Set in Auschwitz, László Nemes’ startling, Academy Award-winning SON OF SAUL follows a member of the Sonderkommando as he attempts to give a child a proper burial. With an introduction from Prof. Sue Vice, author of the BFI Film Classics volume on Claude Lanzmann’s SHOAH.”

More films in London today (A – Z):

  • A Cinematic Night with Film Director Azize Kabouche presented by French Touch By Marie at Century Club (25 JAN 19:00). ANOTHER YEAR d. Shengze Zhu, 2016 at ICA (25 JAN 12:35). ARCC Russian Film Studies 2020: Russian Wordless Animation at Sands Films Cinema (25 JAN 18:00). GODSPELL d. David Greene, 1973 + After Party presented by TNB & The Batty Mama at The Chateau (25 JAN 18:00). JOJO RABBIT d. Taika Waititi, 2020 at Barbican (25 JAN 13:15). THE KINGMAKER d. Lauren Greenfield, 2019 at DocHouse (25 JAN 20:30). LA DOLCE VITA 4K d. Federico Fellini, 1960 at Regent Street Cinema (25 JAN 14:30). THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO d. Whit Stillman, 1998 + Dancing + Food Bank Collection for The Trussell Trust presented by Zodiac Film Club at The Curtain (25 JAN 19:00 – advance bookings only). THE LIGHTHOUSE d. Roger Eggers, 2019 at ICA (25 JAN 18:30). MARLEY d. Kevin Macdonald, 2012 + Community Lunch by SNK at Harris Academy South Norwood (25 JAN 12:00 + 14:00 – Pay As You Feel). MIDNIGHT TRAVELER d. Hassan Fazili, 2019 at Ciné Lumière (25 JAN 16:00). Nightmare Americana Double Bill: LEMORA: A SHILD’S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL d. Richard Blackburn, 1973) + MESSIAH OF EVIL d. Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz, 1973 presented by World Wide Weird! at The King & Queen (25 JAN 18:00 – FREE!/Donation requested for Macmillan Cancer Support). NO FATHERS IN KASHMIR d. Ashvin Kumar, 2019 + Q&A with the director at ArtHouse Crouch End (25 JAN 17:45). NO FATHERS IN KASHMIR d. Ashvin Kumar, 2019 + Q&A with the director at ArtHouse Crouch End (25 JAN 17:45). ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD d. Quentin Tarrantino, 2019 at Catford Mews (25 JAN 17:45). PAKEEZAH d. Kamal Amrohi, 1972 + Dance Workshop/Performance & Food presented by Tongues On Fire at Harrow’s Community Kitchen (25 JAN 17:00). THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT d. Kevin Connor, 1977 + The Return Of Dana Gillespie at The Cinema Museum (25 JAN 19:30). QUEENS OF SYRIA d. Yasmin Fedda, 2014 + Q&A with the director presented by Other Cinemas at The Yellow (25 JAN 19:00 – FREE!). SATURDAY CHURCH d. Damon Cardasis, 2017 presented by Fringe! at Rio Cinema (25 JAN 15:45).

SUN 26

Films in London this week: THE CELLULOID CLOSET at The Cinema Museum (26 JAN).
Films in London this week: THE CELLULOID CLOSET at The Cinema Museum (26 JAN).

THE CELLULOID CLOSET 35mm d. Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman, 1995 + Panel Debate at The Cinema Museum (26 JAN 18:30):

  • The Vito Project presents: “A 25th anniversary screening of the ground-breaking documentary THE CELLULOID CLOSET (1995). Based on Vito Russo’s 1981 book of the same title, Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s doc provides an essential examination of LGBT+ representation in Hollywood movies. Followed by discussion of changes in queer representation in film since the film’s release.”

More films in London today (A – Z):

MON 27

RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London this week: INFERNO MITTELBAU DORA at Italian Cultural Institute (27 JAN).
Films in London this week: INFERNO MITTELBAU DORA at Italian Cultural Institute (27 JAN).

