THURSDAY: What’s on in London today [05/08/21]

THURSDAY 05 AUGUST 2021 (A–Z) // What’s on in London today including one-off events, limited runs, film clubs, repertory seasons, film festivals, outdoor events, & our selection of new releases.

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HAS THE FEATURE STARTED YET? d. Maurice Lemaître, 1951 + Recorded Intro by Professor Nicole Brenez (05 AUG 18:30) / Part of SPLASH, SCRATCH, DUNK! FILMS MADE BY HAND.

  • “In this hugely influential handmade film the artist’s interventions on the filmstrip constitute an act of destruction aimed at the material of film itself. Maurice Lemaître never wants us to forget we are watching a film, an artificial construction. He disorients with jump-cuts, inserts single-frames of blank white, doodles;the footage, and makes the filmstrip’s black frame borders visible. All this strenuously thwarts our expectations of how a film can be watched and understood.”
  • All About Bette Davis panel discussion at BFI Southbank (05 AUG 18:10).
  • CRASH d. David Cronenberg, 1996 at The Prince Charles (05 AUG 20:40).
  • EL FATHER PLAYS HIMSELF d. Mo Scarpelli, 2020 + Zoom Q&A with the director at Barbican (05 AUG 18:45).
  • GIRLFRIENDS d. Claudia Weill, 1978 at ICA (05 AUG 18:40).
  • GIRLFRIENDS d. Claudia Weill, 1978 at BFI Southbank (05 AUG 20:50).
  • HAPPY TOGETHER 4K aka Chun gwong cha sit d. Wong Kar Wai, 1997 at ICA (05 AUG 16:15).
  • HAS THE FEATURE STARTED YET? d. Maurice Lemaître, 1951 + Recorded Intro by Professor Nicole Brenez (05 AUG 18:30).
  • HUSH… HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE 4K d. Robert Aldrich, 1964 at BFI Southbank (05 AUG 14:15).
  • GUMMO 35MM d. Harmony Korine, 1997 at The Prince Charles (05 AUG 18:25).
  • L’ATALANTE d. Jean Vigo, 1934 at Close-Up (05 AUG 20:15).
  • LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT 35MM aka The Young Ladies of Rochefort d. Jacques Demy, 1967 at BFI Southbank (05 AUG 17:50).
  • LIMBO d. Ben Sharrock, 2020 + Recorded Q&A with the director at ArtHouse Crouch End (05 AUG 18:00).
  • NOW, VOYAGER d. Irving Rapper, 1942 at BFI Southbank (05 AUG 20:40).
  • Now What Film Night short film programme + Q&A at Catford Mews (05 AUG 18:30).
  • ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD 35MM d. Quentin Tarantino, 2019 at The Prince Charles (05 AUG 20:20).
  • PAPRIKA d. Satoshi Kon, 2006 at The Prince Charles (05 AUG 12:15).
  • THE ROCK 35MM d. Michael Bay, 1996 at The Prince Charles (05 AUG 14:45).
  • SALÒ, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM aka Salò o Le 120 giornate di Sodoma d. Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975 at BFI Southbank (05 AUG 20:45).
  • TOP GUN d. Tony Scott, 1986 at Olympic Studios (05 AUG 20:30).
  • TWO OF US d. Filippo Meneghetti, 2020 + Short: WINGS + Q&A with charity Opening Doors presented by Women Over Fifty Film Festival at Genesis Cinema (05 AUG 18:20).
  • VERTIGO d. Alfred Hitchcock, 1958 at The Prince Charles (05 AUG 12:45).


  • SOUND OF NOMAD d. Kim So-young, 2016 + Recorded Q&A (online from 05 AUG 19:00 to 07 AUG 23:59 – FREE!) / Part of KOREAN FILM NIGHTS.
  • 500 DAYS OF SUMMER d. Marc Webb, 2009 open captioned at Rooftop Film Club, Stratford East (05 AUG 20:45).
  • HOT FUZZ d. Edgar Wright, 2007 at Bar Elba SE1 (05 AUG 21:00).
  • IN THE HEIGHTS d. Jon M. Chu, 2021 at Rooftop Film Club, Peckham (05 AUG 20:45).
  • KNIVES OUT d. Rian Johnson, 2019 at The Luna Cinema at Dulwich Park (05 AUG 20:45).
  • MOULIN ROUGE! d. Baz Luhrmann, 2001 at The Luna Cinema at Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster (05 AUG 20:45).

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOY IN THE WORLD d. Kristina Lindström & Kristian Petri, 2021

  • Also (30 JUL to 05 AUG various)HIGHLANDER d. Russell Mulcahy, 1986 at The Prince Charles // I WAS AT HOME, BUT… d. Angela Schanelec, 2019 at ICA (until 04 AUG).
Hold the date: BITE ME! A Queer Horror Double Bill at the Filly Brook (19 SEP 16:00+) // Free! // Booking opens soon.


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