Every month we invite you to experience the best of London’s indie attractions with us. For our next SCREEN QUEST we are delighted to be working with CinemaItaliaUK to celebrate the last event in their current season.

Join us to see SICILIAN GHOST STORY + Q&A with writer Marco Mancassola at Regent Street Cinema (27 JUL 19:30). Discount available for RADIANT CIRCUS members at

Radiant Circus Screen Quest No2: SICILIAN GHOST STORY + Q&A at Regent Street Cinema (27 JUL).
Screen Quest No2: SICILIAN GHOST STORY at Regent Street Cinema (27 JUL).

At the age 13, Joseph disappears, apparently into the deep Sicilian forest. His smitten classmate ventures after him without telling anyone, and unaware of just how deep the mystery behind his disappearance goes.

“If Grassadonia and Piazza had simply retold the story, it would have been gripping enough, but they deepen the intensity and widen the meaning by letting the tale unfold in a strange filmic space between cruel reality and ghostly fantasy.” – Hollywood Reporter

In collaboration with Altitude Films.

After the movie, there will be a Q&A with writer Marco Mancassola, whose short story “Un cavaliere bianco” (A white Knight, lit.) in the book “Non saremo confusi per sempre” (We will not be puzzled forever, lit.) inspired the movie.

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