INFERNO MITTELBAU DORA d. Mary Mirka Milo, 2016 at Italian Cultural Institute (27 JAN 18:30 – FREE!):

  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day Screening: “Mittelbau Dora was the last and most ruthless concentration camp built by the Nazis. The prisoners worked tirelessly in its underground tunnels to produce V2 missiles, the secret weapon that should have annihilated the enemies of the Third Reich. The exceptional testimonies of the survivors reveal the incredible story of this unique forced labour camp.”

Powell & Pressburger’s Island Stories free lecture by Prof. Ian Christie + I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING! d. Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, 1945 at Ciné Lumière (27 JAN 18:00 – FREE! + 19:30):

  • “Stories about islands punctuate the careers of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, from Powell’s breakthrough with EDGE OF THE WORLD (1936) to the Hebridean journey of I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING! (1945). What can we learn about the imagination of these very different figures by tracing this motif?”

SHOAH d. Claude Lanzmann, 1985 + Intro/Discussion with Toby Haggith, Imperial War Museum at Goethe-Institut (27 JAN 09:45. Screening in 4 parts: 09:45 – 12:20 / 12:35 – 14:35 / 15:05 – 17:45 / 18:00 – 20:25 / Discussion 20:35 – 21:30 – FREE!):

  • International Holocaust Remembrance Day Screening: “Marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Red Army on 27 of January 1945, we will be screening, Claude Lanzmann’s SHOAH. By doing so, we will join many organisations and institutions worldwide in remembering the victims of the Holocaust and keeping the memory of the genocide of the Jews alive to prevent from it ever happening again.”
  • SHOAH also screens in full at Close-up (02 FEB).

More films in London today (A – Z):

TUE 28

Films in London this week: ZERO PATIENCE at The Cinema Museum (28 JAN).
Films in London this week: ZERO PATIENCE at The Cinema Museum (28 JAN).

THE PAWNBROKER d. Sidney Lumet, 1965 + Q&A with Peter Evans at Curzon Wimbledon (28 JAN 20:30):

  • Wimbledon Film Club presents: “Rod Steiger launched a stellar career as a serious actor with his Oscar-nominated performance as an embittered concentration camp survivor running a pawnshop in 1960s Harlem.  Powerful film from director Sidney Lumet, who made some of Hollywood’s most visionary political/social dramas.”

WHEN TOMATOES MET WAGNER d. Marianna Economou, 2019 + Q&A with organic farmer Alexandros Gousiaris + Greek Snacks at DocHouse (28 JAN 18:30):

  • “In a tiny Greek village, hit hard by the economic crisis, Christo and Alexandros are working with ingenuity, patience and the help of five grannies to branch out into the international food market, exporting jars of their organic goods across the world. They may be up against more regular produce, but their tomatoes have something special going for them – they ripen to sounds of Wagner.”

ZERO PATIENCE + Short: THE MAKING OF MONSTERS d. John Greyson, 1993 + 1990 at The Cinema Museum (28 JAN 19:30):

  • Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest presents: “There never was, and never will be again, a musical like ZERO PATIENCE. Worlds collide as nineteenth century explorer Sir Richard Burton, joins forces with the ghost of ‘Patient Zero’, to refute the urban legend of how HIV was introduced to North America. Offering a subversive and sassy take on the AIDS epidemic, this film remains a jewel in the New Queer Cinema crown.”

More films in London today (A – Z):

WED 29

Films in London this week: KES at Amnesty International (29 JAN).
Films in London this week: KES at Amnesty International (29 JAN).

A 9.5mm Evening With Kevin Brownlow at The Cinema Museum (29 JAN 19:30):

  • Kennington Bioscope presents: “Kevin began his career in the 1950s as a collector of home-movie prints on the 9.5mm gauge, a pioneering format introduced in the 1920s that preserved many subjects that are now either lost or difficult to obtain in 35mm. Live piano accompaniment is provided by John Sweeney, Costas Fotopolous and Colin Sell.”

