This is a film still from "Kenneth Anger: Magick Lantern Cycle" at Close-Up Film Centre (19 & 26 MAR 2023).

SCREEN GUIDE: What’s on in London this week [17 to 23 MAR 2023]

Our RADIANT CIRCUS guide to what’s on in London this week across DIY, indie & alternative cinema, including one-off screen events, film seasons, film festivals & new releases.

By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus / Instagram @radiantcircus

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Welcome to another screen week!

Firstly, apologies for the erratic nature of these posts recently. RADIANT CIRCUS has been running in its current form for 5 years and instead of hitting the celebrations hard, the wheels almost came off this bus… It’s a one man blogging affair (i.e. me!) and the pressure of balancing paid work with producing routine/comprehensive listings can be a tough one to maintain.

Weirdly, it’s not the researching/compiling that causes me problems (I love finding out what’s on, and hope to get back to seeing more of it soon…), it’s simply the time it takes. On that note, there won’t be daily updates this week due to pressures of other work, but there will be THE BALLY and more promotion of featured attractions on Instagram. Thank you as usual to my subscribers at Patreon for their ongoing support. You really do keep me going.

Getting back to this week… New releases and revivals include limited engagements for the 30th anniversary 4K restoration of Martin Scorsese’s THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (1993), Ti West’s PEARL (2023) – the prequel to X which screens at Picturehouse Cinemas on Friday – and the widest of the new releases, Raine Allen Miller’s RYE LANE (2023).

With BFI Flare (15 to 26 MAR) well underway on the Southbank, it’s a quieter week than usual with regard to rep seasons. FRANCOPHONE WEST AFRICAN CINEMA at The Garden Cinema and OBSESSIONS at Bertha DocHouse have some excellent offerings. Of course, you can always join me for my penultimate BAR TRASH: TRASH OR TREASURE? screening at Genesis Cinema, a rare outing for John Boorman’s hypnotically weird EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC in Studio 4 (22 MAR).

Film festivals opening this week include the always insanely busy Hong Kong Film Festival (18 to 31 MAR), St Patrick’s Film Festival (17 to 19 MAR) from Irish Film London which includes an epic screening of short films in Trafalgar Square, and Austrian film programme WatchAUT 2023 (23 to 26 MAR).

Indie cinema exhibitors are busy this week, with Brixton House embracing cinema programming more widely in their venue. Bounce Cinema kicks things off with two already heavily-sold screenings (SET IT OFF on 17 MAR and LOVE JONES on 18 MAR). Then, We Are Parable celebrate their 10th Anniversary with a weekend takeover a little later in the month (EXPERIENCE OVER EVERYTHING from 30 MAR to 02 APR).

There’s a strong variety of short film programmes across town this week, and so I’ve chosen Kenneth Anger: Magick Lantern Cycle at Close-Up (19 & 26 MAR) as my Featured Attraction of the Week.

See you in the darkness, and stay safe.


Kenneth Anger: Magick Lantern Cycle at Close-Up (19 MAR 17:00 / 26 MAR 17:00).

“Cinematic magician, legendary provocateur, author of the infamous Hollywood Babylon book, Kenneth Anger is a unique figure in post-war American culture. His iconic short films are characterised by a mystical-symbolic visual language and phantasmagorical-sensual opulence that underscores the medium’s transgressive potential. Anger’s work fundamentally shaped the aesthetics of 1960s and 1970s subcultures, the visual lexicon of pop and music videos and queer iconography. These nine films form the basis of Anger’s reputation as one of the most influential pioneers of avant-garde film and video art.” (Close-Up)


  • Musical Fridays: CHICAGO d. Rob Marshall, 2002 at The Garden Cinema (17 MAR 20:45).
  • SET IT OFF d. F. Gary Gray, 1996 + Afterparty presented by Bounce Cinema at Brixton House (17 MAR 19:30).
  • TASTING MENU film programme + afterparty presented by Electric Frog x Double Wonderful at Poster Hauss (17 MAR 18:30).
  • THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY d. Ken Loach, 2006 at The Garden Cinema (17 MAR 18:15 / 22 MAR 15:25).
  • WINNERS d. Hassan Nazer, 2023 + Q&A with the director & producer Nadira Murray at Curzon Bloomsbury (17 MAR 18:15).
  • X d. Ti West, 2022 at Picturehouse Cinemas (17 MAR various).


