#LDNindieFILM Love Story: The Prince Charles Cinema // F-K-RED-LIGHTS by Imane Lamime (image c/o Prince Charles Cinema).

#LDNindieFILM Love Story: Prince Charles Cinema

We’re asking our wonderful readers to celebrate London’s alternative cinema scene with a #LDNindieFILM Love Story! Here’s the next of their tributes to the amazing people & places that illuminate the darkness with great cinema.


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by Imane Lamime


#LDNindieFILM Love Story: The Prince Charles Cinema // F-K-RED-LIGHTS by Imane Lamime (image c/o Imane Lamime).
#LDNindieFILM Love Story: Prince Charles Cinema

This is a screenshot from a video I found in my iPhone.

Stuck at the border, this can be seen as a snippet of my Londoner life, of how I miss my favourite indie cinema:
running through rainy North London to catch a screening of LOST IN TRANSLATION at The Prince Charles,
11 seconds before it starts.

I can’t wait to cross this road again.

Green Light, you are missed my friend. I’ll be waiting.

THE RADIANT CIRCUS VIEW: I wanted to share Imane’s #LDNindieFILM Love Story because it will resonate with the many loyal fans of the Prince Charles, a picture palace of truly unbridled pleasures. I also wanted to keep the poetry of the line breaks from the original submission as it seems to just work better that way… a fragment of a city life committed to celluloid, of the intermittent signals of our lives under lockdown, and of how we all hope to return to gather in the darkness again soon… Fuck red lights indeed: “I can’t wait to cross this road again.”


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