NOW BOOKING: Prince Charles Cinema reopening programme

The legendary West End venue has started selling (out!) tickets for its reopening programme (from 17 MAY). We take a look at what’s booking & get all excited about being back in a dark room full of strangers…

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Quite frankly, it’s wonderful to click on a venue website and see tickets for sale. Buoyed by the amazing support from their members and other fans during lockdown, the legendary Prince Charles Cinema has a full slate of films on their socially distanced screens from 17 MAY when indoor venues will hopefully be allowed to reopen.

As you’d expect, some titles are already selling out, but continue scrolling for our pick of the events you can book for at the time of posting. Before we forget, The PCC has introduced a special 48hrs booking window exclusively for their members whenever a new event gets posted. With one of the most affordable membership schemes on the planet (annual membership costs £10 and lifetime membership only £60), you really have no excuse.

We can’t wait.


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Our pick of the reopening programme at The Prince Charles Cinema.

This is a film still from JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH which screens at The Prince Charles Cinema from 17 MAY.


The programme for 17 MAY is as follows: JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH (2021), CLERKS 35MM (1984), SOUND OF METAL (2019), AMMONITE (2020), SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (1952), NOMADLAND (2020), 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY 70MM (1968), and MINARI (2020 – which is already SOLD OUT but tickets are available for the rest of the week!).


Original format presentations resume with CLERKS (17 MAY) and continue with HEAT (18 MAY), PULP FICTION (19 MAY), DRIVE (20 MAY), Fellini’s 81/2 (25 MAY), a limited run of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (28 MAY to 03 JUN), FIGHT CLUB (28 MAY), EMPIRE RECORDS (28 MAY), CITIZEN KANE (29 MAY), 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (04 JUN) and CASABLANCA (12 JUN).


Of course, if 35MM isn’t big enough for you, you can settle down with the mother of all large formats, starting with 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY featuring the ‘unrestored version’ (17 to 30 MAY), followed by DIE HARD (12 to 30 JUN) and DUNE (03 to 23 JUL).


Snuggle up once again – at a safe social distance of course! – with multiple movies on one ticket. Things start with BLADE RUNNER: DOUBLE FEATURE (04 JUN) and then all hell breaks loose with ALIEN + ALIENS (11 & 16 JUN). The PCC is also selling combo tickets for LOTR: EXTENDED EDITIONS (31 MAR) in a ‘marathon event’ but you will need to vacate the room between screenings to allow for adequate venting.


Probably the single biggest thing about indie screen culture w’ve missed during shutdown is the thrill of a well-programmed repertory season. This is more of a regular sci-fi strand at The PCC but it’s still a very welcome return. Currently includes the above double-bills along with single screenings of ALIEN (12 JUN) and ALIENS (13 to 17 JUN) and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY on 70MM.




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