  • THE FIVE DEVILS d. Léa Mysius, 2023 + Q&A with the director, presented by Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club at Rio Cinema (18 MAR 15:15).
  • LOVE JONES d. Theodore Witcher, 1997 + Afterparty presented by Bounce Cinema at Brixton House (18 MAR 19:30).
  • French Sundaes: MORE THAN EVER d. Emily Atef, 2022 + Intro/discussion with Jon Davies at Watermans (18 MAR 13:00).
  • RYE LANE d. Raine Allen Miller, 2023 + Q&A with the director & actor Vivian Oparah at The Ritzy (18 MAR 16:50).
  • SOFTNESS OF BODIES d. Jordan Blady, 2018 presented by Deeper Into Movies at TT Liquor (18 MAR 15:30).



  • Classic Matinée: BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S d. Blake Edwards, 1961 at Regent Street Cinema (20 MAR 13:00).
  • EMILY d. Frances O’Connor, 2022 at Whirled Cinema (20 MAR 20:00 / 21 MAR 20:00 / 22 MAR 20:00 / 26 MAR 17:00).
  • LITTLE ENGLISH d. Pravesh Kumar, 2023 + Q&A with the director, producer Amanda Dorsett, actors Rameet Rauli & Viraj Juneja at Rio Cinema (20 MAR 18:15).
  • Horror Movie Monday: MARDI GRAS MASSACRE d. Jack Weis, 1978 presented by Violent World x Devil’s Botany at The Last Tuesday Society (20 MAR 18:30).
  • MURIEL’S WEDDING d. P.J. Hogan, 1994 curated by Nat Funni & presented by Transmissions at Dalston Superstore (20 MAR 19:00).
  • OUR RIVER… OUR SKY d. Maysoon Pachachi, 2021 + Intro/Q&A with the director at The Garden Cinema (20 MAR 19:30).
  • Culture Shock: SPRING BREAKERS d. Harmony Korine, 2012 at Picturehouse Cinemas (20 MAR various).
  • Unlikely Lives: SUBJECT d. Jennifer Tiexiera, 2021 at The Lexi Cinema (20 MAR 18:20).
  • DIY Double Feature: WHO DONE IT: THE CLUE DOCUMENTARY d. Jeff C. Smith, 2022 at The Prince Charles (20 MAR 18:00) + CLUE d. Jonathan Lynn, 1985 at The Prince Charles (20 MAR 20:30).
  • WHO’S AFRAID OF KATHY ACKER? d. Barbara Caspar, 2007 presented by Deeper Into Movies at Farr’s Dalston (20 MAR 19:30).


  • EMILY d. Frances O’Connor, 2022 at Whirled Cinema (21 MAR 20:00 / 22 MAR 20:00 / 26 MAR 17:00).
  • HAPPENING d. Audrey Diwan, 2021 presented by Richmond Film Society at The Exchange (21 MAR 20:00).
  • Preview: INFINITY POOL d. Brandon Cronenberg, 2023 + Q&A with MUFX designer Dan Martin, presented by Evolution of Horror Podcast at Genesis Cinema (21 MAR 18:00).
  • LENNY d. Bob Fosse, 1974 presented by Tufnell Park Film Club at The Lord Palmerston (21 MAR 20:00).
  • LUNANA: A YAK IN THE CLASSROOM d. Pawo Choyning Dorji, 2019 at The David Lean (21 MAR 19:30).
  • NEAPOLITAN DIARY aka Diario napoletano d. Francesco Rosi, 1992 presented in-venue & online by Sands Films Cinema Club at Sands Films Studios (21 MAR 20:00 – Donation requested!).
  • THE PERFECT STORY d. Michelle Shephard, 2022 + Q&A with the director & BBC Africa Editor Mary Harper at Frontline Club (21 MAR 19:00).
  • Plain Sight Short Film Night + Panel discussion at Riverside Studios (21 MAR 20:00).
  • Return to Twin Peaks in Bar Paragon at Genesis Cinema (21 MAR 18:45).



  • 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY d. Stanley Kubrick, 1968 presented by Crofton Park Pictures at Rivoli Ballroom (23 MAR 19:30).
  • ANTIDOTE d. Marc Silver, 2023 + Q&A at Bertha DocHouse (23 MAR 18:20).
  • BROKER d. Hirokazu Kore-eda, 2022 at The David Lean (23 MAR 14:30 & 19:30).
  • DEATH PROOF d. Quentin Tarantino, 2007 presented by Ghouls Magazine Film Club at True Romance (23 MAR 19:00).
  • THE ROOM d. Tommy Wiseau, 2003 at The Prince Charles (23 MAR 20:45).
  • THEY LIVE d. John Carpenter, 1988 + Intro/discussion with Nick Walker, presented by Cult Classic Collective at Genesis Cinema (23 MAR 18:35).

