Screenshot from MATINEE (1993).

NEW ATTRACTION: A searchable event calendar for London


RADIANT CIRCUS exists to help promote and preserve adventurous moving pictures. Since we started twelve months ago, our posts and pages have reported on our hunt for wild and astonishing things. Having travelled this far, we will be making some changes in the coming weeks and months to help build bigger audiences for moving pictures that live and lurk far beyond the mainstream. Find out more HERE.

One of those changes is to make it even easier for our friends and followers to find their way to adventurous screen content. We’ve just launched a new way to discover the best of what’s on across London. Drum roll please…

RADIANT CIRCUS: What's On Where searchable event listings for London.
RADIANT CIRCUS: What’s On Where – our new searchable event calendar for London.


Welcome to our brand new events calendar where you will find links to everything on and off screen that we care (passionately) about. From cult classics to mainstream curiosities, video art and experimental film, we hope this will become London’s go-to place to hunt for cinematic oddities of all shapes and sizes.

The page is currently ‘under construction’, so we’ve started with some great single-o exhibits by indie programmers including Science Fiction Theatre, Kennington Bioscope, Rochester Kino, Cigarette Burns Cinema, The Miskatonic Institute for Horror Studies, Nova Nights (aka Billy Chainsaw) and Supakino. We’ll add more as we build, test, break and, well… build some more!

We (really) hope you like it.


We will continue to produce our SCREEN GUIDES each month (NOW BOOKING) and screen week (NOW SHOWING), trawling London’s websites, emails and social feeds to post handpicked guides to the most adventurous attractions. We pick events that excite us most and recommend them to our friends and followers. We go to see as many as we can and these become our SCREEN QUESTS.

Over the next few weeks we will also be increasing the number of guides we post to COMING ATTRACTIONS, helping you navigate your way around London’s significant moving image exhibits, seasons and festivals. Our occasional TEN-IN-ONE SHOWS will offer a deeper dive, focusing on home cinema content (DVD, Blu-ray, On Demand etc.), as well as our more opinionated roundups of what’s hot (and what’s not…).

Finally, our daily updates on Twitter promote the attractions listed in our GUIDES. We check ticket availability each morning before posting – so please remember to click quickly! Search for #SCREENGUIDE on Twitter to follow the action.

And that’s the meat of it….

It looks set to be another busy screen year. We look forward to huddling in the darkness with you.

Let us know what else you would like to see on RADIANT CIRCUS by using the comments below, getting in touch HERE or via DM on Twitter.


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  • Bookmark WHAT’S ON WHERE to make it even easier to find the screens you love.

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Featured image: MATINEE (1993).