THE BIG MEETING d. Daniel Draper, 2019 + Panel with the director & Mike Jackson & Brett Haran from LGSM (Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners) at Arthouse Crouch End (29 JAN 20:15):

  • “This documentary about the Durham Miners’ Gala is a fascinating insight into a culture still defined by coal mining. Since 1871 the Durham Miners’ Gala has been a cultural fixture in the North East. Part parade, part political rally and wholly working-class, THE BIG MEETING is a celebration and preservation of a community created and then almost destroyed by the coal industry.”

KES d. Ken Loach, 1969 + Q&A with the director at Amnesty International (29 JAN 17:30):

  • Welcome Cinema presents: “As we begin 2020, we are so honored to host a Q&A with KES director Ken Loach as our opening post-screening discussion for the year, as well as marking the 50th anniversary of this landmark film’s release! As always, our Welcome Kitchen chefs will be delighting your taste buds with food from around the world. *For each ticket bought, a refugee or asylum seekers attends free.”

More films in London today (A – Z):

  • BE NATURAL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ALICE GUY-BLACHÉ d. Pamela B. Green, 2018 at DocHouse (29 JAN 16:20). BUDDHA IN AFRICA d. Nicole Schafer, 2019 at DocHouse (29 JAN 20:30). CINEMA, ASPIRINAS E URUBUS aka Cinema, Aspirins & Vultures d. Marcelo Gomes, 2006 presented by CineClub Brazil at Embassy Of Brazil (29 JAN 18:30 – FREE!). COLOUR ME PINK + COLOUR ME WHITE d. Kelly Sweeney + Q&A with the artist at The Horse Hospital (29 JAN 19:00). DRIVE ME HOME d. Simone Catania, 2018 + Q&A with the director + Drinks Reception presented by CinemaItaliaUK at Regent Street Cinema (29 JAN 19:35). FIRST LOVE aka Hatsukoi d. Takashi Miike previews at BFI Southbank (29 JAN 20:50). GIRLFRIENDS d. Claudia Weill, 1978 + PHOTO SESSION 16mm d. Friedl vom Gröller, 2010 presented by The Machine That Eats Bad People at ICA (29 JAN 18:45). THE GOODBYE GIRL d. Herbert Ross, 1977 at Regent Street Cinema (29 JAN 12:00 & 15:30). JOKER d. Todd Phillips, 2019 presented by Screen25 at Harris Academy South Norwood (29 JAN 19:45). ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD d. Quentin Tarrantino, 2019 presented by ViewTube Cinema at The View Tube (29 JAN 17:00 – FREE!). SALAM: THE FIRST ****** NOBEL LAUREATE d. Anand Kamalakar, 2018 at Kings College London (29 JAN 19:00 – FREE!). SHERLOCK JR. d. Buster Keaton, 1924 + Live Score by The Lucky Dog Picturehouse at The Vaults (29 JAN 21:15).

THU 30

Films in London this week: THE CHILDREN at BFI Southbank (30 JAN).
Films in London this week: THE CHILDREN at BFI Southbank (30 JAN).

THE CHILDREN d. Max Kalmanowicz, 1980 at BFI Southbank (30 JAN 20:40):

  • Terror Vision presents: “After their school bus inadvertently passes through a cloud of toxic gas, a gaggle of unfortunate pre-teens are turned into radioactive zombies with killer hugs. Sharing many of the same crew as FRIDAY THE 13TH (with which it was shot back-to-back), this deliciously depraved mash-up of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE BROOD is a criminally underrated exploitation classic.”

HAVANA d. Jana Bokova, 1990 + Q&A with the director at Czech Centre London (30 JAN 19:00 – FREE!):

  • “This extraordinary documentary about life in Cuba opens with 16mm amateur footage of Fidel Castro’s triumphant revolution in 1959 moving between the pre-revolutionary past and the volatile present of Castro’s Cuba in 1989. Featuring an interview with the exiled Cuban poet Reinaldo Arena, HAVANA consists above all of residents talking about their homes, their city and Cuba in the midst of Havana’s dilapidated, ruined beauty.”

THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS d. Iván Castell, 2019 + Q&A with synthwave duo Nina & UK synthwave composer 80s Stallone at House Of Vans (30 JAN 19:00 – FREE!/Booking required):

  • “In the mid 2000s and with the help of Myspace, several composers from different countries spontaneously started an underground music scene that the internet would call, among other names, Synthwave. It is defined as electronic music strongly inspired by soundtracks and 80s pop culture. These composers who have reached millions, all remained anonymous – until now.”

More films in London today (A – Z):

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SEASONS (by event/venue)

Films in London this week: THE GRAND BIZARRE, part of JODIE MACK at Deptford Cinema (25 JAN).
Films in London this week: THE GRAND BIZARRE, part of JODIE MACK at Deptford Cinema (25 JAN).

70mm PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

“Bringing regular 70mm presentations back to the West End with”:

  • JOKER 70mm d. Todd Phillips, 2019 (25 JAN 17:55 / 28 JAN 20:45).

1999 – 2019: EXPLORING 20 YEARS OF SCI-FI at The Prince Charles (2020):

ACADEMY AT REGENT ST. at Regent Street Cinema (JAN to FEB):

“Before the advent of widescreen formats such as CinemaScope, VistaVision and Todd A-O, all films were shot at the (by modern standards) boxy aspect ratio of 1.37:1, also known as the Academy ratio. Some of the greatest films ever made were produced on this format and we’re delighted to bring them back to the big screen.” Includes:

ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY at The Prince Charles (JAN to FEB):

ALL NIGHT / DAY / MINI MOVIE MARATHONS at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

“Butt-numbing marathons” (their words…ED.) of cult, horror, themed & film franchises including:

AMERICAN NEW WAVE at The Prince Charles (2020):

“We’re going to be runnin this strand throughout the year so keep checking back, as there is a lot more still to come!” Includes:

ARIKE OKE: AS SCENE at Mitcham Library (29 to 31 JAN – FREE!):

“Arike Oke, director of Black Cultural Archives, curates a very personal season of films which explore her mixed-heritage background. Presented by FilmMerton.” Includes:


“The most ambitious, creative and complete retrospective of works by ‘the most important living director you’ve never heard of’—Pere Portabella—will tour London’s most engaged cultural institutions from November 2019 until February 2020.” Includes:

BEFORE THE NIGHT at Ciné Lumière (24 to 29 JAN):

“In the run-up to the Night of Ideas on 30 January, a film programme will be exploring the two main themes of the Night, Nature And Us and Machines Like Us, providing further food for thought!” Includes:



“We celebrate a bright, shining star of the silver screen with a selection of her best films, from the ‘origins’ of screwball to dazzlingly delightful romcoms.” Includes:

CHINESE NEW YEAR at BFI Southbank (19 to 26 JAN):

“Celebrate Chinese New Year in a variety of genres, from the traditional New Year’s fare of comedy-drama, to popular new documentary.” Includes:


FAY WELDON at BFI Southbank (JAN):

“We celebrate the groundbreaking TV work of Britain’s first lady of feminist fiction.” Includes:

FELLINI at BFI Southbank (JAN to FEB):

“Enjoy the start of a two-month season on one of world cinema’s most exuberantly playful filmmakers.” Includes:


  • TOMBOY d. Céline Sciamma, 2011 (28 JAN 18:30).

FIRST FILMS at Classic Cinema Club – Ealing (JAN to FEB):

“We begin the new year and decade with some important firsts in cinema: promising debuts; first-time collaborators; and the first motions of major film movements. Featuring famous all-time greats and lesser-known masterpieces, we hope some of these are new to you.” Includes:

HAPPY B-DAY JIM! at House Of Vans (16 JAN to 02 FEB – FREE!/No booking required):

“It’s January, the month of the new year’s resolutions and, of course, the birthday of the king of comedy: Jim Carrey. To celebrate, we’ll be screening a retrospective film series in ode to Jim’s life on the big screen.” Includes:

  • LIAR LIAR d. Tom Shadyac, 1997 (24 JAN 17:00 & 19:15); BRUCE ALMIGHTY d. Tom Shadyac, 2003 (25 JAN 15:00 & 17:30); and, ME, MYSELF & IRENE d. Peter Farrelly & Bobby Farrelly, 2000 (28 JAN 17:00 & 19:15).