16MM SCREENINGS at The Castle Cinema

35MM PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles

70MM PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles


  • Includes (check venue for full listings)SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS d. David F. Sandberg, 2023 (17 to 23 MAR); JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 d. Chad Stahelski, 2023 (23 to 30 MAR).
  • ANIME: YOUR NAME d. Makoto Shinkai, 2016 + Intro by Michael Leader & Jake Cunningham, co-hosts of Ghibliotheque podcast (19 MAR 11:45).

A LI’L BIT OF LUIS BUÑUEL at The Prince Charles

  • Includes (check venue for full listings): TRISTANA d. Luis Buñuel, 1970 (22 MAR 18:10).


ANIME at The Prince Charles

  • Includes (check venue for full listings): AKIRA d. Katsuhiro Ôtomo, 1988 (20 MAR 21:00 / 21 MAR 15:30 / 22 MAR 15:20).


  • Includes (check venue for full listings): FIRST NAME: CARMEN d. Jean-Luc Godard, 1983 (17 MAR 20:15 / 19 MAR 20:15); WEEKEND d. Jean-Luc Godard, 1967 (18 MAR 18:00); DETECTIVE d. Jean-Luc Godard, 1985 (23 MAR 20:15).

BAR TRASH: TRASH OR TREASURE? at Rule Zero & Genesis Cinema 


  • Includes (check venue for full listings): STRAW DOGS 35mm d. Sam Peckinpah, 1971 (21 MAR 18:00).

CINEMATIC JUKEBOX / CLASSIC FILM SEASON at The Prince Charles (not listed elsewhere!)

CLASSICS at Genesis Cinema

COEN BROTHERS ON 35MM at Everyman Screen On The Green

  • Includes (check venue for listings): THE LADYKILLERS 35mm d. Joel Coen & Ethan Coen, 2004 (18 MAR 22:30 / 22 MAR 10:30).

ESSENTIAL CINEMA at Close-Up Film Centre

  • Includes (check venue for full listings): RADIO ON + DISCONTENT d. Chris Petit, 1979 + 2023, fundraiser screening (18 MAR 20:15 + Intro by the director).


  • Includes (check venue for full listings): MIAMI VICE d. Michael Mann, 2006 (21 MAR 20:45).


  • Includes (check venue for full listings): BLACK GIRL d. Ousmane Sembène, 1966 (18 MAR 16:15); ATLANTICS d. Mati Diop, 2019 (18 MAR 20:30); TOUKI BOUKI d. Djibril Diop Mambéty, 1973 + Intro by Bamba Diop (20 MAR 15:00); THE WIND d. Souleymane Cissé, 1982 (23 MAR 18:00 + Intro/discussion with Sarah Jilani).

FROM THE REQUEST BOARD… at The Prince Charles


  • Includes (check venue for full listings): NIGHT MUST FALL d. Karel Reisz, 1964 + Q&A with Susan Hampshire & Phillip Bergson (19 MAR 17:00 / 20 MAR 20:00 – No Q&A).


  • Includes (check venue for full listings): PASSION d. Jean-Luc Godard, 1982 (19 MAR 14:00 / 21 MAR 18:00 + Intro by Tony Rayns).

MOIS DE LA FRANCOPHONIE 2023 at Ciné Lumière

MOVIE MARATHONS at The Prince Charles

OBSESSIONS at Bertha DocHouse

THROWBACK SEASON at Everyman Cinemas

  • Includes (check venue for listings): THE MUMMY d. Stephen Sommers, 1999 (19 MAR various).


  • Includes (check venue for listings): RASHOMON d. Akira Kurosawa, 1950 (19 MAR 12:45 / 22 MAR 18:00).

THE WORLD OF WONG KAR WAI at The Prince Charles

THE AGE OF INNOCENCE: 30th Anniversary 4K Restoration dir. Martin Scorsese, 1993 (limited engagement)

Also 17 to 23 MAR (various dates/times):

  • OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN aka Les enfants des autres d. Rebecca Zlotowski, 2022 at: Ciné Lumière.
  • WINNERS d. Hassan Nazer, 2023 at: Curzon Cinemas / ICA.

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