THE BALLY #118: What to see in London this week [06 to 12 AUG 2021]

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We’ve spotted a few additions to our epic monthly roundup of rep seasons this week, including THE FIGHT FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS at Bertha DocHouse (from 06 AUG), a celebratory weekender for JAMAICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY at Screen25 Cinema (06 to 08 AUG), and AN INTRODUCTION TO KRZYSZTOF KIESLOWSKI at Genesis Cinema (from 10 AUG). If you’re in the mood for some of the Polish maestro’s work, THREE COLOURS: RED screens from 35MM at The Prince Charles this week (10 & 12 AUG) and we’ve spotted a coming attraction at The Castle Cinema, a double bill of A SHORT FILM ABOUT LOVE + A SHORT FILM ABOUT KILLING presented by No Bollocks Film Club (31 AUG).

Whilst we’re looking ahead at The Castle, Ciné-Real 16mm Film Club has announced their latest title: PULP FICTION 16MM (22 AUG 13:45 / 26 AUG 19:30 / 29 AUG 13:30). Grab a ticket while you can…

Queer themes continue to weave their way through London’s indie programming, with Women Over Fifty Film Festival continuing their tour of TWO OF US with LGBTQ+ charity Opening Doors at The Lexi (11 AUG) and the similarly brilliant NEW EAST CINEMA giving Reka Valerik’s gay martial arts doc SILENT VOICE a UK Premiere on the same night at Barbican (11 AUG). And you should definitely make space in your weekend for a CABARET SOIREE! featuring a screening of Bob Fosse’s impeccable movie musical plus a serving of high tea all dished up by the gorgeous We Do Good Disco at Ninth Life (08 AUG).

Elsewhere, it’s a quiet time of year for festivals (after the city-wide razzmatazz of Sundance London…), but The Blue Tick Festival (10 to 19 AUG) takes over Rio Cinema for a series of screenings that bring online comedians and creators onto the big screen. Let us know if we’ve missed anyone else!

It’s also a quiet week for new indie releases too, with several cinemas not picking up the latest offerings in favour of continuing with more mainstream affairs. Maya Da-Rin’s THE FEVER opens on a few screens along with the revival of NOW, VOYAGER that is re-released in conjunction with the BETTE DAVIS: HOLLYWOOD REBEL season at BFI Southbank. Janicza Bravo’s ZOLA gets a lot of love. Martin Scorsese’s GOODFELLAS gets a weeklong run at The Prince Charles from 35MM.

RADIANT CIRCUS was born of our enduring fascination with what we call ‘the afterlife of moving pictures’, which pretty much accommodates everything that happens after their initial production and release. Which in turn leads to an obsession with learning about the long and sometimes arduous process it takes for some films to get (back) on screen.

With this in mind, there are two titles in London this week from the world famous Cinema Rediscovered festival at Bristol’s Watershed: Melvin Van Peebles’ 1968 film THE STORY OF A THREE DAY PASS 4K at BFI Southbank, and The Twelve30 Collective’s presentation of Perry Henzell’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME as part of Screen25 Cinema’s JAMAICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY celebrations (06 to 08 AUG). Which is more than enough reason to make them our joint Featured Attraction of the Week.*

See you in the darkness,


* Returning quickly to my crystal ball before we go, Barbican will be presenting another of Melvin Van Peebles’s films a little later in the year, WATERMELON MAN + Short: CINQ CENT BALLES (09 SEP 18:10).

NO PLACE LIKE HOME d. Perry Henzell, 1973 + Intro by Jonathan Ali & Lisa Harewood at Screen25 Cinema (06 AUG 19:45) / Part of JAMAICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKENDER.

  • “Join us in celebrating Jamaican Independence Day with a screening of Perry Henzell’s long-lost second feature NO PLACE LIKE HOME. Susan (Susan O’Meara) is the American producer of a shampoo commercial being shot in Jamaica. When the star, PJ (PJ Soles, CARRIE and HALLOWEEN), abandons the shoot, Susan sets out to find her, with charismatic local fixer Carl (Carl Bradshaw, THE HARDER THEY COME). Making their way through the countryside, Susan and Carl find themselves attracted to each other. However, neither of them has any illusions about the separate and unequal worlds to which they belong. Reconstructed and restored, NO PLACE LIKE HOME went into production in 1973 and at last, achieves a theatrical release almost 50 years later. This definitive version of the film is both a sun-kissed love letter to Jamaica and a thoughtful examination of it.” (main featured image)

THE STORY OF A THREE DAY PASS 4K aka La Permission d. Melvin Van Peebles, 1968 at BFI Southbank (07, 08, 10 & 12 AUG) / Part of Cinema Rediscovered on Tour.

  • “‘Among the great American films of the sixties’ (Richard Brody, New York Times). Melvin Van Peebles’ first feature is based on his own novel (written in French) and follows Turner, a Black American soldier stationed in France who’s granted a three-day pass of leave and travels to Paris, where he meets and falls for a white woman named Miriam. During the weekend, their romance throws up some of the casual and contradictory views on race found in the French capital at the time and Van Peebles deals with them head on and playfully, but with an element of subversion. With a look inspired by the French New Wave, this rarely seen picture is just waiting to be celebrated by a new generation in its new 4K restoration.”
This is a film still from NO PLACE LIKE HOME at Screen25 Cinema (06 August 2021).


NO PLACE LIKE HOME d. Perry Henzell, 1973 + Intro by Jonathan Ali & Lisa Harewood at Screen25 Cinema (06 AUG 19:45) / Part of JAMAICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKENDER.

This is a film still from THE STORY OF A THREE DAY PASS which screens this week at BFI Southbank.


THE STORY OF A THREE DAY PASS 4K aka La Permission d. Melvin Van Peebles, 1968 at BFI Southbank (07, 08, 10 & 12 AUG) / Part of Cinema Rediscovered on Tour.

This is a film still from CABARET (1972).


CABARET SOIREE! featuring CABARET d. Bob Fosse, 1972 + High Tea & Archive Visuals presented by We Do Good Disco at Ninth Life (08 AUG 16:00).

This is a film still from THE MASTER, screening at The Prince Charles (09 August).


THE MASTER 35MM d. Paul Thomas Anderson, 2012 at The Prince Charles (09 AUG 20:30).

This is a film still from THREE COLOURS: BLUE screening at Genesis Cinema (10 August 2021).


THREE COLOURS: BLUE d. Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1993 at Genesis Cinema (10 AUG 21:00) / Part of AN INTRODUCTION TO KRZYSZTOF KIESLOWSKI.

This is a film still from SILENT VOICE presented by New East Cinema at Barbican (11 August 2021).


SILENT VOICE d. Reka Valerik, 2020 + Recorded Q&A with the director, UK premiere presented by New East Cinema at Barbican (11 AUG 18:30).

This is a film still from BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, presented by No Planet B film club at Catford Mews (12 August 2021).


BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD d. Benh Zeitlin, 2012 presented by No Planet B at Catford Mews (12 AUG 20:00).


THE FEVER aka A Febre d. Maya Da-Rin, 2019

NOW, VOYAGER d. Irving Rapper, 1942

Hold the date: BITE ME! A Queer Horror Double Bill at the Filly Brook (19 SEP 16:00+) // Free! // Booking opens soon.

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