This is a film still from BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, presented by No Planet B film club at Catford Mews (12 August 2021).

THURSDAY: What’s on in London today [12/08/21]

THURSDAY 12 AUGUST 2021 (A–Z) // What’s on in London today including one-off events, limited runs, film clubs, repertory seasons, film festivals, outdoor events, & our selection of new releases.

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BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD d. Benh Zeitlin, 2012 presented by No Planet B at Catford Mews (12 AUG 20:00).

  • “Set in a fictional community in the Deep South, Benh Zeitlin’s debut feature explores a world impacted by rising sea levels, with references to Hurricane Katrina. Screening with BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD is IRMA, an animated short film about a little girl anticipating the arrival of a hurricane on a Caribbean island. The screening will feature a video introduction by Lisa Cruz, director and animator of IRMA.”
  • No Planet B is an environmental film club inspiring activism through cinema.
  • BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY d. Bryan Singer, 2018 at The Luna Cinema at Kensington Palace (12 AUG 20:30).
  • CENSOR d. Prano Bailey-Bond, 2021 + Q&A with the director at Rooftop Film Club, Peckham (12 AUG 20:30).
  • FIGHT CLUB d. David Fincher, 1999 at Rooftop Film Club, Stratford East (12 AUG 20:30).
  • LOCAL HERO d. Bill Forsyth, 1983 at Archlight Outdoor Cinema on the Coaling Jetty, Battersea (12 AUG 18:00).
  • TRAINSPOTTING d. Danny Boyle, 1996 at Archlight Outdoor Cinema on the Coaling Jetty, Battersea (12 AUG 20:45).

THE FEVER aka A Febre d. Maya Da-Rin, 2019

NOW, VOYAGER d. Irving Rapper, 1942

  • Also (06 to 12 AUG various)GOODFELLAS 35MM d. Martin Scorsese, 1990 at The Prince Charles (06 to 12 AUG various) // PROFILE d. Timur Bekmambetov, 2018 at Rich Mix (06 to 12 AUG various) // WRITING WITH FIRE d. Rintu Thomas & Sushmit Ghosh, 2021 (daily 06 to 12 AUG various).


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