This is a film still from WILD SIDE dir Donald Cammell (2000) presented by Lost Reels at ICA (31 AUG 2023).

Lost Reels presents 16mm & 35mm screenings at The Cinema Museum & ICA (19 & 31 AUG 2023)

Lost Reels continues their outstanding run of rarely screened films from rare 16mm & 35mm source materials at The Cinema Museum (19 AUG) & ICA (31 AUG).

Submitted by Lost Reels

16mm Double-Bill: Tick…Tick…Tick… FAIL SAFE / JUGGERNAUT ds. Sidney Lumet, 1964 / Richard Lester, 1974 + Intro & raffle, presented by Lost Reels at The Cinema Museum (19 AUG 18:00):

“Tick…Tick…Tick…” continues Lost Reels’ series of classics, curios and forgotten gems on 16mm with two edge-of-your-seat suspense thrillers. Sidney Lumet’s bleak cold war classic FAIL-SAFE (1964), and JUGGERNAUT (1974) Richard Lester’s brilliant ocean-bound bomb disposal nail-biter. Infrequently screened and virtually never shown on film, Lost Reels presents these two unsung classics as a rare celluloid experience. Film introductions, trailers and vintage JUGGERNAUT poster raffle.

16mm Double-Bill: Tick…Tick…Tick… FAIL SAFE / JUGGERNAUT at The Cinema Museum (19 AUG 18:00).

WILD SIDE 35mm dir Donald Cammell, 2000 + Intro, presented by Lost Reels at ICA (31 AUG 18:30).

The perfect companion piece to PERFORMANCE (1970), Donald Cammell’s swan song is an edgy unpredictable pulp noir centred around crime, money, sex, power games, and four outstanding acting performances. Masquerading as a crime thriller, Cammell’s final film shifts unpredictably between hard-bitten drama, sensuous lesbian love story, and absurd black comedy, to deliver an incendiary mix of mind games, sexual liaisons, and ever shifting loyalties as the four characters navigate an increasingly complex and irrelevant plot.

Re-edited against his wishes by its American producers Cammell removed his name from the project and shortly after committed suicide, but a posthumous “director’s cut” adding more than twenty minutes of material and restoring Cammell’s original vision was produced by Tartan Films in the UK to enthusiastic reviews. Thought to be lost, two 35mm prints of this director’s cut were recently uncovered, and this screening – the first for more than two decades – is from one of these two surviving prints.

This is a film still from WILD SIDE dir Donald Cammell (2000) presented by Lost Reels at ICA (31 AUG 2023).

WILD SIDE 35mm dir Donald Cammell, 2000 at ICA (31 AUG 18:30).




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