This is a film still from TROTTIE TRUE, screening at BFI Southbank this week.

TUESDAY: What’s on in London today [06/07/21]

TUESDAY 06 JULY 2021 (A–Z) // What’s on in London today including one-off events, limited runs, film clubs, repertory seasons, film festivals, outdoor events, & our selection of new releases.

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TROTTIE TRUE 35MM aka The Gay Lady + Intro by BFI Curator Josephine Botting at BFI Southbank (06 JUL 18:00).

  • “To celebrate the centenary of her birth, we’re screening Jean Kent’s most eye-catching role, and her personal favourite, from a gorgeous 35mm print made by the BFI National Archive. Kent brings vivacity and good-natured humour to this lavish Technicolor salute to the golden age of music hall, with no expense spared on the sumptuous recreation of Edwardian England. Trottie’s progression from working-class girl to stage celebrity echoes Kent’s own journey to stardom, which took her from Windmill Girl at the age of 14 to one of Gainsborough’s leading ladies. This film earned her the tag ‘Britain’s Betty Grable’, and she undoubtedly injected some welcome glamour and zest into the bleak post-war years.” (BFI)
  • ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER aka Todo sobre mi madre d. Pedro Almodóvar, 1999 at BFI Southbank (06 JUL 20:45).
  • BARTON FINK 35MM d. Joel Coen & Ethan Coen, 1991 at The Prince Charles (06 JUL 18:15).
  • BINDING SENTIMENTS aka Holdudvar d. Márta Mészáros, 1969 at BFI Southbank (06 JUL 20:50).
  • COOKIE’S FORTUNE d. Robert Altman, 1999 at BFI Southbank (06 JUL 14:50).
  • DRIVE 35MM d. Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011 at The Prince Charles (06 JUL 21:05).
  • THE EVIL DEAD d. Sam Raimi, 1981 at The Prince Charles (06 JUL 12:00).
  • FOEDORA d. Judith Abensour, 2021 + a Recorded Q&A with the director & Nat Muller at ICA (06 JUL 18:30).
  • THE KID d. Charles Chaplin, 1921 presented by Sands Film Club at Sands Films Studio (06 JUL 20:00 – FREE! / Donation suggested).
  • LA FIANCÉE DU PIRATE aka A Very Curious Girl d. Nelly Kaplan, 1969 at Ciné Lumière (06 JUL 18:20).
  • LOOTED d. Rene van Pannevis, 2020 + Q&A with the director & cast at Genesis Cinema (06 JUL 18:20).
  • THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING [Theatrical Edition] d. Peter Jackson, 2001 at The Prince Charles (06 JUL 11:30).
  • L’UNE CHANTE, L’AUTRE PAS d. Agnès Varda, 1977 at The Prince Charles (06 JUL 20:30).
  • MEMORIES OF MY BODY d. Garin Nugroho, 2018 + Recorded Intro by film critic Eric Sasono (06 JUL 18:00) / Part of Queer East – Pride Season x Forbidden Colours.
  • MOULIN ROUGE! d. Baz Luhrmann, 2001 at Genesis Cinema (06 JUL 21:00).
  • NOWHERE SPECIAL d. Uberto Pasolini, 2021 + Q&A with the director & actor James Norton live streamed from at Curzon Mayfair (06 JUL 18:15 – Other Curzon available!).
  • PERSONA d. Ingmar Bergman, 1966 at The Prince Charles (06 JUL 17:45).
  • SOLARIS d. Andrei Tarkovsky, 1972 at The Prince Charles (06 JUL 14:15).
  • TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY d. James Cameron, 1991 at The Prince Charles (06 JUL 15:15).
  • TROTTIE TRUE 35MM aka The Gay Lady + Intro by BFI Curator Josephine Botting at BFI Southbank (06 JUL 18:00) / Featured attraction of the week!
  • ULTRAVIOLENCE d. Ken Fero, 2020 at BFI Southbank (06 JUL 14:30).
  • WE ARE FROM THERE d. Wissam Tanios, 2020 + ScreenTalk by SAFAR curator Rabih El-Khoury (06 JUL 18:00) / Part of SAFAR Film Festival.


  • MEAN GIRLS d. Mark Waters, 2004 at Bar Elba SE1 (06 JUL 21:30).
  • TRAINSPOTTING d. Danny Boyle, 1996 at Rooftop Film Club, Peckham (06 JUL 21:15).
  • THE GREATEST SHOWMAN d. Michael Gracey, 2017 open captions at Rooftop Film Club, Stratford East (06 JUL 21:15).
This is a film still from LADY BOSS: THE JACKIE COLLINS STORY (2021) which opens this week in London.


This is a film still from WITCH: WE INTEND TO CAUSE HAVOC (2019) which opens at indie cinemas in London this week.


  • Also (other films/venues may be available!): DON’T GO GENTLE: A FILM ABOUT IDLES d. Mark Archer, 2020 at Picturehouse Cinemas (daily 02 to 08 JUL various times).


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