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THE BALLY #9: Sensational screens you must not miss [16 to 22 NOV]


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Films in London this month: WANG BING: BITTER MONEY at Tate Modern (23 to 25 NOV).

Our featured attraction of the month is WANG BING: TRACES at Tate Modern (23 to 25 NOV):

“A leading figure in documentary cinema, Wang Bing’s singular body of films witness the accelerated transformation of China’s landscape with a deep sense of intimacy and sincerity. Primarily working alone or with a very small crew, his films use natural light and long shots as they observe the everyday lives and struggles of people living on the margins of Chinese society.” – Tate.

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THIS WEEK [16 to 22 NOV]:

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: CITY OF LOST SOULS at The Castle Cinema (21 NOV).

Our featured attraction of the week is Nobody Ordered Wolves’ presentation of Rosa Von Praunheim’s CITY OF LOST SOULS + INTRO by Juliet Jacques at The Castle Cinema (21 NOV 18:45): 

“A rare screening of a hidden classic of queer cinema. All profits for this event for Trans Day of Remembrance will support the amazing work of Gendered Intelligence, helping trans youth.” – Nobody Ordered Wolves.

> Full details in our weekly digest, HERE.

FRI //:

L’AMORE MOLESTO + Q&A with Daniela Petracco at Regent Street Cinema (16 NOV 19:30):

  • CinemaItaliaUK presents: What happened to Amalia? Who was with her the night she died? Her daughter Delia is saddened by the news, but considers her mother to be a disgrace even before she hears of the sordid circumstances of her death. Delia travels home to Naples for the funeral and tries to piece together her mother’s recent life. By doing so, she starts to confront her childhood memories that shaped their family history.

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SAT //:

Silent Guns: A Day Of Films Made During Or Featuring World War One at The Cinema Museum (17 NOV 10:00):

  • To coincide with the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, Kennington Bioscope presents a day of rarely seen silent films, curated in conjunction with the film historian Kevin Brownlow, made during or featuring World War One. Includes live accompaniment by John Sweeney, Costas Fotopoulos, Cyrus Gabyrusch, Lillian Henley and Meg Morley.

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SUN //:

THE HARDER THEY COME Film ‘n Food Evening at Lexi Cinema (18 NOV 20:00):

  • Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff plays an aspiring young singer who leaves his rural village to make a name for himself. Robbed of his possessions on his first day in town, he finds work with a self-righteous, bullying preacher and an unscrupulous music mogul who exploits naïve hopefuls. Local restaurants will be providing Caribbean fare before the film, included in the £15 ticket.

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MON //:

CLEO FROM 5 TO 7 + INTRO by Francine Stock at Lexi Cinema (19 NOV 18:30):

  • A masterpiece of the French New Wave, Agnes Varda’s tale of a woman confronting her own mortality has all the stylistic boldness and modernist flourish of BREATHLESS and THE 400 BLOWS, but with a whole lot more soul and sweetness.

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TUES //:

ANGRY INUK + Skype Q&A with director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril at National Maritime Museum (20 NOV 19:00)

  • Origins Festival presents: This film explores the role of seal hunting from an Inuit perspective set against a backdrop of external forces who are threatening their way of life. The film will be preceded by an optional gallery tour in the Museum’s new Polar Worlds gallery led by Claire Warrior, a Polar history researcher who has recently returned from the Arctic.

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WED //:

ONE NOTE AT A TIME + QA with director Renee Edwards at Harris Academy South Norwood (21 NOV 19:45):

  • Screen25 presents: A multi-award winning documentary set in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, where music stopped in 2005 when one of the most deadly and destructive hurricanes in American history struck. Many displaced musicians felt compelled to return to the chaos and bleak confusion to play again.

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THU //:

THEOREM + Q&A with Terence Stamp at BFI Southbank (22 NOV 20:50):

  • An exhilarating mix of Pasolini’s political sentiments and poetic instincts, this measures the effects of a beautiful stranger’s unexpected arrival at – and later his equally sudden departure from – the mansion of a wealthy industrialist family.

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ŞEYTAN aka THE TURKISH EXORCIST + PANEL at The Cinema Museum (24 NOV 19:30):

  • Remakesploitation presents: A Turkish remake of THE EXORCIST (1973) made in 1974, closely recreating the William Friedkin original albeit with the Catholicism replaced with Islam. For many years this film, ŞEYTAN, also known as The Turkish Exorcist, circulated only in poor-quality bootleg copies, but it has recently been digitally restored and this screening will be the first time this HD restoration has been screened with English subtitles.

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THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925) + THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1921) + LIVE ACCOMPANIMENT by Meg Morley at The 1901 Arts Club (27 NOV 19:30):

  • Immortalised as ‘the man of a thousand faces’, Lon Chaney Sr. was one of the giants of silent cinema, combining an intense acting style with ground-breaking make-up techniques to deliver a series of powerhouse performances. He is now perhaps best remembered for his horror roles, with one of the most famous being THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925).

> More event info HERE.


Films in London this week: PERSONA at Close-Up (19 NOV).


  • One of the most revelatory voices to emerge from the postwar explosion of international art-house cinema, Ingmar Bergman was a master storyteller who startled the world with his stark intensity and naked pursuit of the most profound metaphysical and spiritual questions. Includes: WILD STRAWBERRIES (16 NOV 20:15); CRIES & WHISPERS (17 NOV 18:00 / 21 NOV 20:15); THE SEVENTH SEAL (17 NOV 20:30); AUTUMN SONATA (18 NOV 18:00); THE PIANO TEACHER (18 NOV 20:10); and, PERSONA (19 NOV 20:15).

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SWEDISH CANDY, SOME VIOLENCE AND A BIT OF CAT at Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest (13 to 18 NOV).

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest (13 to 18 NOV) opened this week and many of their splendidly free events have already sold out. We thought we’d take a look at the feature films that you can still buy tickets for at the time of posting. Please click quickly!

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Films in London today: SPECTRES OF THE SPECTRUM at Close-Up (15 NOV).

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