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SCREEN DIARY: Bringing alternative late night doubles back to London

The first MIDNIGHT EXCESS was a real success (THE STUD/THE BITCH at Rio Cinema, 16 FEB 23:00+). An eager crowd – some queuing early to see favourite films they’d never seen on the big screen – quaffed complimentary Cinzanos in Rio Cinema’s Art Deco splendour to enjoy a double dose of Collins.


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Valentine's Day films: THE STUD at Rio Cinema (16 FEB).

Based on Jackie Collins’ novels, THE STUD (1978) proves to be a more complex and engaging story than expected – beautifully captured in Aleksander Walijewski’s poster art – with a very contemporary sex tape sub plot, drug-fuelled pool orgy and final confrontation in a night club. THE BITCH (1979) is a slighter film that delights the audience with Joan Collins’ viperous putdowns but doesn’t quite capture its predecessors’ delirium. With vintage trailers and clip reels – and an essential disco playlist throughout the foyer – it was a night saturated in late 70s sleaze.

This was RADIANT CIRCUS’ first collab in the staging of a screen event and our thanks go to Ranjit S. Ruprai aka SUPAKINO, Sarah and Jordan at Zodiac Film Club and everyone at Rio Cinema for inviting us along as their media partner in crime. The thrill of applauding the audience out of the building at 03:40 am is still very much with us (and feels seriously addictive…). Much more to come.

Our partnership in MIDNIGHT EXCESS will help amplify our focus on London’s indie exhibitors – read this interview to learn more about Ranjit’s intentions for his collaborative late night strand. We’ve also opened a new series of CHANNELS to hear directly from the sommeliers of the dark. Start by reading more about Zodiac Film Club with their selfie interview – Zodiac On Zodiac – and their unique guide to cinematic sex education.

“We like our on-screen sex beautifully shot, well dressed and with a bizarre back story.” Zodiac Film Club

We’re in conversation with several more indies – venues and festivals as well as lone wolf promoters – to add new CHANNELS in coming months. We want RADIANT CIRCUS to become the place for essential new writing about London’s alternative cinema scene. Do get in touch if you would like to talk about your own screen events and how we can help promote them here. Any enthusiastic volunteer contributors are also very welcome!

And that’s the meat of it…


Launched by SUPAKINO in 2019, MIDNIGHT EXCESS aims to bring back the thrill of late night movies and subversive double features. Expect a programme of gloriously over-the-top movies, from eye-popping exuberance to the utterly outrageous, and from the downright strange to the outright sexy. MIDNIGHT EXCESS also aims to give a space for indie film clubs and programmers to collaborate and show the type of repertory cinema that wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to be seen again on the big screen.


Ranjit S. Ruprai is an independent programmer and supporter of indie cinemas, film festivals and film clubs in London. Since 2017, he has been curating friendly film screenings around fun and unusual themes including Turbans Seen On Screen at The Institute Of Light and Bombay Mix double-bills at Rio Cinema. These are often accompanied by live music, short films, cast/crew and renowned guest speakers.

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Beginning with a shared love of horror, pulp, thrills and mystery, Sarah Kathryn Cleaver and Jordan Storm Louise set up Zodiac Film Club. You can expect carefully chosen screenings every month, a film for each sign. We select good looking films, complex female characters and our favourites in rarely screened classics, cult and contemporary cinema to share with you, and invite you to talk about it with us afterwards.

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