A film blog should have an actual blog, right…? In the first of a new series of posts, our Barker-In-Chief at RADIANT CIRCUS shares a few juicy updates. This is also the place you’ll find writeups of the great screen events we go to across London each week.*


Films in London this HALLOWEEN: SOCIETY at Close-Up (29 OCT).
Films in London this week: SOCIETY at Close-Up (29 OCT).

It’s always hard choosing a featured attraction of the day/week/month.

One of our ambitions at RADIANT CIRCUS is to lure more movie goers away from the mainstream and into the dark embrace of adventurous moving pictures. We also like to put our efforts into backing indie venues, programmers and filmmakers. The idea of wrapping artist film and video around a loved – but should be much better known! – horror title for Halloween therefore gets our clown faces smiling.

Our featured attraction of the week is Sick Society’s presentation of SOCIETY at Close-Up (29 OCT 20:15). Brian Yuzna’s 1989 shunt-fest will screen with a bunch of new artist films curated by Dean Kenning, Liam Scully and Vanessa Scully.

> Give it a go…


Films in London this HALLOWEEN: THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE at The Castle Cinema (31 OCT).
Films in London this HALLOWEEN: THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE at The Castle Cinema (31 OCT).

If you follow RADIANT CIRCUS regularly, you’ll know that we like a bit of genre cinema… Following last year’s effort, we’ve posted a new SCREAM GUIDE listing as many ?Halloween? related titles as we could find. Given that there’ll be a bunch of pub and other unusual venue ‘screamings’ out there, it’s not complete but we still think it’s London’s most comprehensive listings.

> Let us know if we’ve missed your event (DM on Twitter @radiantcircus).


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The internet is awash with bloggers venting their opinion about the latest release. RADIANT CIRCUS exists to get people excited about adventurous moving pictures, not put them off…. We also want to help our promoter pals get as many bums on their seats as possible. For these reasons you’ll never find a bad review here. If we haven’t enjoyed an event, we’ll just move along to the next one.

If we have loved something, we like to writeup the overall event experience – the screening and any added value special features such as talks, Q&As and performances – to give audiences a real flavour of London’s rich, alternative cinema scene. If you’d like to contribute your own event writeups, then please get in touch!

Of course, RADIANT CIRCUS started as an exercise in audience activism. As such, there will be things that piss us off (you know, ticket prices, poorly written film blurbs, shoddy sound/projection/presentation, “you must promote this with less than 48hrs to go” emails, cinema closures…). You can read about our gripes – and our many loves! – in our ‘best and worst‘ writeups at the end of each year.

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… and that’s the meat of it.

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