RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London today: DARK SUNS at Frontline Club (07 OCT).

SCREEN GUIDE DAILY: Films in London today 07.10.19

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DARK SUNS d. Julien Elie, 2018 + Q&A with the director at Frontline Club (07 OCT 19:00):

  • “Shot in stark monochrome, Julien Elie‘s epic documentary DARK SUNS chronicles stories of some of the many thousands of women, journalists, students, and activists who have disappeared in Mexico since the 1990s, and the insidious culture of cartel violence and state corruption behind them.”


LUNCHTIME FILM SOCIETY - Radiant Circus at Bridewell Theatre - BETTER UNITED 22 Oct 2019

LUNCHTIME FILM SOCIETY is a brand new popup cinema screening daily programmes of bitesize films for busy City workers at the Bridewell Theatre in the City Of London (22 OCT to 01 NOV 2019).

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Raindance 2019: THE WAITER at Vue Piccadilly (27 SEP).

Online at radiantcircus.com: Our final writeup from Raindance 2019 reports from the UK Premiere of Best Director award winner Steve Krikris’ THE WAITER. // Ranjit S. Ruprai aka SUPAKINO has announced a new season of MIDNIGHT EXCESS at Rio Cinema. // Our epic OCTOBER roundup helps you navigate all the rep seasons & film festivals projecting across London this month. // Two venues are under threat – read appeals from Screen25 in South Norwood and The Horse Hospital & lend support where you can.




Films in London today: PUHDISTUS at Deptford Cinema (07 OCT).
Films in London today: PUHDISTUS at Deptford Cinema (07 OCT).

PUHDISTUS aka Purge d. Antti Jokinen, 2012 part of Nordic Film Nights at Deptford Cinema (07 OCT 19:30):

  • “The story of two women from two different eras linked by separate tales of deceit, desperation – and fear. Aliide has experienced the horrors of the Stalin era and the deportation of Estonians to Siberia, but she herself has to cope with the guilt of opportunism and even manslaughter. One night in 1992 she finds a young woman in the courtyard of her house; Zara has just escaped from the claws of the Russian mafia who held her as a sex slave.”

Takeshi Yashiro: Animator Talk at Courthouse Hotel Cinema (07 OCT 18:30 – FREE!):

  • Japan Foundation London presents: “Takeshi Yashiro is a Japanese animator and television commercial director. Having graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1993, he helmed numerous commercials produced by Taiyo Kikaku Co. Ltd. before focusing on finessing his stop-motion animation techniques and beginning to make his own animated films.”

More films in London today (A – Z):

  • BABYLON d. Franco Rosso, 1980 presented by Deeper Into Movies at The Curtain (07 OCT 19:30 – FREE!).
  • FOR SAMA d. Waad al-Kateab & Edward Watts, 2019 at JW3 (07 OCT 15:30).
  • FOR SAMA d. Waad al-Kateab & Edward Watts, 2019 at DocHouse (07 OCT 14:10).
  • HONEYLAND d. Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov, 2019 at ICA (07 OCT 15:15).
  • MOTHER d. Kristof Bilsen, 2019 at JW3 (07 OCT 13:30).
  • SEA OF SHADOWS d. Richard Ladkani, 2018 at DocHouse (07 OCT 20:30).
  • SLEAFORD MODS: INVISIBLE BRITAIN d. Nathan Hannawin & Paul Sng, 2015 presented by Deeper Into Movies at Moth Club (07 OCT 19:00).
  • THE SOUVENIR d. Joanna Hogg, 2019 at Ciné Lumière (07 OCT 18:45).

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RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London today: CRITTERS, part of THRILLERS & KILLERS & MONSTERS, OH MY! at The Prince Charles (27 SEP to 01 NOV).
Films in London today: CRITTERS, part of THRILLERS & KILLERS & MONSTERS, OH MY! at The Prince Charles (27 SEP to 01 NOV).



ONCE UPON A TIME WITH TARANTINO at The Prince Charles (ongoing):

THRILLERS & KILLERS & MONSTERS, OH MY! at The Prince Charles (27 SEP to 01 NOV):

  • CRITTERS d. Stephen Herek, 1986 (07 OCT 20:45).

TNB BHM2019 various venues (07 to 31 OCT):

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RADIANT CIRCUS #ScreenGuide - Films in London today: FIRE WILL COME, part of BFI London Film Festival at BFI IMAX (07 OCT).
Films in London today: FIRE WILL COME, part of BFI London Film Festival at BFI IMAX (07 OCT).

Film festivals in London today include:


Films in London this week: JUDY at Phoenix Cinema (04 to 10 OCT).
Films in London today: JUDY at Phoenix Cinema (04 to 10 OCT).

HITSVILLE: THE MAKING OF MOTOWN d. Gabe Turner & Benjamin Turner, 2019 + Pre-recorded Intro at DocHouse (07 OCT 16:10):

  • “With a soundtrack that will have you dancing in your seat, if not in the street, HITSVILLE: THE MAKING OF MOTOWN celebrates the astronomical success and enduring cultural impact of Motown Records. Founder of Motown Berry Gordy and his long-standing friend and co-creator Smokey Robinson recall the beginnings of the company that had a radically progressive approach and was way ahead of its time.”

JOKER d. Todd Phillips, 2019 at The Lexi (07 OCT 11:00, 15:00 & 18:20 & 20:50):

  • “This origin story for Batman’s arch nemesis suggests that Arthur Fleck – indelibly portrayed here by Joaquin Phoenix – is a man struggling to find his way in Gotham’s fractured society. A clown-for-hire by day, he aspires to be a stand-up comic at night, but finds the joke always seems to be on him.”

JUDY d. Rupert Goold, 2019 at Phoenix Cinema (07 OCT 12:00 Relaxed Screening, 14:30, 17:00 & 19:30):

  • “Winter 1968 and showbiz legend Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger) arrives in Swinging London to perform in a sell-out run at The Talk of the Town. It is 30 years since she shot to global stardom in THE WIZARD OF OZ, but if her voice has weakened, its dramatic intensity has only grown.”

More films in London this week (A – Z):

  • AMERICAN PSYCHO 35mm d. Mary Harron, 2000 at The Prince Charles (until 09 OCT). BAIT d. Mark Jenkin, 2019 at The Castle Cinema (until 10 OCT). CURTIZ d. as Yvan Topolanszky, 2018 at JW3 (until 10 OCT). THE FAREWELL d. Lulu Wang, 2019 at Barbican (until 10 OCT). FOR SAMA d. Waad Al-Khateab & Edward Watts, 2019 at The Castle Cinema (until 10 OCT). GOOD POSTURE d. Dolly Wells, 2019 at Rio Cinema (04 to 10 OCT). HUSTLERS d. Lorene Scafaria, 2019 at Genesis Cinema (until 10 OCT). THE LAST TREE d. Shola Amoo, 2019 at Peckhamplex (until 10 OCT). NORMAL d. Adele Tulli, 2019 at ICA (until 08 OCT). ONE CHILD NATION d. Nanfu Wang & Jialing Zhang, 2019 at DocHouse (04 to 09 OCT). PHOENIX d. Camilla Strøm Henriksen, 2018 at Whirled Cinema (07 to 13 OCT). ROJO d. Benjamín Naishtat, 2019 at Watermans (04 to 10 OCT). THE SOUVENIR d. Joanna Hogg, 2019 at The Prince Charles (until 03 OCT).

LUNCHTIME FILM SOCIETY - Radiant Circus at the Bridewell Theatre - 22 Oct to 01 Nov 2019.

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