Stop The Horse Hospital from closing: here's how you can join the protest.

SCREEN NEWS: The Horse Hospital given a reprieve

We’re a little bit late on this one, but The Horse Hospital has been given a temporary reprieve until 31 MAR. Facing a massive increase in their rent, their future is far from certain. Here’s the latest news & some suggestions about how you can help.


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If you’ve been following our listings for a while, you’ll know we are big fans of The Horse Hospital. This amazing underground venue was served a likely death sentence last year when their landlords imposed a massive increase in their rent. The threatened closure – due to take place this week – has been delayed through a temporary reprieve for further negotiations. Here’s their latest public notice in full.


The Horse Hospital is still under imminent threat of closure but we are very happy to announce that we have been granted an extension until the 31st of March 2020 in order to prepare our case for the next phase of our legal battle and try to secure a new lease.

Join us for the next Friends of the Horse Hospital meeting in order to find out more (28 FEB 18:00 to 19:30.).

If you cannot make the public meeting, or would just like to be able to help in some small way, head over to the campaign pages of their website HERE. Your options include buying some badges, books & artworks, signing the petition, & making a donation (if their negotiations for a fair rent are unsuccessful they will need to seek a costly court ruling).

The other option of course is to visit The Horse Hospital, boosting its fortunes as a buzzing counter-cultural arts venue. Some event organisers needed to find other homes whilst the threat of closure was imminent, but there are newly programmed attractions throughout March: get booking now.

We hope to be at the public meeting on Friday and will share more news when we can.

And that’s the meat of it…

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