SUPPORT #LDNindieFILM // Submit your Love Story to help celebrate London's alternative cinema scene at this time of crisis.

SUPPORT #LDNindieFILM // Submit your Love Story to help celebrate London's alternative cinema scene at this time of crisis.

We’re gathering readers’ #LDNindieFILM Love Stories to help celebrate London’s alternative cinema scene at this time of crisis. You can submit a brief encounter (a short story about why you love your favourite indie), a longer article about how it happened one night, or a titanic account of how you fell in love (now your relationship is – temporarily! – on ice).

Your Love Story doesn’t need to be told in words. Maybe you’re an artist or an illustrator, a songwriter or photographer? Maybe you’ve got an idea poised ready to go, or want to collaborate with a friend to produce something nice and juicy? Get as creative as you can to really show some love for independent film exhibition in this city of ours.

All we ask is that you follow government guidelines about staying at home and social distancing when creating your Love Story (e.g. DON’T go out to take new photographs and always collaborate safely). We also ask that you own the rights to whatever you submit so we can credit the right people and don’t get in trouble publishing it.

Remember, we will sort everything we get and publish as much of it as we can over the coming weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak. If we get some great stuff, we’ll consider producing a zine (or something else beautiful) with your work that will help us spread the word about #LDNindieFILM even further.

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