This is a film still from SQUIRRELS TO THE NUTS dir Peter Bogdanovich, 2014, screening at The Prince Charles Cinema (06 MAR 2023).

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SQUIRRELS TO THE NUTS d. Peter Bogdanovich, 2014 raising funds for Parkinson’s UK at The Prince Charles (06 MAR 20:30).

“You saved one of my best pictures… Can’t thank you enough, James, you’re a real trooper!” – Peter Bogdanovich, director of The Last Picture Show, What’s Up, Doc? and Paper Moon, in an email to City University of New York Professor James Kenney after Kenney shared his discovery of the only existing copy of Bogdanovich’s Squirrels to the Nuts, his vastly different original cut of She’s Funny That Way.”

“Heavily cut, substantially reshot, and burdened with a painfully explicit voice-over narration, Peter Bogdanovich’s final theatrical feature was released in 2014 under the title She’s Funny That Way and quickly disappeared from view. Miraculously, Bogdanovich’s full original cut, running 113 minutes and titled Squirrels to the Nuts in homage to Ernst Lubitsch’s Cluny Brown, was saved from oblivion by Kenney, who discovered a high-definition video master of the Bogdanovich edit on eBay.”

Squirrels to the Nuts in its original cut is unexpurgated Bogdanovich, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker creating a rich, absurdist universe of uncommon, unforgettable characters who constantly surprise us, in a cockeyed, original romantic comedy of adultery, destiny and sexual compulsion spun by him and co-writer/producer Louise Stratten. On Monday 6th March at a screening benefitting Parkinson’s UK, you will have the opportunity to see, in its first European screening, this “small miracle,” which plays as a proper climax to Bogdanovich’s storied career.” (The PCC)

  • A FANTASTIC WOMAN aka Una Mujer Fantástica d. Sebastián Lelio, 2017 presented by Spanish Marks at India Club Lounge-Bar (06 MAR 19:00).
  • FASHION REIMAGINED d. Becky Hutner, 2022 + Q&A with the director at The Lexi Cinema (06 MAR 18:20).
  • Monday Classic Matinée: FUNNY FACE d. Stanley Donen, 1957 + Live organ recital at Regent Street Cinema (06 MAR 13:00).
  • Open Shorts Night presented by Raindance at Wonderville (06 MAR 19:00).
  • PEACE BY CHOCOLATE d. Jonathan Kejiser, 2021 presented by Telefilm Canada & the High Commission of Canada at Genesis Cinema (06 MAR 18:30).
  • PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE d. Tim Burton, 1985 curated by Nat Funni, presented by Transmissions at Dalston Superstore (06 MAR 19:00).
  • POSSESSION d. Andrzej Zulawski, 1981 + Discussion presented by Fleshed Out Cinema Club at SET Social (06 MAR 19:30).
  • SQUIRRELS TO THE NUTS d. Peter Bogdanovich, 2014, raising funds for Parkinson’s UK at The Prince Charles (06 MAR 20:30).
  • WATCHER d. Chloe Okuno, 2022 at Whirled Cinema (06 MAR 20:00 / 07 MAR 20:00 / 08 MAR 20:00 / 12 MAR 17:00).

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35MM PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles

70MM PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles


  • CREED III d. Michael B. Jordan, 2023 (03 to 09 MAR).

A TASTE OF QUEER CINEMA at The Garden Cinema

  • JOYLAND d. Saim Sadiq, 2022 (06 MAR 17:35 & 20:25).
  • BLUE JEAN d. Georgia Oakley, 2022 (06 MAR 18:00).




  • AFTERSUN d. Charlotte Wells, 2022 (06 MAR 18:00).
  • SAINT MAUD d. Rose Glass, 2019 (06 MAR 18:15 – £1 Members’ Film).

THE WORLD OF WONG KAR WAI at The Prince Charles

FASHION REIMAGINED dir Becky Hutner, 2022

Also 03 to 09 MAR (various dates/times):

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