JODIE MACK at Deptford Cinema (25 JAN):

“As part of BFI Musicals, a trio of colourful, contemporary, cutting-edge musical documentaries by acclaimed experimental animator Jodie Mack – energetic and exuberant yet prescient and political – alongside a special screening of Stanley Donen’s 1953 THE PAJAMA GAME  described by Jean-Luc Godard as “the first left-wing operetta”.” Includes:


“A thrilling season of classic and contemporary musicals from Russia and the Caucasus, Melodia! celebrates the diversity and complexity of the genre across Soviet, Russian and Caucasian cultures.” Includes:

  • HIPSTERS d. Valeriy Todorovskiy, 2008 (26 JAN 18:00).

MUSICULTS at Genesis Cinema (JAN):

“Forget everything you’ve known about musicals… Genesis presents musiCULTS, a season of dirty, daring and in your face flicks that will make you reconsider the genre as a whole.” Includes:


OUT IN MERTON at various venues (24 JAN to 28 FEB – FREE!):

“FilmMerton presents a short season of LGBT+ films.” Includes:

PRE-CODE AT REGENT ST. at Regent Street Cinema (JAN to FEB):

“The 1934 Motion Picture Production Code (also known as the Hays Code) attempted to ensure that “no picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it.” In the brief window of major Hollywood productions pre-Code, however, many films did just that. And we are delighted to screen them for you…” Includes:

  • BABY FACE d. Alfred E Green (26 JAN 16:30).


“A year after his passing, the Lithuanian Embassy and Close-Up remember the great Jonas Mekas.” Includes:

THE SAFDIE BROTHERS at The Prince Charles (JAN):

SCI-FI SUNDAYS: IS THIS YESTERDAY? at Deptford Cinema (2020):

“This year Sci-Fi Sundays is pleased to be working alongside another DC science fiction season – Is This Yesterday? A film season exploring issues of invasion, atomic power and the red threat in 1950s Hollywood Sci-Fi.” Includes:

TRIBUTE TO DELPHINE SEYRIG – ACTRESS, DIRECTOR AND ACTIVIST at Goethe-Institut & Ciné Lumière (01 DEC 2019 to 04 FEB 2020):

“From being a film icon to supporting emerging women directors, Delphine Seyrig (1932-1990) increasingly got involved in the women’s rights and social struggles of her times, both in France and internationally.” Includes:


FILM FESTIVALS (by date/duration)

We didn’t find any film festivals in London this week… what are we missing?

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RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London this week: CHINA LOVE at DocHouse (24 to 30 JAN).
Films in London this week: CHINA LOVE at DocHouse (24 to 30 JAN).

CHINA LOVE d. Olivia Martin-McGuire, 2018 at DocHouse (24 to 30 JAN):

  • “Love is an $80 billion industry in China. It’s not just the wedding itself that brings in the money – a booming trade in pre-wedding photography places the burden on couples to spend thousands on elaborately staged photos depicting lives of luxury.”

CYRANO DE BERGERAC d. Jean-Paul Rappeneau, 1990 at BFI Southbank (24 to 30 JAN):

  • “The story of Cyrano de Bergerac has existed in many forms over several centuries but Rappeneau’s adaptation (now celebrating its 30th anniversary) is a delightful, tragi-comic tour de force with Gérard Depardieu’s Cyrano offering romantic tips to young Christian, a suitor with designs on Roxanne, whom Cyrano himself is keen to woo.”

THE HOLY MOUNTAIN d. Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973 at Rio Cinema (24 to 30 JAN).

  • “Hypnotising, unsettling, transgressive, dazzling and decadent, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN also takes satirical bites into a corrupt, greed-fuelled world with attacks on religion, consumerism, fascism, and authority in general. So not just a nostalgia trip then…”

More films in London this week (A – Z):

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