Our listings policy describes how everything gets put together at RADIANT CIRCUS including the daily decisions we make, the events we might overlook and how to get something sorted if we’ve got it wrong.

We exist to help promote and preserve adventurous moving pictures, giving our friends and followers an easy way to find out what’s on in London right now. There are three main type of event listings at RADIANT CIRCUS:

  • LONDON EVENTS: Our event calendar lists single-o exhibits (one-off events) or those with a simple repeat (e.g. for a weekender or a second screening). Submit an event using the form HERE. We try to post and promote (with a tweet!) within 24hrs of receiving your submission.
  • SCREEN GUIDES: Each month (NOW BOOKING) and screen week (NOW SHOWING) we trawl websites, emails and social feeds to compile our handpicked guides to London’s screen events. We pick the events that excite us most to recommend to our subscribers and followers as our Featured Attraction of the week/month. We also produce occasional guides to COMING ATTRACTIONS such as significant exhibits, seasons and festivals.
  • TEN-IN-ONE SHOWS: Occasional guides help our friends and followers take a deeper dive, focusing on home cinema, as well as our annual roundups of what’s hot (and what’s not…). We only recommend legitimate routes to content (DVD, Blu-ray, on demand etc).

Our daily morning updates on TWITTER further promote current attractions. We check each morning for ticket availability before posting (#SCREENGUIDE).


We love independent and alternative film screenings and veer towards content that is overlooked and underappreciated. We also love people who do their own thing, including community cinemas, DIY film nights and freelance curators/programmers: they provide some of London’s most authentic experiences.

Our listings emphasise SINGLE-O events (one-off screenings), limited edition MUSEUM SHOWS (exhibitions, festivals and seasons) and SPECIAL FEATURES that raise the curtain (Screen Talks, Q&As, Intros & Panel Discussions).

We work within (and often way beyond) the BFI category of ’specialised films‘. This includes micro and low budgets, archival rereleases, subtitled foreign languages, genre-bending curiosities and feature-length documentaries. We’re fascinated by diverse stories that are different to our own, and care passionately about who tells them and how they are told. Our interests extend to artists’ and experimental film as well as pictures that move beyond fixed screens such as stage projections, street art and video installations.

This means you can expect to see much that’s good from indie programmers like Science Fiction Theatre, Kennington Bioscope and SUPAKINO and alternative picture palaces like Deptford Cinema, ICA and The Horse Hospital (see our TOP TEN CINEMAS for more). We try to cover as much at major rep houses like BFI and the Prince Charles as we can but tend to avoid otherwise excellent promoters like Secret CinemaBackyard Cinema and Rooftop Film Club as they already have strong audiences for their popular attractions.

Of course, there will (always) be exceptions…* As a passion project, there will be things we miss and there may be omissions that seem confusing. We apologise in advance for any quickening of the pulse.

If we’ve got something wrong, let us know and we’ll get it sorted.


This is our ‘get out of gaol’ card that goes on every list we create:

As accurate as we could make it. Apologies for any errors. Apologies if we have missed your event. Updates & corrections will be made to the online version. Event dates/times are subject to change by the venue/organiser. We check box office for all films in London before posting: some events may still be sold out. Please click quickly! We don’t filter by age/certification: all readers & subscribers should be 18+.

And that’s the meat of it…


Do contact us HERE if you have any questions or would like to submit your attractions for our consideration.

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*We always include movies with giant / intelligent / amorous apes in them and get giddy at the use of the word ‘tentacle’ in a programme description…